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  1. I had the same situation happen to me, the slots and blackjack have been on my phone but have not been played or even collecting chips for that fact. When I stopped I had just over 100,000 loyalty coins and when I logged in last night I had 374,000. 2 hours later I'm over 380,000 and downloading their other 2 slots games.
  2. The news also mentioned this lawsuit this morning in the Philly area, they said the families attorney is exploring a suit against the cruise line but local officials are also exploring charges against the grandfather as well.
  3. When we sailed a month ago the one robot frequently spilled when filling the cups, occasionally even dropped the cup in sideways and would still try to fill it leaving a drink 3/4 full, hopefully they had the drink package.
  4. Not really a question just found it a little odd that some sites show it as 1 day in port and others show 2 days.
  5. For the upcoming sailing on the 5 night Bermuda cruise on Anthem I was curious who would be in port with us. When I looked this up crew center, cruisett, and cruisetimetables all have us there only on Monday 5/6 from 0900-1700. Hopefully the information is just incorrect as we were scheduled to be there Monday 0900 until Tuesday 1700.
  6. Just got this lovely message for this Saturday on Anthem, luckily it says boarding will be between 11:30 and 3. I suppose a half hour later than I wanted to be on the ship wont be too bad and maybe if were lucky they'll be able to board earlier than 11:30
  7. We had bid on upgrades however the prices have dropped so much we booked a balcony for the same cost of royal up and as of yesterday the prices were even lower then what we booked at.
  8. Awesome! We didn't have the best luck finding things on Harmony.
  9. Clearly you didn't catch on, Royal Caribbean likes to purposefully mess up flights so their guests have no other option but to take another cruise on one of their ships
  10. Having done both I'd almost say these vacations aren't comparable. Both are great in their own way and depending what you're looking to do could decide which is better for you. A cruise is great to get out and explore different locations, however with a somewhat more structured time table. An all inclusive is a great option if you're looking to get away and do nothing but relax. There's no time table and things move at a more leisurely pace. Price wise the all inclusive will usually cost more then the cruise and the service between the two is usually very close. As far as food at an all inclus
  11. I don't recall seeing shuffle board last year. There was a worlds sexiest man competition.
  12. Do you happen to know if cafe 270 can accommodate gluten free for the wife?
  13. Shows I believe were up last week(45 days) and the iFly and Northstar were up around 65 days to go.
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