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  1. I think there’s a fairly obvious choice. How is there not a ship with Hamilton yet?
  2. The walkie-talkies always seemed like a good idea until we actually tried them about a decade ago. With the entire ship and the rooms being giant metal cages, inexpensive walkies seem to not do the job.
  3. Be sure to get them registered early and if at all possible get them in there the first night. Even little kids form groups and it’s much easier when everyone doesn’t know each other than trying to join in the next day.
  4. Yeah. Even though I’d probably not enjoy myself much on majesty, I’ve looked at booking that one as a solo traveler just for the six points.
  5. There’s a five night on explorer for this November out of Miami with Rooms starting at 196 a person. If CocoCay is a must do (which it is for me) there’s a five night on Majesty on 11/11 starting at 226 a person.
  6. Ships like Majesty, Empress, Grandeur, etc.. you won’t get water slides, broadway shows, etc.. but if it’s relaxation and quiet you’re looking for that might be more up your alley.
  7. Looks like she’s pulling into Virginia Beach/Norfolk. I’m guessing it’s not something that can be repaired underwater and needs to be done in a dry dock.
  8. Are you stuck to February? There’s some very cheap sailings on “classic cruises” for December and January.
  9. On navigator this past weekend they ranged from about 1.50 up to about 3 dollars.
  10. Screwed up the date in the my brain. It’s April, not March. Booked the 3 day that we’re officially treating as a “cruise to nowhere” it has one stop in Nassau then a sea day and we’re just staying onboard.
  11. I should get a good feeling when I’m on Oasis in March before going back on in November. @Matt will get to see it at its shiniest this coming November.
  12. We had done it back in May as well, and a lot of the refurbishments are already showing their age just a couple of months in.
  13. Just got off. Voom was slow so getting photos up to IMGUR for posting was a no go. Will get it caught up today. Spoiler alert, don’t think we’ll be back on Navigator anytime soon.
  14. For the space in the room and extra space on the balcony I’d say it was definitely worth it. The only issue was noise when pulling into port, this week on navigator mid ship we could never tell if we had made it into port.
  15. Yep. That’ll be a busy one. We’ll be heading over to the gulf coast (Anna Maria Island for Labor Day weekend), something they call a “Land Vacation” I know blasphemy.
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