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  1. Last time we saw that we erased any of the derogatory comments and added nice ones. So if it said something about “your mom” we’d just add “is awesome”
  2. Magnets are the way to go. Don’t use anything sticky as it’ll pull the paint off the wall and draw the ire of your cabin attendant. I’d also shy away from dry erase boards outside your door, because as with the internet, people who can be anonymous just act like idiots when they think no one is watching.
  3. About ninety days out, but there’s no hard and fast rule. For our Harmony cruise it was about 105 days out.
  4. Following along. But thanks to your title I’ll always think of Empress as the Reno of the Seas.
  5. The new MSC ships has beautiful gallerias/promenades on them. Look up the Bellissima when you get a chance.
  6. If the trip was more than 90 days out I’d say you had a pretty good chance that people would bail before final payment day. You’re within that period so everyone has paid for their cruise already.
  7. But theoretically you could break the cup open, remove the RFID chip and tape the chip to your favorite cup 😎
  8. At some point, perhaps during my navigator blog back in May I compared the two. FTTF’s benefits don’t have a value you can really attach, the key however, we can easily assign value to the specialty embarkation lunch, and WiFi we can as well. The key’s benefits provide diminishing returns based on the length of the sailing for two reasons; 1) its harder to amortize the value of the chops lunch, 2) you’ll have more time to do the “signature activities” and the special times hold less value. If you are doing all carry on bags, dropping off the bags at the theatre is a great value, when we did the key the bags were already waiting for us when rooms were announced ready at 1pm. The room steward said to us that we were his key guests and he went and got the bags to have them ready.
  9. Yeah. When we took our 16 year old nephew with us, they did the same. He’d walk up there and see who was there, and then wander around the ship till 1am when we told him to be back.
  10. I’d second the getting into the clubs on the first day. As you’re aware teenagers form cliques fast and aren’t quick to let people in later on.
  11. On Harmony there isn’t a shower curtain, but what I’d best describe as a 1/4 sheet of glass that only covers the area closest to the shower head. It means you end up with water all over the floor.
  12. I don’t disagree with your sentiment about hotel bath tubs, but don’t think it has to do with being a women. A gross tub is gross no matter the gender.
  13. Have you gone just through email or also reached out to the agent via phone?
  14. I think I’d get bored after two or three weeks. But I could see myself doing 5-6 B2B cruises per year if time and money would allow.
  15. Those times are a suggestion with RC. Others strictly enforce them so it’s yet another plus in the RC column.
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