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  1. There is. It’s very nondescript and there’s a 99 percent chance any wife/daughter won’t go near it.
  2. While I won’t be reviewing the cruise here (cough, cough, not RC) but I’ll be sure to put a review of the brightline train up as it could be a cool way to get between the two cities.
  3. It’s settled, just booked the brightline train and the JW Marriott Marquis for Saturday night. For almost the same price as an Uber XL for three of us we can take the train with food, drink, and get vacation started early. Now to find a good place for dinner in Miami.
  4. It’s a no-brainer for us. The southwest companion pass means anytime we fly as a family we go southwest.
  5. We’re dealing with a similar conundrum right now for our end of November cruise. We arrive in FLL around 2 and can’t decide between staying nearby or heading down to Miami right away. Staying in Ft Lauderdale would allow us to try La Bamba, but heading to Miami always feels more comfortable, and after reading some reviews I’m really interested in trying out the Select Service on the BrightLine train. It even drops off right by the area where the JW, Intercontinental and others are. Plus what’s not to love about a departure lounge and having two or three drinks in a 45 minute train ride. https://onemileatatime.com/brightline-train-review/
  6. Hi Cruising. We loved CocoCay when we were on Navigator this May and again this August. For the May Trip I did a full live blog. One big tip would be to get in early and do the water slides early, both onboard and at CocoCay if you are planning to purchase the Thrill Waterpark passes. Lines at all the slides grow throughout the morning, so if you can’t get out there early, wait till later.
  7. The junior suite aft balconies on Navigator were pretty unobstructed as well. One piece of advice through, if you like to sleep in past 6 on port days, the aft can be a problem. Once the tie downs came out we heard everything while on deck 8.
  8. When our daughter was eight we took a great tour of the Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen. You take a ferry boat from the island over to the mainland and a tour bus out to the caves. Trekking through mostly untouched pristine waters really shows what we’ve done to screw up some lakes and rivers. And when you are deepest you get to turn off the headlamps and see what true darkness and quiet is like.
  9. I’d second that. The plastic luggage tag holders are a must have. Be sure to order the right size for royal Caribbean tags.
  10. I’ve never seen a bug at all in a cruise room. Because of the small environment they are usually meticulous about cleaning rooms as things spread fast.
  11. Sounds like a plan. One other thought I had was having different snacks along the way in the star class cabins on the crawl. Any idea how the genie assignments usually go? Both being in AQ suites do you think we’ll have the same genie?
  12. Definitely, and after reading @WAAAYTOOO’s master class on cabin crawls we definitely need one of those as well.
  13. We’re doing one of those in November 2020 as well. On that cruise @Tiffeven is right below us.
  14. I go with one as well with the same holder style that @JLMoran uses. The steel cable won’t fall off unless someone actively unscrews the connector.
  15. Yeah, that would be. Was hoping that Oasis5 might sneak in on the new listings in a couple of weeks. Which might happen but not in a useful way.
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