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  1. Hi, we are going in July 22 - Question how do you plan to get to the port from Venice?
  2. Thank you for the information, How do i get to the train station from Venice?
  3. That is what I though was hoping i could use it on another sailing as i never opened the cup
  4. My question is can I take the souvenir cup from one ship using the freestyle machine to another ship a few months later and use this cup on a new ship or will the cup be deactivated to be used on a different sailing. Thank you
  5. This price is better that what i was offered of 320 Eur- can you provide me with the contact information for this shuttle service , I need them for July 3, 2022 at 9:30 Am from Venice Hotel to Porto Corsini. Thank you Michael
  6. We are flying out of LAX on June 30, to Venice and taking a private cab to the Cruise port in Ravenna $378.00 2.5 hours - any other options, leave from a block away from our hotel in Venice on July 3, 2022
  7. Where are you flying from? are you going to Venice before the departure?
  8. Hello Question, did you do your own Air booking or did you use Air2sea? My TA said that because i am using Air2sea this option would not work!
  9. I got a quote of 320 euros to the port from Venice - Pick up was one block away
  10. That was per person each way - but you must take the shuttle once you get off the plain same day and you need to use Air2sea
  11. Hello, if you are going to use Air2sea they do have a shuttle to Ravenna at 109.50 per person provided that you go directly from the air port to the ship - Our family tried this but we wanted to tour Venice before the sailing and they were not able to accommodate us. We are going to use a private taxi from the hotel on July 3rd approx 2.5 hrs.
  12. I our family is also going to be on this cruise, What day are you going to be arriving in Italy, How do you plan to get to the cruise port in Ravenna Italy?
  13. Hi, Our family travel from Venice is July 3, 2022 we are considering private travel to the port from our hotel quoted 320 euros approx $380.00 any advice for a more economical options for a family of 5 - we will be taking the train to Florence when we disembark on July 10, 2022 Ideas please.
  14. We are going to use that option to go to Florence. Might you know the cost to go from Porto Corsini to Ravenna Train station?
  15. Yes , I asked they said that if i arrive before embarkation at the air port i will need to find my own way to the port. So far i have reached out to our hotel and was quoted a minivan ride which is about 2.5 hrs for the family to be 320 euros or approx. 380 uds our departure is not till July 3, 2022 but i was trying to budget for the transport and then transport back will be another 400 usd if going back to Venice Michael
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