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  1. I am going to get her passport book now. Thanks for your advice.
  2. We are going on the Ovation to Alaska end of July. On our past cruises, my husband is the only one with a Passport. Myself and kids just used our birth certificates. We are stopping at Victoria and now need a passport. We are starting the process for passports for myself, DD 23, and DS 21. My youngest DD turns 16 mid May. I don't know if I should get her a passport with the others or wait until she turns 16? If I wait then it will be good for 10 years but I am nervous we will not get it in time. Thanks
  3. I just recently did this for our cruise in July. My son got the DDP but my daughter can not drink due to a liver issue. They gave her the refreshment package and he has the DDP.
  4. Do you need to purchase the Voom package for the Royal Caribbean app? We only purchased one device for my husband because I like to "unplug" while on the vacation. I have a smart phone. Can I still use the app? Sorry if its a dumb question. I am not very tech savvy.
  5. Thanks for the link! It was the right tour and looks awesome! We are sailing on the Ovation in July and its my first trip to Alaska also. We were supposed to go to June 2020 but it was canceled due to Covid.
  6. I thought I read somewhere on this forum that you could change from a refundable deposit to a no refundable to save money closer to your sailing date. When are booked on the ovation in July( a jr suite and a balcony)and our final payment is due next month. How close to the final payment should I do it and is it worth it?
  7. We are going on the Ovation in July. What is a really good Glacier and Whale watching excursion? We are booked for the Alaska's whales, glaciers and rainforest trails excursion. I looked at it on YouTube but I can't tell if you get time walking on the trails at the Mendenhall Glacier or it you just look at it for a distance. Has anyone done the excursion? My husband wants to see the Nugget Falls near the Glacier and ours daughters want to whale watch. TIA
  8. We are cruising to Alaska in August. We have always driven to the cruise ports and this is our first time flying. The ship gets back to Seattle at 6:00am on 8/5/22. Most of the return flights back to PA leave Seattle in the morning. There are a few that leave around 10:00pm but that is too late. Royal(air2sea) is telling me that I have to schedule a flight that leaves after 11:30am to ensure that I get to the airport in time because it takes 3 hours to dock and get everyone off the ship. I would like to take a return flight that leaves the airport at 10:30am and that would get us home to PA by midnight. My husband doesn't want to take the chance and miss our flight. Also, the other family we are going with and taking the same flights with is staying in Star Class, can their Genie get us off the ship sooner? thanks
  9. We are scheduled for the Vision in March to the Southern Caribbean and have a booked a nice corner aft jr suite with the larger balcony. I wouldn't mind quarantining in that cabin but I think you are moved to "covid deck" right? I am very clausterphobic and can not be in an interior room. Then my husband would get to stay in the jr suite? I know March is still a ways away and they canceled cruises until the beginning of March for the Vision of the Seas.
  10. Well I did call Royal Caribbean and according to the customer service representative, the cruise is still happening. They are hoping that by October Canada will allow cruising.
  11. I never received an email about canceling. I just received an email in Feb stating that they were looking at different options. I will have to call.
  12. We have a Canada & New England cruise scheduled 10/6-10/16/21 and final payment is due this week. Has anyone heard anything about the fall cruises and being able to go to Canada? My husband thinks that they may shorten the cruise or go to different ports. We booked a great aft Jr Suite and I so want to go on the cruise!
  13. I know the cabins on deck 6 are obstructed by the life boats on the Ovation of the Seas. Is Jr suite cabin 7236 have any obstruction? My husband is concerned there are life boats under the balcony. I didn't think it did because its on the "hump". thanks
  14. We are booked on the Ovation of the Seas in July 2022 to go to Alaska. Currently, I am in a large balcony room but am contimplating going up to a Jr Suite for the extra crown and anchor points. I would like to stay on deck 8 or 9 because I have family staying in the Royal Loft suite 8320. There are some available Jr suites but they are near the elevator. Do you hear a lot of noise?
  15. I am also booked on a NE/Canada cruise in October on the Enchantment for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I am hoping that they take the 9 days cruise down to 7 days. I was also wondering if I should book another cruise just in case this one gets canceled because I REALLY want to go somewhere for our anniversary.
  16. We have been using the RC credit card for several years now. We use the OBC option and it has paid for a lot of shore excursions and beverage packages. The extra OBC also gives us more freedom to purchase some things onboard that we may not of budgeted for.
  17. I am currently booked in a large balcony on the Ovation. My husband wants to look at a Jr suite near the stairs and elevator 8622 or 8624. Is it too noisy by the stairs and elevators? How are these cabins? thanks
  18. Each time I have cruised, I have never had a passport. I just had my Drivers License and SeaPass each time we got on and off the ship. We have cruised to Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Mexico and Grand Cayman. I am going to Alaska/Canada in June and looking into the passport card because we are going to Canada.
  19. I just booked a Canada and New England Cruise for October 2021 in JR Suite cabin 7666 hoping to see some good fall foliage. I am looking forward to the aft balcony! Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Did you hear a lot of noise? thanks
  20. We are going on the Ovation of the Seas in June to Alaska. We would like to try Skagway on our own and go hiking. Does anyone know how far it is from the cruise port to the Yakutania Point? I did google it but it didn't look that far. It says 1 hour roundtrip but I am not sure how long it takes to get there from the cruise port. Has anyone ever walked there? Thanks
  21. What is the best means of transportation for 5 from the cruise port in Seattle to the airport? The Seattle express which is $20 pp. Do you think an Uber would be cheaper? Thanks
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