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  1. We went on the Empress in may and LOVED the ship. The crew was fantastic and everything was clean and well maintained. It's small, but there was always something to do. 5 Night voyage went by really fast. We'd sail her again, and might just do a Canada trip ourselves :-)
  2. Our May 2020 Adventure price is higher than last time I checked... Not pulling the trigger until there is a major sale ;-)
  3. We used these from Highwind Travel - they work great! https://highwindtravel.com/
  4. I smoked for 17 years and always promised myself I wouldn't be a hypocrite when it came to banning it. That said, even in the late 90's it was banned in-doors in many places and it's amazing to me that 20 years later that ships still allow it in the casino's. I guess they may know better, but it seems to me that non-smokers that won't subject themselves to it far outnumber smokers so aren't you possibly LOSING casino business by allowing it more than you are gaining by permitting them to smoke in the casino? The Empress casino is smoke free and it didn't seem to be hurting the traffic at all, it was busy in there all the time. The smoking area on the Empress was behind Bolero's and I spent a decent amount of time there, love the aft view, and the smoke was never an issue. You could smell it, but it wasn't difficult to get away from and still enjoy the space/view. I do like a good cigar on occasion, especially on vacation, but am fine doing it outdoors, in-fact I prefer it.
  5. Doh! Yes, that among 1-2 other typos...
  6. 1994 Majesty of The Seas! 7 Nights - Miami to Cozumel Mexico, Ocho Rios Jamaica, Grand Cayman, ad CoCo Cay. It only took 25 years to go on cruise #2 (Empress June 2019...but will be on #3 (Adventure May2010) less than a year later!
  7. I had both Red Stripe and Bud Light on the Empress last week, both were cans and were the 16oz version, not 12oz.
  8. We spend a couple of days in South Beach before our cruise and was SHOCKED to see numerous young/hip people wearing fanny packs! Apparently they are making some ort of comeback. Guess its true what they say about all things come back in style if you wait long enough!
  9. Agreed! I had in on the Empress last week, and it was SPICY! (in a good way)
  10. Having lived with a curtain on the Empress last week, I'm really looking forward to a door on Adventure next year ;-)
  11. While I don't love the way the lanyard looks, I do love the functionality. My wife and kids didn't want them when I handed each a lanyard, but within a day or two they all wore them, all the time. For us, not having to worry that things have fallen out of our pockets, or that we'd left something behind helps the overall relaxation process. Pros far outweigh the cons.
  12. Blondie511c - thanks so much for sharing! We have nearly a year to wait for that same cruise, but seeing the pics definitely still gets us excited!
  13. We booked the Adventure NJ to Bermuda cruise while on the Empress last week! Please keep the info coming! Have a great cruise!
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