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  1. Ideally...probably best, from a business & logistics POV, to move one Oasis Class ship to each of the three main Florida cruise hubs(MIA, FLL, Port Canaveral) & Galveston. A Quantum Class ship(pick one, likely Ovation) is probably best suited for the West Coast on a regular basis. Odyssey obviously is coming to the Caribbean...already been announced.
  2. I think Allure suppose to be sailing the Med the summer of next year; which is a mute point, because the new Galveston port projected to be complete by this time 2021, I believe.
  3. It do help some; but unfortunately, no where near what many may think. These destinations collect obviously the port fees; however, a huge percentage of cruiser either stay on the ship when docked at many of these locations or spin little when off the ship...so very little commerce is actually exchanged. Not saying absolutely none; but, not enough to justify timely investment in infrastructure, over a normal or reasonable period of time in some of these depressed area, without most outside business investments. Which is why the cruise industry as a whole are getting agreements from governments of the areas, for lease or in some cases, purchase, of these lands, secure it behind confined areas as private beach clubs and/or resorts, to ensure a more pleasant environment & itinerary for it customers, while reaping an overwhelming percentage of monetary benefits. It's a dicey proposition, because cruise lines are obvious in the business to make money; but, they have a responsibility to its patrons. Governments in these area know how the cruise industry monopolize these areas; but, they are in major need to bring in some revenue; so, they allow themselves to be taken advantage of. It just good business sense on behalf of the industry(and they're not the only ones), at the expense of the locals. These area don't have the capital to build a burgeoning western style infrastructure & resort that cruiseline can just port & a huge percentage of tourists feel safe & comfortable to splurge financially in these areas, where the locals could truly benefit much more than what they do now. The model is just not there....
  4. @twangster you don't think Royal's logistics team would have known that before publicly announcing the addition of Glacial Bay to the itinerary?
  5. Apparently, Royal is planning to build a Labedee style Private Beach Club in Antigua, opening sometime in 2021. Very interesting......are you excited about another prospect in the Caribbean?
  6. They have these little two-seaters mini-sports cars(forget what they call them)that you can rent for like six hours to drive all over the island...is what I was referring to. My wife & I went to St. George in one...she drove back. We spent the day driving around, seeing sights, hit the beach for a little bit, taking pictures, and hit a tee-shirt shop. Trust me, there's ways to get around and enjoy all the island have to enjoy...including Hamilton & St. George.
  7. I've been to Bermuda twice, on Anthem & Escape...Bermuda is Bermuda. There tours and access to Hamilton or St George from King's Wharf...not a biggie. As far as Cuba is concern...Carnival was planning to sail there with the Carnival Sunrise(formerly the Triumph), which is a 102 ton ship...seriously, come on. " Carnival Cruise Line What It Is: After entering Cuba early with Fathom, Carnival Corp. arrived at the island in June 2017 with Carnival Paradise. At 2,052 passengers, the ship became the largest vessel sailing into Cuba. Paradise will be replaced as the largest ship to call on Havana when Carnival Sunshine arrives in November 2019, sailing the first-ever Cuba cruises from Charleston. The line is also marking the first Cuba cruises from Norfolk, in 2020, along with the line's first Cuba cruises from New York in May 2020. Carnival has announced more than 100 sailings will call on Cuba from seven ports through the 2019/2020 season; the most homeports setting sail for Cuba than any other cruise line. " https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2703
  8. That's why I specifically stated, 110ton ships...they would small & intimate enough to port in many of the locations you mentioned plus more, while providing an ever more newer experience. These ship does not have to have water slides, trampolines, & flowriders; but, still provide so techno wonders like 270 for an example.
  9. Imho...all the Vision Class ship needs to go; plus, Majesty & Empress. Time for Royal to look forward, away from these ships...these ships has more than paid for itself, a number of times over. Time to invest & build some newer, LNG, 110k ton ships, with many of the latest & greatest, that the can fit, in unique ways, never before thought of...to replace their aged small ships currently in the fleet. Grandeur had its time; as well as, the others I've mentioned. Time to start replacing those, with newer, intimate versions of those ships, something on the timeline of the Icons, while starting to phase those much beloved, older vessels out.....imho.
  10. You don't think Royal itself, don't want to continue hitting the more exotic ports & new ones that may be opening in the future...that is only accessible by the smaller to mid-size ships?
  11. Totally agree with your assessment reasons why in another thread, I suggested this one option...... Build a fleet(6) of 116,000-124,000t LNG, state-of-the-art ships, to replace(sell off) the Vision Class, Majesty, & Empress; while slowly renaming the new ships by those previous, much-loved names...including pass names like Splendour, Legend, Sovereign, & Monarch, if chosing to build more than six of these smaller ships. These ships would serve the more exotic port of calls, all over the world, that only the smaller and/or older ports can receive or ports that has bridge-height restriction issues; as well as, server some of the major ports along side the mid-size to mega-size ships & easily transverse canals on trans-positioning. Of course, LNG infrastructure would need to be invested...something the cruise & cargo industry could look to, as possible joint investment efforts with local governments, in some of these areas. This may help to open up new port of calls for RCCL in South America, some parts of Africa & India regions, and Western Australia...all that are now ports of call on World Cruises by other cruise lines; as well as, create a market for smaller private islands, in some future timeframe, in some of these regions, giving RCCL more itinerary choices and building newer local clientele, of these regions. Not all ships now days, have to be mega-size...less not forget the durable smaller ships...but at least let's move beyond the days of the less-than 100,000t ships.
  12. My wife & I were photograph three times at Labadee...once with the ship in the backdrop of the mountains & cove, another under a low laying palm tree, and the final one with the zipline subtlely in the backdrop of another set of mountains & sea. Some of the best photos take of us was there...as well as on the spiral staircase, at the Promenade.
  13. I certainly hope, Royal move Voyager to the West Coast....precipitating the move to revamp the refurbishment similar to its sisters.
  14. I will take it, only if it help my Social Credit Score. 😐
  15. Well, Oasis ots has vegetation in Central Park...at first glance, it doesn't appear that Wonder otS Central Park has any...looks more like Tiananmen Square.
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