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  1. The key is flexibility. In 2017, my Eastern Caribbean cruise was changed to Western 2 days before we set sail due to Hurricane Irma. On day 4, the captain announced the cruise is extended 3 days because we wouldn’t be able to get back to Florida. The itinerary changed daily and we had no idea where we would end up. We made two stops to Cozumel! The cruise after us got shortened and they were offering discounts to extend the cruise an additional few days since so many people on the next cruise cancelled. I was already missing too many days of work so had to head home.
  2. I depart on Monday, September 19 and my flight is at 11am (only flight available and we are spending 8 days in Italy prior to the cruise). I am hoping to talk to guest services and try to get off the ship as early as possible. I am also booking a private shuttle. Fingers crossed! I recently flew out of Amsterdam and people warned us about the airports. Check in and security took less than 2 hours since it was a Tuesday morning. Weekends may be a little more hectic.
  3. It has been a month since the last upload, but happy to say the next cruise vlog is live. The best days are when you eat all the complimentary food onboard. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: EATING EVERYTHING ON ROYAL CARIBBEAN!
  4. In this week's vlog, we passed out on our Sorrento and Amalfi bus tour from exhaustion. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: PASSED OUT IN ITALY!
  5. In this week’s vlog, we got a small taste of Rome by abiding by Italy’s covid restrictions. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: ITALY’S COVID RESTRICTIONS!
  6. New vlog is live! In this week’s vlog, we went on a tour of Cinque Terre in La Spezia and enjoyed delicious Italian food. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: Italian Riviera!
  7. In 2018, I booked the Rhino Riders Adventure excursion through the ship. You drive small motor boats to a beach and then go snorkeling. Below is the vlog I filmed. St. Maarten Rhino Riders
  8. If you have strict dietary restrictions, I recommend skipping. My husband loved it, but I left hungry since the food and experience wasn't for me. We are giving Wonderland a second try this year, but I think I'll eat beforehand to be safe, plus I know what to expect now.
  9. I have been using a full face snorkle mask for about 5 years and love it. With that being said, I agree and definitely suggest testing it out in a pool before going snorkeling as it can get some getting used to.
  10. Two weeks in a row with new vlogs. I'm on a roll! The third day of our cruise was a sea day with high winds. Fun Fact: We were supposed to stop in Marseille, France. However, France didn't want any cruise ship passengers, so we had a sea day instead with rough waves off the coast of France. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: WINDY SEA DAY!
  11. It's been a while, but the next vlog is live! Our second port of call was Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It was the one port we were allowed to wander on our own. HARMONY OF THE SEAS: PALMA DE MALLORCA!
  12. Yes, there is a small bathroom on board on the lower deck.
  13. I booked a private tour in Ephesus with Ephesus Port Tours. They are #1 on Tripadvisor. I haven’t booked any excursions for Greece yet.
  14. Two years in the making and we finally have a new cruise vlog! In October 2021, we embarked on Harmony of the Seas in Barcelona, Spain for our honeymoon. We last sailed on Harmony of the Seas in October 2019 and a lot had changed in two years, but we still had an incredible vacation! Here's the new vlog: HARMONY OF THE SEAS EMBARKATION DAY COVID EDITION! Also check out our pre-cruise vlogs when we were exploring Paris and Barcelona: Honeymoon October 2021
  15. When I was on Harmony in October on a Mediterranean cruise, they used the conference room for covid testing in order to return to Spain.
  16. I am on the September 11, 2022 sailing out of Rome. I originally booked this back in December 2019 for October 2021 and had to lift and shift to 2022 since Royal cancelled the original sailing. I am hoping everything gets better in the next 8 months as I have been waiting for this cruise for over two years. This was supposed to be my honeymoon, but is now my one year anniversary. Greece has been on my bucket list for years so I am very excited for this cruise, plus it's a new ship!
  17. I’m curious to know which Italy excursions you went on and your experience with them. Thank you!
  18. I booked Cinque Terre: Sail the Italian Riviera. I haven’t read any reviews yet and I sail a week before you do. I found a video of the excursion on YouTube from pre-pandemic, but I assume a lot changed since then.
  19. I am sailing on Harmony in a couple of weeks and I filled it out for each guest, but made sure to also list each of us as family members traveling together. However, I am confused since Italy wants you to list them as the final destination even though we disembark in Spain. It seems very confusing especially since we have three ports of call in Italy.
  20. Can you provide some more details and logistics on the temperature checks? Do you have to wait around in your cabin to get checked? What if you have an early excursion? Our Rome excursion meets before 8am.
  21. Which tours did you book in Italy? Can you provide brief reviews on them? Thanks so much for all of your input. I sail on October 10.
  22. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else is sailing on Harmony of the Seas on October 10, 2021 out of Barcelona? This will be my honeymoon cruise and I am very excited to sail again! Our last cruise was in October 2019 on Harmony, so it is funny how we are returning to the same ship exactly two years later. I am curious to which shore excursions people are considering in all three countries. I spoke to a representative of Royal Caribbean's Private Journeys this morning and she informed me that Private Journeys may not be offered due to ever changing protocols in Europe. If they are offered, it will be an existing shore excursion but for your own traveling party. She also hinted that Italy may be changing their guidelines in the next few days and all guests (regardless of vaccination) will need to book a Royal Caribbean shore excursion to disembark. Some existing excursions may be removed from the offerings as well. I expect everything to constantly change in the next couple of months so we just need to be flexible. Excited to meet fellow guests on this sailing (even the ones embarking in Rome). ?
  23. I was originally booked on Odyssey on October 10 this year, but with cancellations and the pandemic, I booked Harmony of the Seas out of Barcelona on October 10, 2021. Honeymoon here I come! ?
  24. I hope this will carry over to the other ships sailing this summer. From someone who doesn't purchase the drink package, it would be nice to redeem a free drink earlier in the day instead of waiting until ~4:30pm.
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