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  1. Yeah they defiantly need some more clarification on specifics. I can see a number of people having issues that go to the Bahamas for a few days pre-cruise. The constantly changing goalpost is by far the most frustrating thing. One positive at least is there shouldn't be a cost to get one before you leave at least in the US.
  2. Gotta love a new last minute requirement. On the positive side at least they are providing this at the "terminal".
  3. Completely agree. I was going to treat Freeport as a Sea day so having a Sea day at the end is very neutral for us. Glad I waited to book one of the beach clubs in Cozumel now.
  4. Just got notice that our itinerary has changed for our Adventure sailing July 10th, to accommodate only one ship in port for Coco Cay. I assume a few other will be changing as well. Good news for there to only be one ship at Coco in my opinion, much more space.
  5. Nope, no kids here. I assume it's just old information that hasn't been updated yet per classic Royal IT
  6. You can reserve a check in time as well, which is nice. It looks like they still have requiring a COVID test prior to arrival by the wording here?
  7. Great photos. I wonder what vaccine they are giving the crew members? I would imagine they would try and use J&J since they would only need one injection and stop, or Pfizer since it's only 3 weeks between doses. Either way it's great they are being able to get the crew member vaccinated.
  8. I must've missed this but when did they start taxing at private destinations? Also just at Coco or at Labadee as well?
  9. This is definitely a good step to help getting cruises back up and going again in the US, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the CDC to change their cruise guidelines to match other forms of travel. It is interesting that they carved out mass transit from the guidelines here. I wonder how long it will be before those change as well. This does bode well I believe for less restrictions on the cruises departing from abroad though as almost all or all passengers will be vaccinated for those sailings.
  10. Great for the people who are flying in the day of the cruise and leaving the same day, but for everyone else that wouldn't work. This is for sure a great optional service though and makes it a lot easier to not have to worry about the luggage.
  11. On our Adventure cruise in July they did the same thing with the beverage package. Before today it was listed as $67 per day and now it’s $58 a day but either way when you go to checkout it’s the same total price at $958 for both people.
  12. Looks like new restrictions are on the horizon including banning anyone over the age of 70 without a physician note and denying boarding outright if you have a fever of 100.4 or higher instead of moving to a secondary screening. If they keep accelerating the restrictions at this rate we may soon see a time period where all cruises are just canceled. Check out this article from USA TODAY: Some people 70+ should be barred from boarding cruise ships, industry proposal says https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/11/proposal-white-house-cruise-industry-bar-people-70-ships/5020325002/
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