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  1. Possible proof that the virus & wrecking of the economy was overly exaggerated...from WHO's own findings. Remember...older citizens over 70 & those with already underlining health issues(whether they're 15, 30 or 45 yrs old)are the ones suffering severe to critical infections. "Around 8 in 10 coronavirus infections are mild or asymptomatic ― meaning the person had no symptoms ― according to the World Health Organization. Meanwhile 15% of infections are severe, and 5% are critical." The whole article is an interesting read & their reported figures. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-common-is-asymptomatic-coronavirus_l_5ed103adc5b6392ca7780ee0
  2. From what I gathered, cruiseline will be forced to sail a some percentage of capacity. Let's just say half capacity for the sake of argument. That alone, should help alleviate hotel capacity, in a given city. Not sure they can legally force a overnight stay & imagine they(cruiselines) will follow some of the airlines screening protocols to boarding. A bigger concern i have, behind a potential force 14-day quarantine upon return...is the sailing capacity of the ship, one is to cruise. There has been numerous of claims that bookings have been up from Sept through early 2022. If a cruise is booked...i dunno, let's say Oasis otS, near 80% capacity & the mandate is to sail at half capacity...how will the line determine who sails on that particular date. Reservation are made. I imagine there will be just as much difficulty and trying to move selected passengers to other dates, given many dates booked are just as likely to be over the mandated capacity...if booking has truly been up significantly, for the time period previously mentioned.
  3. I totally agree; yet, with the amount of capital being lost, everything is off the table, at this point. Cruising as we once known it, is done. It won't be as liberating as it once was as it become more controlled to some degree.
  4. A number of people with influence are waking to the thought that the numbers really does not justify continuing these lockdown policies; yet alone, the shutdown of the Global Economy. More & more are speaking against lockdown measures & no doubt, a growing number of regular everyday citizens have as well.
  5. In general, I completely agree with this sentiment. Yet, I can't help but wonder & consider the fact that the materials for the amping has already been paid for(so to speak as far as accounting). Money has already been budgeted and allocated for the labor. Given Royal has already secured billions in funding/financing for numerous reasons, including operation cost for the immediate & start up & strategic planning to potential start up in August out...i can see them being confident to Amp Allure in preparation for use, maybe in the 2nd wave sailing openings.
  6. No not exactly, because it more & more likely, their may be limited sailings, from specific ports...reasons why Galveston is apparently a favorable choice, in the 1st wave of opening. Any port in the NE area, more specifically, out of the Port Liberty is probable low on the scale of opening, given the state of the virus in that area, "stay in place" policy, & restriction that are in place currently….regardless on some possible level of improvement there. Hard to look that far off to 2022...one has to just look at the near future, suggesting to simply for now, the end of the year. So I fail to comprehend why such a move with Anthem is more costly when Royal at some point is going to have to determine which ships will sail during the 1st wave...they all will not be in service right out the gate...that's for certain. I suspect Anthem won't be the only ship to move, if the industry open up under limited sailings. The way things were, port operations, scheduling, etc, before lockdown, has all been thrown out the window and contingency by all parties involve I'm sure, being discussed & planned w/o penalty, because of the unique situation.
  7. The Anthem possible home port move to Galveston has been speculated ever since Galveston Steve link us to the article....so if true, and Royal already moving in that direction, according to the article....Royal obviously have been planning, fluidly, what dates Anthem will sail out of Galveston; so, if it was to happen during TG holiday & therefore, I imagine it would probably be offered pretty soon, as well as, other potential sailings & ship movement, to compensate when cruises begin to open for sailing, on a limited basis. I was speaking specifically on why you feel it would cost Royal vs the current amount of revenue being loss now
  8. Why....when every cruise line is already losing a lot more money, including in this case, Royal...compared to moving this one particular ship, let say base on the scenario that concerns you, during the time frame of "TG 2020", a little more than six months away. If Royal decide to move Anthem to Galveston, wouldn't that be consider a Royal Cancellation/Suspension from the original Itinerary; and, subject to the new Cruise with Confidence Lift & Shift policy, that obviously, put in place for this very reason, for Royal's plan ship movements, because of the potential limited sailing openings starting sometime after August...similar to what Carnival & I'm sure others are considering? Just asking....
  9. Good news...i didn't think the contract would be voided anyways...but like you said, at least now the delay is official...they can proceed forward.
  10. I believe "one" of a number of purposes for the muster is to provide & attend the physically location, while in a state of calm, so passenger will be aware of the location & possible path to take, to reach that location, should a dire emergency present itself, in the mist of potential nervousness, panic, & chaos. Just watching a video in a stateroom or other locations, not your design muster point, could be very counter productive, in a state of emergency, when people & young family memberss are scattered about, not quite sure where or how to maneuver to their designated muster location...again, in the mist of possible nervousness, panic, & chaos.
  11. Royal does not know or simply have not announced it public yet, the date Allure will be reschedule for Amping: so, I suspect it a little difficult for them to consider any exemption of transfer fees, for valid reasons given. I imagine until then, may have to exercise some patience, if this indeed is the case.
  12. Hmmm....not sure I see this happening. 1st: It would so blatantly be cosmetic...airlines, bus & train terminals face the same circumstance...what measures are enforced on those industries. 2nd: How would stagger boarding time, rectify anything once on ship? Will there be traffic cops & door attendants at all venues, on board enforcing SD? Finally: Some % of passengers at Port of Calls, are going to be angry, if their time at port is reduced because they have a late assign time to leave the [email protected] anyone. Just sound like an attempt to influence new draconian protocols on cruising & cruiser, imo….this why cruise ship are so problematic & an easy target.
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