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  1. Thanks for the reply. It totally makes sense.
  2. My Odyssey cruise was cancelled and I chose the FCC. I also chose the 125% for On Board credit because I had already purchased my drink package. I booked a cruise on Oasis and saw the drink package on sale today. My question is. If I buy the Drink package on sale now can I apply the 125% on board credit to that cost later seeing that I haven't actually received the OBC yet? Thanks. I hope I explained that right.
  3. Well we got the dreaded email yesterday that our April cruise on Odyssey was cancelled. So we have options. We were really looking forward to going on a Southern itinerary leaving from Florida. I noticed that Brilliance does an 8 night Southern Itinerary leaving from Florida in May that looks really nice BUT we're travelling with our children ages 11 and 7 and I'm worried that there won't be enough for them to do on the ship. OR we could go on a 7 night on Oasis (not Southern) which would be more expensive, 7 nights (not 8), but way more to offer the kids. For reference, my wife and I hav
  4. I love to plan way ahead too and that's why I think I'm getting nervous. I'd love to be able to book Brilliance in May of 2021 but there's no possible way I could do 2 cruises that close together. Do you see any way that I could book Brilliance to lock up a spot and then as we get closer cancel one ? I'm stumped. Thanks.
  5. My wife and I and our 2 children are booked for April 9th 2021 on Odyssey. I know we're about 11 months out but with the news that new ships (Odyssey and Wonder) will be delayed, I'm worried. So I'm looking for advice and opinions. Keep the Odyssey booking and keep our fingers crossed that the delay doesn't affect our cruise? Or, book a different cruise? We really want to go back to Southern Caribbean and that's why we picked Odyssey, new ship with an 8 day Southern Itinerary sailing from Florida. I also saw that Brilliance has an 8 day Southern sailing from Florida in that s
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