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  1. Today I noticed that the unlimited dining package for my cruise in April 2022 was on sale as an advertised price of $167 per person. I canceled my previous reservation and attempted to rebook at the lower price. However now gratuities are added at checkout vs being in the advertised price and ended up actually being more expensive. Am I missing something, does anyone know if I would have any luck getting my previous price reinstated?
  2. Does anyone have experience with the AMEX Platinum Cruise Privileges Program? https://www.americanexpress.com/ca/en/benefits/the-platinum-card/cruise-privileges-and-discounts.html In the last 2 weeks I have booked 4 cruises direct through Royal Caribbean and just realized that I could be missing out on some significant OBC through the AMEX program. I know you can generally transfer new bookings to a TA within 60 day...but has anyone had experience getting these benefits this way?
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