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  1. I did this excursion last month. To be honest, we didn't enjoy it and I would pass on this one. Once in the water, we felt very crowded and didn't have room to swim. Everyone was kicking each other and I felt unsafe. Plus, there were 3 other boats filled with passengers entering the water as well. There also wasn't much to see in the water, very few fish and dead coral. They provided noodles if you wanted extra flotation in the water, but quickly ran out. Even the boat ride wasn't too exciting. We thought it would have more of a pirate ship feel, but it was just men operating a boat with a sail. You also couldn't walk around since the boat was stuffed with people and the snorkeling equipment took up a lot of space. I am typically not a negative person when it comes to cruising and excursions, but we have done other snorkeling and catamaran excursions in the past, and they were all far superior to this one. We left this one rather disappointed and wish we chose something else.
  2. Just booked Brilliance of the Seas 12 night Baltic cruise on June 22, 2020.
  3. I received that email last month for my Harmony of the Seas cruise. We arrived normal time at 10am and was onboard by 11am. There were already hundreds of people waiting by 10:15am. No need to wait until 2:30, and you can arrive before noon. Perhaps check out early?
  4. Is there an example of them doing this in 2020? I don't see anything.
  5. I see the error, too. The dates are messed up.
  6. Yes, I saw. However, I've been hoping to honeymoon to Rome then go on a cruise to Greece. Hoping they add some new itineraries, otherwise I will look at Celebrity. If all else fails, I'll reconsider Venice.
  7. Sadly, I don't see any Greece cruises leaving from Rome. Are they just not posted yet? 🙁
  8. I keep refreshing and hoping they will be released today. I am so curious to see which ships are sailing where.
  9. 1. Arrive to the port early. You are paying for your day 1 and the sooner you get on the ship, the sooner you can start your vacation. 2. Bring a USB port outlet for more charging space. Do not confuse this with a surge protector, since it most likely will be confiscated. 3. Be friendly to the crew and chat with them. Room stewards, for instance, enjoy when we have conversations with them because their jobs are very repetitive and have to clean up after us. It can really make someone's day.
  10. I redeemed my drink in the MDR and the waiter didn't understand and ended up charging me. I went to guest relations and it says the charge was placed at 8:55pm. We weren't even in the dining room at that time. From now on, I just go to a bar before heading to the MDR.
  11. I just want to provide my experience a couple of weeks ago on Harmony of the Seas. We had the 3 night dining package and there was someone in the terminal by the waiting area making reservations. We lined up and made all of the reservations before we boarded. We didn't find out until day 3 that he confused our reservations and never booked Jamie's for us and instead changed the time of Wonderland. We had to go to guest relations and had very few options to make a reservation at Jamie's on the day we wanted. Moral of the Story: Double check to confirm that your reservations were indeed made by either calling guest relations, checking the app, or calling the restaurants themselves.
  12. In the past, I know for the cruise planner my booking sometimes was locked because I didn't log out properly. I waited about 10-15 minutes and then it would unlock.
  13. I've sailed Celebrity numerous times while growing up. I am actually an Elite member on Celebrity, which is why I am Diamond on Royal Caribbean. I do have to say that I always preferred Royal to Celebrity, even when I was young. Adventure Ocean was much more enjoyable than Celebrity's kids program. I did sail Celebrity last year to Alaska, for the first time in 9 years. Here are some takeaways: I definitely noticed the staff cater more to the older crowd than Millennials. I think it is why my parents always prefer Celebrity. The MDR food seemed more upscale and the buffet had more options than Royal. The buffet had a nice ice cream station with toppings, panini station, stir fry, pasta, etc. everyday and always had themes for lunch and dinner, more so than Royal. Entertainment was lackluster. While the actors and actresses are very talented, the shows were mediocre. Fun facts: Celebrity has a tour of the galley/kitchen for free. The room stewards put chocolate on your pillows every evening. I hope you have a great time on the Edge. Definitely hoping to check Edge or Apex out one day.
  14. My favorite memory from Quest that my family and I still talk about today was on Explorer in 2013. They asked for a hairy back. Someone from my team instantly ripped his shirt off and ran down. After the quest was closed, the CD asked to see the YETI from our team again. It was insane! Last week on Harmony, the first quest was the Royal Caribbean app opened on someone's phone. It was the first time they didn't ask for the paper cruise compass. Times are changing!
  15. I'm planning the Greek Isles cruise for my honeymoon in 2021. It would be nice to sail on a new ship, but there is no way I could see everything I want on this ship. Plus, we would need to allot extra time for tendering since it is such a big ship for small ports.
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