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  1. The aft deck outside of Bolero’s on Empress of the Seas
  2. No indoor smoking is permitted on Empress of the Seas.
  3. There will always be people that live in extremes. It will take time before some people think sporting event, theatre performances, and even movies are safe and acceptable. The issue today is the threat of TOO many people being sick at once and there not being enough resources to manage it. When that time has clearly past, most reasonable people will slowly resume their normal lives. The extremists will judge and argue that people should not be doing what they do and the fools may start doing it all too soon 😉 We can’t always make everyone happy and as much as some say we’re in this together it doesn’t really feel like that’s 100% true... on my neighborhood Facebook group there people arguing about what’s acceptable while walking in the neighborhood or kids riding their bikes. They feel that since other people’s actions could impact their health that it gives them the right to tell others what’s acceptable and what’s not. Most people don’t react well to others telling them what to do or not to do. It’s divisiveness and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. My wife and I will be patient and probably wait longer to use the impending FCC than some others but when we do cruise next year we will enjoy ourselves and won’t be thinking too much about who may or may not like it. I just believe that life’s too short to waste time judging or being judged.
  4. Our May 30th cruise on Adventure to Bermuda is out of Port Liberty. We'd cancel now but figure it it's cancelled we'd get the 125% FCC. The thought they could change the itinerary never occurred to us. It better not change to a New England cruise because that's where we live!
  5. Not looking good for our May 30th Bermuda cruise on Adventure...
  6. The dates of the current policy are more likely to change than not. Wait and see is hard but right now patience is the best strategy to navigating this entire situation both an land and at sea 😉
  7. This is a very fluid situation that changes by the day (sometimes by the hour). What is true now will change by tomorrow or next week, and change again, and again. All we can do is do our part in avoiding the spread of the virus and get through this one day at a time. There’s still a 48 hour cancellation policy in effect. Things could improve. Patience is the best strategy right now. We sail on Adventure Of The Seas on May 30th (77 days). We could cancel now and book something for later this year or 2021, or wait and see if the 125% offer extends past April, but we really want this cruise so are trying to be patient as keep options open so we make the best possible choices. It’s not easy and not as fun as preparing for a cruise should be but in the words of a local football coach “It is, what it is”.
  8. That feeling when 360+ days is finally down under 100! Adventure Of The Seas to Bermuda
  9. I like the sound of the Embassy Suites since there will be four of us. Myself, sure and two sons (19&22). May be I can book a white that's e effectively cheaper than two standard rooms... Even if not they always have breakfast, a bar, etc. Makes for a nice stay. I've read up on the port garage and it sounds all positive - Easy in, easy out. May be there's cheaper options but $22 a day isn't awful especially for the ease and convenience.
  10. Thanks for the reply! Our youngest son goes to Worcester State 😉
  11. We travel to NY a lot, wife’s family is on Long Island. At least 2-3 times a year. We lived there for 5 years before Westchester for 3 and finally home to MA 15 years ago. The drive is hit or miss. Christmas Day we made it in just over three on the way down, but it took over 4 on the way back. I guess we thought the whole vacation might seem less stressful and a little longer if we got to NJ the day before, but we’ll have to consider the savings of not spending the night as well. We’d need two rooms... thanks so much for the reply!
  12. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! This is really helpful info, much appreciated
  13. Any other recommendations for hotel & parking for Cape Liberty? We are driving down from Massachusetts. We lived in NY for a long time butt on Long Island and Westchester so don't know the Newark area quite as well. I guess we would prefer a hotel that has at least breakfast, and a parking /shuttle solution would be ideal. I'll keep searching through older posts too, but thought it might be worth bumping this thread back up the message board 😉
  14. I'm more of a beer and wine guy but my wife loved Citrus Coolers, it was drink of the day a couple of days into the last cruise and she stuck with it for the duration.
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