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  1. Quick change. We were able to move Quantum to a better week next year. Please adjust quantum to July 26th, 2021.
  2. Like with @rjac we can remove my now cancelled Odyssey 3/26 sailing as well as my Harmony 8/16 sailing. I was able to move that one to Symphony on 1/30/21 though.
  3. I will unequivocally state that the customer service agents weren’t in charge of the decision of moving a years worth of customers from one ship to another. That decision most likely originated with Nick Desrochers and other members of the revenue management team. While not an easy decision these days when holding onto whatever revenue you can makes Wall Street happy, it was an easy one. Just as when a plane is taken out of service and replaced with a smaller one seats get moved and customers get assigned based on status and anticipated revenue. This was clearly done in a suboptimal way as if not already there @twangster is approaching Pinnacle.
  4. Based on people getting reassigned to liberty before ever being asked we can be reasonably sure that the consumer un-friendly decision is what was done. I’ve also noticed a similar situation to what American Airlines did with their computer systems a few years back, before it was a more manual system, but now it’s literally just going screen to screen with only being able to do what the system says you can. Anything else needs a manager. @twangster did you get the feeling with the rep that perhaps when they loaded the room on Liberty that it was coded as a L&S and that’s why there was no recourse to move as something had already been done in the system? That would certainly have complicated the agents life’s and made it more difficult to try anything.
  5. That was precisely my point in reaction to your original post. They’ve normally been close to doing the right thing, how did the meeting to determine what to do with the Allure passengers go so wrong? They’re had to have been someone who spoke up and said “this is stupid and won’t work.” The customer service reps aren’t the ones who tried to downgrade @twangster, that message came from above. I refuse to blame the phone agent who was going by what they and others were told at the beginning. If their original plan was to let everyone refund or move to another ship then they would have gone with that before remapping everyone to new rooms. This blew up in their face and clearly caught them off guard.
  6. Definitely try if you can, especially now with lots of people carrying new balances having Even a little bit of leverage with a card company may get bonus points or the fee waived.
  7. I usually go with whatever card I’m close to hitting thresholds on for the year (normally southwest in the back half to get to companion pass) or whatever Card I’m working on a spend bonus on. no, they won’t charge you for the credit balance, but if it’s close to annual fee time you could just leave it, but as it sounds like a card you don’t use often you may want to call and see if there’s any incentive to keep it.
  8. Sarcastic voice.......Whatever you do definitely don’t look up the guidelines Switzerland put in for the workers of the “oldest profession”
  9. I think that’s another lesson I’ve learned through this. Use one card for Royal purchases so that it’s easier to track it down.
  10. I always guessed there was one Cats fan on the message boards, glad we finally found you 😛
  11. Would make for an interesting class action to help jump the line in creditors if needed. Willfully selling cruises you knew would never go in hopes of generating much needed liquidity.
  12. I just have a hard time imagine any group of yes-people that would sit on a zoom call and say “sure boss I’m sure there won’t be any backlash if we toss people from Allure to Liberty”
  13. I’m thinking of doing it this October. Finally taking a solo cruise so will have some time.
  14. Interesting. Looks like that variation is about a 1.8% house edge. About 3 times that of well played blackjack here at home (surrender allowed, 6 decks, double any two)
  15. I’d go with Oasis as no one knows when Allure will be amplified.
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