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  1. Hi, we just booked a GS B2B on Radiance in November so glad to see this. Is Voom included? I don't think so on ships w/o sky class" but just checking. TIA!
  2. Pre-covid the three drinks were just loaded on the card - I assumed it would be the same but who knows!
  3. I asked Hi, Gretchen. Lounges will operate at limited capacity (50%), first-come basis Happy Hour is standardized fleetwide, 5-8 PM. Only during the Happy Hour will bar service be offered, where the lounge will be manned by staff. SeaPass card drink redemption can take place in the lounge (no open bar). Packaged food selection will be available at the Diamond Lounge during Happy Hour. -Yami
  4. Maybe I was right too since I said that when I posted it! ?
  5. Yes, that's what I meant. I guess I wasn't clear!
  6. Just got an email from Royal, I thought I had read Diamond would get five drinks loaded on the card but it's four. And it sounds like during HH in the lounge, you have to use them if you want a drink? Does anyone else read it that way? We used to get a couple in there then use the ones loaded on the card at dinner. Not complaining, just wondering! I do like that they are good anytime, anywhere and for the same drinks that the package gets you. We’re thrilled to offer you additional beverage vouchers to be used at any bar, at any time or in the Diamond Lounge during the nightly Happy Hour. Each day of the cruise, Diamond members receive four vouchers, Diamond Plus members receive five vouchers, and Pinnacle Club members receive six vouchers. Each voucher is for drinks up to $13. Consider it happy hour all day long!
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