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  1. Hello, I was interested to know if any one has information on the purchase of Euros from the concierges desk, what the cost is , conveyance fee and also to sell them back at the end of the trip that is what is not used. - This is to be used when the merchants don't accept credit cards
  2. Hello, my wife will be having back surgery this December 2020 and we have a planned trip to Italy in June 2021 and she is afraid that she may need a wheelchair or walker. To go on some of the tours while we are in Italy , can any one help with suggestions oh how we should proceed with renting and or storing these items when we go, I understand that when we are on the ship we just need to request a wheel chair from Royal but what do we do before we get on the ship if we should need these accommodations . All advise and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello Everyone, Does any one have some good advise on international travel , flights prices seem to have gone up from travel from Los Angeles to Rome in June 2021 and returning from Venice July 3rd 2021 any thoughts on when prices might go down and which air line has the best pricing for international travel for a family of 5 Thank you for your advise. [ Should I wait and see if pricing gets better and when might it get better?
  4. Hello All, I see that now there will be a shuttle bus from Marco Polo Airport to the ship in Ravenna Wanted to know if any one has experience with how their luggage is being handled. Does it got straight to the ship or do we need to claim it once we get off the shuttle. - Will it get taken to the cabin directly Thank you Michael
  5. Hi All, The family and I will be going on a 7 day Greece cruise in June 2021 need some advise on the shore excursions Parents are in mid 50's kids are 19 triplets [Two Girls and one boy] Ports: Kotor Corfu Athens Mykonos Argostoli What are some good activates we must attend. Thank you Michael
  6. Hello Everyone, The family and I were wondering if any one knows the guide lines for using a walkie talkie [Twoi way radio] In Italy. We want to be able to use our family two way radios when visiting Italy before getting on the ship in Venice. We have a Motorola two way radio 14 channels - Got them at Costco can they be used while we are visiting the sites in Italy instead of using our cell phones.
  7. Hello just a new update. Our family just received our renewal passports yesterday it took 122 days to get them - We went to the post office on Feb 24 2020 and just got them in the mail on 6/25/2020 Something now not to worry about
  8. Hello All Just got this email from my travel agent. There have been increased concerns regarding the future of cruising in Venice, Italy due to port congestion and the ability to control port traffic. And, while it's not yet clear how cruise operations will be affected there, it's important to us that we continue to do everything we can to provide you with a great experience and plan ahead, whenever possible. We know how much time and effort go into planning your vacation, so we've proactively made the decision to change the homeport for Rhapsody of the Seas for the upcoming Summer 2021
  9. Hello My family and children 19 will be on Rhapsody of the Seas in June 2021 and we wanted to know if any one was aware if Royal Caribbean offered White Claw drink at the Bars?
  10. Hello All, I was interested to find out if there are any other ways of getting on board credit : So far I have: Share Holder ownership Royal Caribbean visa points. Travel agent credits Next Cruise department My Vegas if your timing is correct Royal rewards? Cancelled sailings. Is there anything else I may have missed? Thank you Michael
  11. Hello I am usung a pc and would like to chaton monday
  12. I hace been trying to chat on the you tube on Mondays but i get error message and my comments dont get read can i get any advive on how i can fix this issue
  13. Just wanted to know if this blog also has a roll call board for 2021 cruises
  14. Hello All, Just received my on board credit for shareholder. They gave me this credit to my account today even though our sail date is not until 6/2021
  15. Hello do all the ships have the bottled flavors I only drink XXX but I can drink a lot in one day
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