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  1. The drink package/voom wasn’t any less expensive than when we purchased it a few weeks ago, but We booked the All Access Ship Tour for the 4 of us. Can’t wait for that!
  2. We pulled the trigger today. It was $54 for DBP and 1 Voom device, down from $61 just for the DBP...
  3. We lived in NY for about 10 years, and would go to Whippany to JR Cigars! Great place if you like a stogie. might have to head out to route 10 Before the cruise!
  4. IHOP doesn’t sound like a bad start to embarkation morning! We cruise from Port Liberty in June and pancakes sound good to me!
  5. I agree. The crew probably isn’t making big money, and I’m guessing a few extra bucks means more to one of them than it does to me. They are ways from their homes, families and friends so I can have a great vacation. My first job was a busboy, and I waited tables and bartended for my early twenties. I took a lot of pride in being good at both serving food and drinks. It’s honest work, and those who are great at it deserve to be recognized. If you add up what you’d pay in tips for all of the tippable services you receive onboard daily, I’m sure it would be more than what the daily fee is.
  6. Great stuff, thanks to everyone who has shared. Really helpful in our planning
  7. We are booked for a 5 Day to Bermuda on Freedom as well. The crystal caves sound interesting (will definitely research that some more) , hoping some more tips, recommendations, and ideas are shared!
  8. Yes! We were supposed to sail to Bermuda on Adventure 2 weeks ago, but when it got canceled we booked the same cruise for June 2021 on Freedom. We thought about booking later in 2020 but we didn’t want to have to worry and wait again so thought pushing it a year out would give us peace and something to look forward to once this mess is over. If it’s still a factor in 365 days I think a cruise isn’t going to be our biggest concern.
  9. We got the 125% FCC and after doing all the math the 4 credits came out 100% correct. Hopefully the refund ties out as well.
  10. Our May 30th cruise was canceled by RC on April 26th. They promised the FCC by 5/22 and we received it 5 days late on 5/27. They said the refund of port fees and taxes would be about 45 days. That would have been about June 1st but here on 6/7 we haven’t received it yet. With tens of thousands of transaction to process I’m not surprised it’s late. Hoping to get it some time this month, if not I’ll start calling
  11. We absolutely LOVE your Vlogs! Your love for cruising on Royal Caribbean is obvious and Anthony is hilarious (mostly on purpose ). Please keep them coming!
  12. Ok got it, thanks for the info. So we need to pick a second cruise that has a final payment date later than the first cruise ends... too bad that really limits the options a bit. Is the left over credit typically available right after a cruise ends or should we book cruise two a few weeks or even months after the first?
  13. Good question, and interested in the various things people do at Atlantis. Nassau hasn’t looked like an intriguing port option tomus but after watching some YouTube videos of Atlantis the idea is growing on us. It looks spectacular.
  14. We received our FCC for our May 30th Adventure to Bermuda cruise, haven’t checked the full math yet but it looks right. No refund of port fees and taxes yet but am sure it’s on the way soon. The extra 25% on the FCC May help book another cruise after it’s applied to the rebooked 2021 Freedom/Bermuda trip... my bad for not reading all of the FCC posts carefully enough but most were just frustration over waiting for the refunds/credits so I skimmed through them without gaining a better understanding of what happens when your FCC is more than the balance due on a cruise they are applied to. M
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