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  1. You should have plenty of time to get to try everything on such a long sailing.
  2. Yes, I believe you’d have to call now and set it up as a single cabin. Otherwise the FCC for the 2nd persons portion would go into their name. I almost pulled the trigger on that exact same sailing. Ended up that Celebrity Equinox was a day longer and a much better casino rate.
  3. Interesting. So maybe they just opened up the date range. Wish they’d have done that last week as I booked for a 4nt on Indy in October because it was hard to make the time work with my daughters school schedule.
  4. Did you book the initial offer last week? Wondering if you have both, or if anyone who booked the first won’t be getting the second.
  5. If we’re using RC as the bar for the MDR than yes. We’ve never had much lunch in the MDR on Royal so have taken to the dining packages.
  6. I’ve heard from folks at MEI that FCC’s applied towards cruises that are canceled by RC (not sure about if you used the Cruise with Confidence program) get dates later into the future to be used. We had a FCC from last May that was about to expire so we used it for our now cancelled Oasis 3 night cruise and it should be coming back along with the rest of the FCC.
  7. And i didn’t think the Ric(k)s were the same either. If I remember from the periscope group @CruiseLifeRick is Cincotta and Rick from cruisehabit’s podcast is Rick Ross, sharing a name with the rapper.
  8. Ok cool. Yep, had confused people. I guess the never ending parade of days that all seem to be the same has gotten to me.
  9. I’d switch to odyssey. Even ships that have been amplified don’t get the rooms upgraded, just fresh beds and linens.
  10. Thanks. I’ll check it out, but if it just says that there’s no enough kale 🥬 I won’t be a happy man 😂
  11. Thanks for the liveblog and all the great info. We booked our first Celebrity cruise last week, a four night on Equinox over Memorial Day after our April sailing on Oasis got cancelled. I was astounded how great a deal it can be. With the four perks and a casino discount, the sailing effectively cost less than 100$.
  12. We’re you able to do that with them before the sailing? Or did you do it while onboard?
  13. Was wondering about the concierge lunch. Seems very underwhelming. Was hoping for something more akin to the Chops lunch given to the key on Royal.
  14. Would also love to know if anyone around has done the Le Petit Chef, were looking at that for Equinox this May. Used OBC for the three night dining package, it doesn’t look as gastronomically whimsical like wonderland which is a good thing for me.
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