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  1. Going thru the same thing...$1300 in certificates Im being told are now expired and cant be used for another cruise, very u fair
  2. I am a premier member of Club Royale. Many of my cruises have been heavily discounted due to the amount I have spent on board at the casino. My hubby and I love the Translantic and back to back. Both can get quite costly. The way we have seem much if the world has been with the help of these certificates. Two of our cruises have been cancelled. Both of these cruises had money off due to these earned certificates. $1300 in all. I asked to move the credits to other cruises we already have booked next year. The answer was no exceptions they are expired. Well of course they are ,you cxd the cruises they could be used on. Im sorry ...I so love cruising with Royal but this is not taking care of those who are good repeat customers, anyone else have this issue. What can we do about it.
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