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  1. I am so excited...just a few days away! My last cruise was in 2010 so I am really overdue. You are some lucky people. I have never visited the casino on cruises but just learned today that everybody gets some free slots on their sea pass card for day 1 and 2 so I may try it out this time!! Bon Voyage!
  2. I will be cruising with a mobility scooter for the first time on my upcoming cruise. Has anyone seen cruisers on scooters in Coco Cay? I am fully aware that they cannot traverse sand, but it looks like there are walkways between areas that could indeed handle a scooter. (On the videos I have seen, at least) I can walk short distances ... such as from the walkways across sand to a lounger, so I was thinking it would be ideal if I could use my scooter between areas on the island. I would have to tuck it out of the way to "park" it so that it would not get in anyone else's way - good etiquette for sure. For anyone who has been on Coco Cay, does this sound doable? Have you ever seen this before? I understand there are trams but I am worried about the amount of walking I would have to do after getting off the tram and the standing that might be needed to wait for a tram. I will appreciate any thoughts or experiences with this topic. .
  3. Cruizlan... took me a month to see your reply, sorry. I am looking forward to my first cruise in 11 years. See you onboard
  4. Thank you to all of you for the information. I will be looking for it on the cruise planner closer to my sailing.
  5. I am booked on Mariner of the Seas in late November. It looks really promising that the cruise will actually happen...because of Royal Caribbean's schedule of ships returning to cruising this summer. Yea! I will be going with my adult daughter and we are both interested in doing the escape room on this cruise. I have been unable to find out where we have to go, or who we need to see, to reserve a spot. All I have discovered is that reservations are strongly suggested, but no clue as to how to reserve! I hope someone who has done this activity in the past could give me some information. Inquiring minds want to know ? Thanks
  6. Most states require proof of vaccinations when a child enters school. Is Florida going to ban this too?
  7. I sent in my passport and renewal form, check and new picture just like I was supposed to. Never saw the check being processed so I was curious. Then I get a large envelope from the National Passport Processing center. I was so excited I said LOOK I got my passport! Then I opened the envelope and they were RETURNING MY APPLICATION BECAUSE I FORGOT TO SIGN IT. ARGH The only upside was that now I can get another picture taken...the one I had sent in made me look like a serial killer.
  8. I read through the roll calls three times to make sure I wasn't missing this sailing. So here is a new roll call. I am planning a cruise with my daughter and we couldn't be more excited. I am feeling very hopeful that this cruise might actually happen! Our original cruise date (pre re-deployment) was Nov 29 but that was cancelled and this was the only option with the same itinerary so we jumped on it. Our Thanksgiving plans are changed but we plan to give thanks on board!
  9. I certainly am not as experienced a cruiser as most of you here, but all my cruise vacations have been on Royal Caribbean except one on Celebrity. I have to say that the Celebrity cruise was really spectacular. The staff was so wonderful, they couldn't do enough to make our cruise special. We always tend to be friendly people anyway, so do not think our 'behavior' made a difference. The food was better, in our opinion and the choices of onboard activities, such as talks and presentations, seemed to be geared more to our liking...less sports and more educational talks for example. The all included pricing was not in effect at that time, however I recall that the prices were higher that we could have found on Royal. That said, we always had a wonderful time on our RC cruises and I have a mother\daughter cruise on Royal booked for November that I am really excited about, I bet whichever line you choose, you will have a wonderful time.
  10. RBRSKI Our Mariner sailing for a 5 nite 11\29 was cancelled. RCCL option to keep the same itinerary for five nites leaves 11/25. Royal's email said we had until March 31 to decide on our options so I expect we will see the new dates and itineraries show up online on April 1. My guess anyway. '
  11. My booking was cancelled too, but we did have a new date as a choice. However, NOW, the cruise departs on Thanksgiving day!
  12. Thanks twangster. I hadn't noticed the cruise start days and thought all the 5 day sailings started on Monday. Makes sense now that you clarified for me.
  13. I booked a 5 day Mariner cruise at the end of November, but noticed something strange. There are no short cruises scheduled between the 5 day ones. Out of curiosity I am wondering what the ship will be doing between sailings? Just sitting in port? Charter cruises? Anyone hazard a guess?
  14. Thank you to everyone for your replies. I now see lots of advantages to transferring our booking to a travel agent. Also, there are so many positive comments about MEI agents (both this and other topics) that I will contact them to help me. Thanks again
  15. I booked a 5 night mother-daughter cruise on the Mariner of the Seas for next November. I booked directly with RCCL online and not with a travel agent. I have read that it would be to my advantage to transfer to a travel agent. Is this really so? What advantages might I find in doing so? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Patt
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