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  1. Did I read that right? On a carnival ship? I’m guessing you we’re trying to sell them a lifetime supply of rusty white paint?
  2. Definitely it’s the easiest, if you can get an honest driver. However, for the fun of it, the Brightline was great. Lounge, alcohol, snacks, and a comfortable seat.
  3. Now I’ve got to schedule a meeting in KC, you’ve got me craving Q39.
  4. Hopefully you don’t possess my irrational hatred of Raisins. Nothing ruins a piece of Apple pie faster than those.
  5. Every now and then you need to remind yourself of how good life can be. Watching a six hear old kid sneeze on the lettuce then put his hands in and grab some is that reality check 😜
  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they keep the good ones. We’re in the AQ2BR in November.
  7. My other thought was that perhaps the one that was upgraded was a guarantee cabin. Part of that roll of the dice is maybe one in a million you get upgraded to the last room left and it’s a good one.
  8. Sounds like what might be better for you for their to be a better ship rotation. Liberty spends a ton of time in Galveston.
  9. Definitely luggage tag holders and fabric refresher/wrinkle release spray
  10. Any idea how long the contracts are usually for? I’ll defer to your Broadway loving wife, but it seems there’s a ton of new broadway shows that they’re missing out on that are much fresher and newer. NCL put Kinky Boots on Encore and Six on Bliss. looks like SNF will be coming up on ten years at the dry dock.
  11. Yeah. On a ships casino you’re lucky if you ever see 3:2 blackjack. Then look at you like their doing you a favor with 6:5.
  12. http://www.vesseltracking.net/cruise/oasis-of-the-seas-9383936
  13. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the number of passengers, or how big the ship is. That same week smaller ships are going to be overwhelmed as well. Always check out the Passenger to Space ratio. Oasis is 36, Mariner for example is 34.6. So even though there’s 33 percent fewer passengers (6k vs 4K) there’s still less space per person on Mariner.
  14. So tempted. But the Har only group cruise is half the price for suites.
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