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  1. My issue isn’t that she wouldn’t be allowed onboard, rather than we’ll be stuck with the very limited ship sponsored excursions for that thanksgiving cruise.
  2. Wish they had done it a couple of weeks ago. Our next family cruise is thanksgiving week which even if we could get it for my daughter tomorrow would be nearly impossible to be “fully vaccinated” by 11/20.
  3. 6 days out and was able to login today and get a Walgreens appointment down the street for an appointment on Friday. Lots of options available with Walgreens, not so much at cvs, even last week I’d have to go an hour away to get an appointment within the window. Will also be taking in some extra resistance with me. Orange County Florida opened up boosters for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over the weekend, so went out and got one this morning. Was in and out in less than half an hour.
  4. Last month after four years building a brand from scratch, the parent company who owned the brand decided to stop investing and exit the brand. While it sucks because I had poured so much creative energy getting the brand off the ground, it was stale without more investment. The good thing is they paid me to go away and left me with some much needed free time. Unfortunately there’s only so many outlets in the house to turn into smart outlets so I need something else to do. Luckily, my TA had set me up in her agency as I was going through the RC education program and I was able to take advantage of a great offer that RC was partnering with ASTA for. As I wasn’t sure when I’d have to go back to full time working again, I wanted to get the ASTA cruise out of the way. I figured it was a great opportunity to not only try out a brand new ship, but also try out some of the new equipment I got for ship tour videos than to book Odyssey. As there’s what seems like a massive amount of Odyssey live blogs I’ll keep this one brief with mostly pictures and videos. The basics Odyssey of the Seas 10/31/21-11/6/21 Port Everglades 6 Nights Cococay, Cozumel, and Costa Maya Balcony, Deck 11 Starboard side Just me on this sailing. Only my second solo cruise and the first was a four nighter earlier this month. The wife and daughter have school and work so unfortunately couldn’t join me.
  5. Now that we’re less than a month away, I can start laying out plans for my first Celebrity LiveBlog. Some Basics - This will be my first Celebrity sailing, should have had two before but those got cancelled last year. - We depart the Saturday before thanksgiving, 11/20/21 out of Port Everglades -Sailing with me will be my Wife and Daughter (11) - We’re booked into an Infinite Verandah room on Deck 9 - This will be the family’s first sailing since moving to Florida, so first time we didn’t have to hassle with flights.
  6. Just getting back into the message board swing of things. Great blog. So glad great liveblogs are back.
  7. Booked Celebrity Apex for 11/20/21. Should be a fun thanksgiving.
  8. Just added on Odyssey 10/31/21 Independence 12/3/21
  9. On adventure 6/26 it was still annoyingly smoky. Part of that seemed to be the same guy in there smoking all the time, and he always seemed to be at the same blackjack table I was heading too.
  10. Our experience in Adventure was about 15 minutes. Was barely long enough to finish our checkin (partial check-in as you’re really not all the way checked in till the test comes back.) We only sat in the waiting pen for about five minutes.
  11. Definitely wouldn't drive. What I'd probably do is get two bedrooms even with the higher costs so we'd have more room to spread out and we'd be on the upper level of the train rather than the lower level.
  12. BY Address, we're in Winter Garden. But we're at the very south end of there only three or so miles from 192. We looked at that Narcoossee area in St. Cloud/Lake Nona but liked the west side of town better.
  13. Just added on Adventure of the seas for June 26, 2021.
  14. We arrived to the station about 1:15. Checking the cars was a breeze and we were assigned car numbers 123 and 133. Once inside there was no line to checkin and we were given our train car number as well as asked which dinner delivery time we would prefer. The choices were 5pm and 6:30, we opted for the 6:30. In pre-pandemic times sleeper car passengers got full dining in the dining car. Until May 21, 2021 those passengers in sleeper cars get their choice from the menu delivered to their room. The station is Lorton is spacious, but I could see it getting easily filled up during normal times. Right now for the next few weeks they are still running the train at limited capacity. Right before 2:30 they started announcing the sleeping car’s boarding starting from back to front. After our boarding pass was checked we were given directions to our room, Family Bedroom 15 at the front of the car on the bottom level. The family bedrooms are advertised as sleeping 4 but that fourth would have to be comfortable sleeping in four feet or less of space as that side is very small. the room also has a closet, it don’t get any delusions of grandeur, it’s not deep enough to store a backpack or suitcase. It’s basically a place for coats or jackets The room has two pull out tables that also double as checker boards, but you’d have to bring your own pieces. The room feels more narrow than the pictures on Amtrak’s site and also know that the family bedroom cars are on the lower of the two levels of the train. At 3:23 the train moved to do the little dance where they load up the cars. At about 3:45 we got on the rails and headed south towards the Potomac river. The conductor came on to do announcements. In total there were about 250 people and 134 cars and 1 motorcycle. Because of the car carriers the auto train is advertised as the longest Amtrak train at about 3/4 of a mile. Wifi is available throughout the train. Don’t expect to be streaming HD Netflix movies as wifi is slow, was running about 2Mbps up and down. Amtrak also operates a Train Track website that you can use along the way to monitor tour progress. We took the train version of a shore excursion up to the cafe car to get a drink. Walking from car to car on the train is very much akin to the motion when a ship is really rocking as you are getting thrown into hallways. We also got to walk by some of the bedroom and roomette cabins. We also walked through three of the coach class cars. I’m not one who can ever sleep in an open area so traveling that way would mean being up all night for me. Also, at this time being in a coach seat means leaving your mask on at all times when not eating or drinking. We also checked out one of the vacant bedroom types which has it’s own shower/bathroom inside of your room The cafe car has your basics in snacks, drinks and basic food. Prices are reasonable but don’t expect anything deserving of a Michelin Star, unless there’s a Michelin starred restaurant exclusively featuring microwaved food and peanut M&Ms. Dinner arrived about 6:45 and wasn’t terrible. The pork shanks were bathed in BBQ sauce which was a little much. I’d wholeheartedly tell you to avoid the vegetables, they had zero flavor. Would be interesting to see how different the meal would feel is served sitting in the dining car rather than cramped in your sleeping quarters Freight gets the preference on the rails so on several occasions we had to slow down or stop so freight could speed past us. It took almost 3.5 hours to get to the North Carolina border from our departure in Lorton, VA. Driving that would have been 2 and a half hours. It took us till about 8:15 to get to Rocky Mount, NC, which you drive right through the middle of town. A little after 11 we made the one stop along our journey, Florence, SC. No guests get on or off at this stop, it’s a technical stop to change conductors and pick up additional supplies. Our sojourn was brief and by about 11:25 we were picking up steam heading south again. Sleep was nearly impossible on the train, way too much movement and noise for me to ever get comfortable. So I spent the night listening to podcast and tracking our whereabouts on Amtrak’s train tracker. Since I was already up I decided I would try and get a shower around 6am. It’s a very cramped area and even only being 6’1” the shower head was probably six inches below my eye level. Also, in that tight space with low water, I got out feeling dirtier than I did when I went in. Breakfast was a grab and go occasion up in the dining car and you were handed a bag full of cereal, coffee cake and bananas. I forgot to take pictures, but it probably looks like you can imagine. After breakfast was time to pack up as we were running about twenty minutes early for our arrival at the Sanford, FL station outside of Orlando. At 8:40 we were allowed to disembark and headed into the station to wait for our cars. The station in Sanford was nearly identical to the one in Lorton. 9:21 both of our cars came off the carriers and we were on our way to check out our new home for the first time. While the house won’t be done until July, it was fun seeing it right before the drywall goes up later this week
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