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  1. Has anyone done this excursion? Does it take you on the railroad? On my cruise planner, it shows a picture of a railroad but in the description it states that "you board a comfortable vehicle". thanks
  2. thanks. Did you need hiking boots or are sneakers ok?
  3. Has anyone gone on this excursion? Did you like it? My husband and kids like to hike.
  4. We are taking an Alaskian Glacier cruise in June 2020. At this time, we have connecting balconies for us and our children on deck 8, 8524 & 8526. Our other family is staying the Owner's loft 8720 and interior cabin 8707. I booked 8524 & 8526 because they were the only connecting cabins open deck 8 but its a long walk to the other cabins. I was looking at other available cabins today and connecting cabins are open on deck 10, 10294 & 10296. My husband thinks deck 10 will be better because its higher and close to the aft of the ship. Does that matter? Are forward cabins more prone to sea sickness?
  5. thanks for the info!!!
  6. We( myself, DH, DD20,DS19) are taking an Alaskian cruise in June 2020. Is the drinking age in Canada 19? Will they be able to drink or is Royal Caribbean's policy 21? My daughter actually turns 21 while we are on the cruise.
  7. zjennk


    We(family of 5) are doing an Alaskan cruise on the Ovation in June 2020. Has anyone done the Alaska's whales, glaciers and rainforest excursion? My husband and older DD want to walk/hike around the glacier and my youngest DD wants to whale watch. Do you see a lot of whales from the ship? When we cruised to the Bahamas, we saw a ton of dolphins swimming next to the ship. I was wondering if you see a lot of animals from the safari vessel during the excursion for the extra money? Is it better to just get transportation to the Mendenhall Glacier and walk/hike ourselves.
  8. I booked a 10 day cruise on the vision of the seas for March 19, 2021 to the southern Caribbean for our 25th anniversary in a great aft balcony. So excited. I am worried Weare going to have a lot of spring breakers. My husband doesn’t think so because it’s a 10 day cruise. Has anyone been on this cruise before at this time?
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies. I think we will keep 7652 and just keep monitoring the prices. Did you hear a lot of noise from the lounge?
  10. I am currently booked in an aft balcony 7652 on the vision of the seas to the Southern Caribbean. Very excited. DH was wondering if the Jr Suite 8088 would be better but its $1500 more. I realize there is more square footage and a bigger bathroom but there is only 2 of us and I don't mind. Not sure its worth the extra money.
  11. Has anyone stayed in the Vision of the seas 7652? Its an aft balcony and I have never stayed in an aft balcony before. Is there a lot of noise from the lounges on deck 6?
  12. We are booked for an Alaska cruise in June 2020 in 2 balcony cabins that are connected. We are discussing going to a jr Suite that sleeps 5 but are afraid that it will be too crowded( myself, DH, DD(20),DS(19) and DD(14). I think we should stay in the 2 cabins because we will have more room plus 2 bathrooms. The 2 bedroom suite was not available that sleeps 8 and the rest of the suites only sleep 4. Has anyone ever had the Jr Suite that slept 5? Thanks
  13. We (family of 5)booked an Alaska cruise on the Ovation for June 2020 in connecting balcony cabins. We are traveling with my brother, sister-in-law and their 2 younger children who booked the Owners Loft Suite. Their 2 older children are in an interior cabin close by also. I know that they have special perks because they booked that type of suite such as in room specialty beverages and dining, genie etc. I am assuming that if we and their 2 older children want specialty dining or beverage package then we will just pay extra for it. I know the Owners Loft Suite is big enough that we can all hang out but what happens when we want to eat a meal in their suite? Do we just pay extra for our meals? I am also assuming that we will not be able to sit with them at shows either unless they don't sit in their suite section? thanks for the help.
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