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  1. Nice! Mine is Sunday so I hope we get accepted soon!!
  2. Hobby is mainly Southwest so if you can, fly them. You also get 2 free checked bags per person. Bush is the bigger airport and is over an hour drive to the port.
  3. Who is ready for the first cruise out of Galveston, TX?!
  4. This is just getting ridiculous... just say something! Sadly I will not be booking any cruise in the US until all of this is settled. I am going on a B2B out of Nassau because they seem to have their stuff together. Hopefully somebody gives us an answer! Especially after Texas today decided to join in with Florida.
  5. This is exciting but none of these seem to be showing up on Royals website. Hopefully soon.
  6. Agreed. They need to cancel July + the ships that are being repositioned so we have an idea of what is going on. At this point they are just holding onto our money and aggravating the public.
  7. Protocols please.......... At this point I might bring a hazmat suit ?
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