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  1. But do the outlets still have power? OP asked if the outlets still charge when the card is out and lights are off…I’m curious myself. Didn’t think o test that on Anthem earlier this year.
  2. It’s not “understanding” for me, it’s believing (or not) what the reason is. Is is supply chain? Or is it lost revenue to take the vessel offline for a few days? We don’t know. I work In a supply chain business, and while there are some lingering effects things have improved dramatically for us. Could it be beyond their control? Sure. There’s also a chance that it’s a choice made for economic reasons.
  3. Since a refurb seems unlikely before our cruise next June, I imagine Liberty will be an even worse by then. I worry that if it sucks my family will think twice about another cruise in 2024 when we plan on taking a longer, more exotic trip. Its a real mistake in my opinion for a company that needs repeat customers to let these ships fall into an embarrassing state or disrepair. For a screen to be broke for over a year, there’s no excuse.
  4. On Anthem early this year we went to NextCruise but the itineraries we wanted weren’t available yet. They offered a voucher ( or certificate, forget what is was exactly called) that I believe honored the $100 deposit per cabin that you can get while booking onboard and it also guaranteed the same OBC. Pretty sure we had 60 days to use it. I wish I was more confident in the specifics but the important part to me was that you could still get some of the benefits of NextCruise even after you disembarked.
  5. Doing some cleaning (found some boxes that haven’t been opened in 20 years) and came across this! Our honeymoon cruise on Majesty went Miami, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios, and Coco Cay!
  6. Same happened to us on anthem earlier this year. I believed it was to travel slower and conserve fuel. May be it was, May be not.
  7. Your complaint would have greater impact if you created your account just now and posted it 10 minutes later
  8. That’s a very insulting thing to say, in my opinion. May be you could read through more of this forum to better understand the community before making such accusations. Dozens of members, visiting regularly, posting hundreds or even thousands of times. Sharing their knowledge and experience to help others enjoy their vacation. Group cruises to gather with other members in the real world all based on their love for cruising. Now you judge these people, and make accusations? Wow.
  9. Our June ‘23 Liberty cruise was listing the DBP at $71 all along and it is now $90 and no discount! Outrageous!
  10. Seems to me some people who spend significant time here in this community are growing a little tired of one and done posters that usually lean towards casting dispersions on the very thing that bring us together here. That’s where the defensiveness of those replies come from. I agree name calling or making things personal is out of line, but so are some of the posts drawing this attention.
  11. Yeah I wish I hadn’t read the details of one of those reports. The ship I dove into had a 96 or 98 score but the list or issues was looooong. Many we not problematic but some were. Credit to the CDC for doing a tremendously thorough inspection. Now I just want to forget everything I read!
  12. Same. We have a short cruise to Halifax booked for next June. Really hope a lot of things are changed by then…
  13. Same for Caribbean itineraries? I’ve been checking almost daily for June 2024 cruises. We want to try Oasis class, 7 nights out of a Florida port in June 2024 ️🛟
  14. You can get to the Space Center with an Uber or may be another (not through RC) tour. If I recall correctly it was about a 20-25 minute ride. My family loved Kenny Space Center. It was a highlight of the cruise. We were originally supposed to dock at 8AM but it was revised to be 12PM, a fuel saving measure in my opinion. Despite it being shorted we are really happy we went and don’t cancel. The roughly 4 hours we had was plenty of time to see most everything.
  15. Loved it. Had three on our Anthem Cruise in April. Simple, but delicious .
  16. I saw crew asking underage passengers to leave the solarium on Anthem in April.
  17. Plenty of people over 21 don’t drink alcohol. You’re basically in that club (just not completely by choice). On the ship you can live like any adult, minus the ability to order alcohol.
  18. PoweradeZero is my drink of choice at home and work. On Anthem in April it wasn’t as available in the freestyle machines as I’d hoped. The Doghouse was out of it 100% of the time and the one in Sorrentos wasn’t great either. I was able to get it to fill my cup when mixing lemon and lime… It’s disappointing that ships that don’t have the freestyle machines don’t seem to offer an alternative when it comes to Powerade. Unless someone knows something I don’t? on Liberty next year, it looks like I’ll be lugging an 8 pack of 20 ounce bottles around on embarkation day.
  19. I thought someone had previously posted that rooms with couches that convert to a bed have the couch near the balcony, and those that had non-bed convertible couches had the bed near the balcony?
  20. Anyone else on that same sailing willing and/or able to confirm or deny the OP’s review?
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