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  1. Damn. In 2019 our Cuba cruise got impacted by politics. We took the 50% credit and booked a June cruise on Adventure to Bermuda for the following year. COVID hit and that cruise was canceled. We rescheduled on Freedom for 2021 thinking we’d be fine over a year later... nope. Now we are looking at 2022. It’s a long wait to take a much needed vacation!
  2. You’d think having two cruises canceled (June 2020 and June 2021) would count for something...lift and shift is the least they could do ? We will likely have to push to June 2022 so we can wait for the price to be right if we have to, but they better not think I’m putting down a third deposit when the first two times ended in cancelations.
  3. Great article, very helpful - thanks Matt! Seems like we'd have a least a month's notice, which may be enough for us. I guess I have to now start trying to figure out /what and when to rebook... The price of balcony cabin on the Bermuda sailing we have planned has gone as high as $1800 and as low as $950. Timing is everything!
  4. Was that formally announced? I agree that’s likely the case, but I was really asking when an announcement might be made. May be I missed it?
  5. I clicked through a bunch and tried a search or two but didn’t find a clear answer. We’re trying to figure out how close to the June 19th sail date RC can get before canceling. Recently it seems they are one month at a time and announce with about 45 days before the start of the month. They have canceled though May 31st so may be mid April they’d announce June cancels...? Would you agree that’s likely what we’re looking at? It would be a bit challenging for us to plan to be on vacation with less than a few weeks notice. Our jobs require several weeks notice to take a week off. We REALLY want this cruise to happen, but doubt it will. If we take the time off and they cancel we are stuck home with no plans... just trying to figure out how to play this!
  6. Honeymoon was on Majesty in 1994 and 25th Anniversary in 2019 on Empress. Sad day indeed.
  7. The drink package/voom wasn’t any less expensive than when we purchased it a few weeks ago, but We booked the All Access Ship Tour for the 4 of us. Can’t wait for that!
  8. We pulled the trigger today. It was $54 for DBP and 1 Voom device, down from $61 just for the DBP...
  9. We lived in NY for about 10 years, and would go to Whippany to JR Cigars! Great place if you like a stogie. might have to head out to route 10 Before the cruise!
  10. IHOP doesn’t sound like a bad start to embarkation morning! We cruise from Port Liberty in June and pancakes sound good to me!
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