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  1. Just got off the phone with RC. The woman I spoke with seemed to think that unless you were flying into the Bahamas or staying there (and just doing stops/excursions), a Bahamas health visa would not be needed. When I pointed out that the Bahamas' official website said that all visitors would require a health visa, she said she wasn't sure and that RC would email us with the requirements. So yeah...still not sure.
  2. Geez, I know we're all excited about cruising again, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan on getting some sleep.
  3. This is awesome! Do you have one of these for all the ships...including Freedom of the Seas? ?
  4. In the same boat...er, not a boat at all since they canceled my cruise ? I've just decided I'm going to have to call after work and make sure I have a book or something on Netflix pulled up.
  5. Well, small glimmer of hope. The CR supervisor I spoke to Saturday evening said he expected more sailing during the month of July to be announced. Is this any potential truth to this, or was he simply trying to get me off the phone?
  6. Well, looks like I might be officially done with Royal Caribbean for good. After canceling my honeymoon cruise (proceeded by Michael Bayley "Yippee" Facebook post) all bookings that would have worked around the dates we are able to cruise have been filled. We didn't even have a chance to rebook. Apologies if I sound angry or am out of line thinking this, but priority should have been given to displaced customers for the new cruise dates, which isn't exactly possible when RC sends the the official cancelation announcement Friday afternoon at 3:00 PM. Thank everyone here for all their help and information while trying to navigate this situation. You all have been exponentially more helpful than RC has.
  7. Let's say Option 1 happens (which I highly doubt, but am holding onto any shred of hope I can at this point). Do you think there would be a chance that cruises that were in limbo (i.e. not canceled yet) due to recently announced testing cruise dates might be back on again?
  8. I know RC customer service didn't know anything yesterday. I'm wondering if they've been advised differently for calls this weekend. Regardless, you are absolutely right. They need to announce cancelations immediately if it's as sure thing as it seems. I'm lucky enough that I can drive to Orlando, but many folks can't and have book flights, hotels, etc. Even a full refund won't make them whole.
  9. Once again, my foolish optimism has me hoping for something that isn't likely, but thought I'd throw it out here first. My cruise on the Allure is July 18. From what folks have said, RC would be doing test cruises regardless of the Florida vaccine passport ban because they want kids/families to be able to board their ships. There also has been talk (based on local reports and Forbes) that work is going on behind the scenes to let the 95/98 vaccine passport threshold happen for cruises while allowing DeSantis to save face politically by saying there's nothing he could do stop federal regulation of ships that sail in international waters. With the Allure doing a test cruise on July 27, is there a snowball's chance in hell that my July 17 cruise could still happen with the 95/98 vaccine requirement beforehand?
  10. The "Yippee" thing kills me. I get that it's a big step forward to getting restarted, but the news means a lot of us are likely having our cruises canceled. This was my first cruise in almost 20 years and my honeymoon, so "Yippee" doesn't quite capture my mood at the moment (as I'm sure it doesn't with many others, as well).
  11. Where did they say that? Not doubting you, just wanting to read it with my own eyes (and the inevitable tears that will follow).
  12. I know this is a long shot, but is there any chance that the test cruise announcement will end up being nullified by the upcoming agreement between Florida and the cruise industry to allow vaccine passports? The CDC guidelines state the cruises with the 98/95 ratio do not need to do test cruises--maybe I'm absurdly hopeful/optimistic, but I really don't want my honeymoon cruise on Allure next month to be canceled :(
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