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  1. I hope it works out for you and yours. I’m currently driving from Missouri home to Maryland as I had to bring my daughter back from college since schools have ended early. But I intend to sit down this week and draft a letter of appeal to Richard Fain, CEO as soon as I can.
  2. Royal isn’t giving any direction because they want you to cancel! If you cancel then you only get the credit option unless you chose refundable fare. If they cancel then they have to offer cash refund or an incentive for you to take the future credit l. If you believe there are folks in your group who will no longer be able to cruise then you should hold out until Royal cancels because the future credits will ONLY be issued in the name of the passenger it was assigned to. I’ve just lost over 1,000.00 because my elderly mom and aunt will no longer be able to cruise so we used the 48 hour cancel option and now Royal will not allow me THE PERSON WHO PAID THE FARES, to apply the credits to my own future plans. Best of luck to you
  3. I’m still in shock and I’m going to lose my money because my 80 year old aunt is never going to cruise again. This is making rethink Norwegian
  4. The two Credits that I am having a problem with were for a stateroom we cancelled during the Cruise with Confidence time period so it was before Royal cancelled all sailings
  5. Yes, but unfortunately I had a total of four cabins and two we cancelled under the Cruise with Confidence which only allowed the FCC, not a full refund.
  6. Thanks so much. I have already emailed Guest Relations and I am waiting to hear. I will send the same to the others. I just cannot believe that they would just keep over 1K in funds during this time without being flexible. I already have money invested in the August Cruise but if this doesn't get resolved I think I'll be looking into Norwegian, which makes me sad!
  7. @Matt I hope everyone is healthy and safe during this trying time. I have a an FCC issue and wonder if escalation is my only recourse. I had a family vacation that I paid for in full on one credit card for 7 people. My 72 year old mom and 80 year old aunt were in one cabin that we had to cancel under the Cruise with Confidence plan because their doctors advised them to forget about cruising. I am now fighting with RCCL as they do not want to offer the FCC to me although they are fully aware that I paid for all of the bookings and that I not only intend to cruise again, but already have another cruise scheduled for 08/22/2020. Does anyone have any suggestions, work arounds or insights that could help? I really appreciate the help this blog offers. Thanks in advance. Grandeur of the Seas 01/03/2019 Anthem of the Seas 03/15/2020 (Doomed) 😞 Independence of the Seas 08/22/2020 (Hopefully)
  8. Now I have a cruise credit for two elderly women who will never cruise again and I paid for them but they won’t give me the credits! I’m so disgusted right now
  9. We went through the groups department directly and had no trouble, until this
  10. Yes I haven't paid for anything else yet as I am waiting on the news from the Presidents news conference. Just holding everything in the cruise planner until tonight.
  11. no only two cancelled, because of their health and ages. The rest of us (28) are all planning to travel, so our group leader and I have been on the phone for hours getting things reinstated. And the rep. lied and said they were going to comp our gratuities and then a supervisor said no. I am trying to get over anger now because I want to give the crew the benefit of the doubt as I know this has to be a stressful situation for them as well. But it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth right now. Thanks @Matt for having someplace where I can still see the good side of things.
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