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  1. You are correct. IOTS is pretty big. I probably used the wrong words when asking my question.
  2. Anyone know if duty free alcohol is being sold on some of the smaller ships? I've been on Symphony and I've purchased a few bottles from my sailings on it. However, I wasn't sure if the smaller ships do the same thing. I'm cruising on Independence OTS in Nov and wanted to take some alcohol home with me for the holidays
  3. We don't take hundreds of pics (just our preference). However, we took quite a few each day. On our 7 day cruise, I would say we took 50-75 pics
  4. I've seen shorts worn in the MDR. I've worn some nice Polo Shorts and Polo Shirt in the MDR. I would try to dress up the shorts so that it doesn't come across too casual.
  5. Although they are very sensitive for guest keeping masks on indoors, they allow you to remove for personal pics and/or ship photos. My wife and I took several personal pics indoors and was never bother by staff.
  6. It seems as if no one has had any dealing with Priceline and several of you like MEI. On future cruises that I book, I may give MEI an opportunity to service my cruise bookings. However, reading some of your comments. it may be better to go back to booking directly thru RCC. It seems as if it's better to deal with RCC directly than having a TA do it for you.
  7. Has anyone had any experience with Priceline? I've used them for my next 2 bookings. Seems as if we have to call them if we're alerted of a price drop. From what I've read on this blog thread, the agent should be contacting the client.
  8. I was on Symphony 9/18 as well. I was told that the ship had approximately 30% capacity. The 1800 or so seems correct.
  9. Just booked this cruise a week ago. Looking forward to the quick Bahamas/Coco Cay get-a-way after the Thanksgiving holiday. Is anyone else cruising this ship during this week?
  10. So sorry to hear about your loss GA Dave. I hope you have a great cruise. Please let me know your thoughts about Independence. I will be cruising a couple of weeks after you on this ship. Would love to hear your thoughts regarding this ship.
  11. Absolutely!! we love hanging out at the main pool on deck 15. Hope to see you there.
  12. I'm going to try My Time Dining on my November Cruise. I hope it's not too painful. Thx for the info.
  13. Just came off the Symphony for the Sept 11-18 cruise. We booked the April cruise while on board. We are looking forward to another fantastic cruise in April. It will be me and my wife's 30th year anniversary. We're looking to have a blast. James
  14. Great, thanks for the response. Can't wait til I board the Symphony!!!
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