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  1. No, it's not a direct definitive report from AP about the nature of the virus...it's the number of reports quoting agent officials or biologist engineers who indirectly give their suspicions, without directly stating such. One reporter stated for an example: in his conversation with a CDC official, of his suspicions of the makeup of the virus, that he could speak with any authority, because the CDC need China officials to be more forthcoming on the makeup of the virus, "how it escape", and procedures they are taking to reduce the spread or containment". This is why JLMoran, I say I'm torn between official reports & leaked reports....
  2. No doubt...but that's still in the "If" colume as we speak...Corona is a concern right now...and shouldn't be looked at less likely, given what has already occurred & the unprecedented reaction, as far as volume of population going under quarantine. Certainly unique in my book.
  3. If you speaking about the insertion of accounts this virus is engineered, take it however you wish...there are AP & Journal articles accounts of this, plus the reported known region, Wuhan, a large genetic/viral research hub. So whatever man...you ignoring parts if the full scope of information, one should consider, changes nothing as far as what "is" happening. That's just me....I certainly hate to be in a similar situation like the Princess; so, I try to be well aware of all information, that comes out.
  4. Well obviously, no one here or in the media can report or state from any degree of certainty, whether this virus will possibly be seasonal; simply because, the planet has never experience the effects of the virus. Which imho, boggles the mind why people casually downplay the seriousness of this circumstance, making misleading statements such as, "one is more likely to die from the Flu, than the Coronavirus".... We no very little about the virus, have never experience the CV outbreak before, China is not releasing much pertinent information overall, by all accounts, it's engineered/weaponized & not naturalized, and finally, the Flu has not cause the denying of entry of cruise ships or airline carriers, by "sovereign nations" in ever expanding areas across the globe, while potentially, crashing not only, the travel industry(particular in this case, the cruise industry); but, the global economy. That's the real misinformation imo, downplaying real concern, given what seen thus far. I personally hope it become seasonal & things die down(no pun intended), by the time we take our cruise(two this year). So obviously, all we can currently do, is be aware of the fluid nature of the situation & stay inform as best as possible, follow the trend or "rate" of infection(trend up or down), and obviously, treat this circumstance in whatever way you deem fit, in your own behalf. The one thing I am torn between is the official report of infection/fatalities & the leak reports that put those rates much more higher & dire....but given the reaction of world officials & governments, I tend to suspect the official count is more flawed than the leaks. That's just me.....last thing we need is The Med to start denying entry, closing borders, & becoming much like southeast Asia. Geez....
  5. I wonder what the cost value of those would be versus the paper straws, if cruise lines went to those
  6. ??? That is a major source if concern, when attempting reduce the volume of spread/infections, that is obviously serious enough that governments are closing off ports to some of the ships...reason why they made the adjustment for that procedure. I'm personally not faulting cruise lines...they are forced to house these passengers, the best they can; because, these countries are denying entry. You seem to be implying I'm in the category of blaming cruise line for this circumstance...not sure how you're falsely extrapolating that opinion.
  7. Not sure I follow...how am I extrapolating false information, when Dr. Tarling himself explain the reasoning behind pumping in fresh air versus just recycling air. Out of caution yes, because of their understanding of possible modes of transmitting...they didn't just reach that particular conclusion out of thin air...no pun intended. They obviously realize some of the methods employed may not have been fully adequate & made proper adjustments as the proceed along. The increase volume of fresh air ventilation is just one of those adjustment they made, that he stated they didn't employ initially; so, not sure why you feel I'm extrapolating anything from what he said.
  8. Correct...I made note in my original post, maximizing fresh air helps...which suggest, they realize the need to maximize fresh air versus recycling air...a lesson learned on their behalf possibly. Filtering is also key. As far as human2human contact...that's inevitable; however, apparently some of these couples didn't have the virus, as they confined themselves to their cabin; and yet, contracted the virus some how. That is concerning...so one has to take their account under consideration. Which is just one possible mode of transmitting Dr. Tarling felt the need to address & reassure the public. The situation is no doubt fluid, as the cruise lines learn more, how to combat & prevent such an occurence. Good info to be aware of, for cruisers to safe guard themselves & fellow cruisers.
  9. I stated it a source of concern, given the 1st hand account of a number of passengers claim, they never left their cabin & had room service; and yet, tested positive....their belief, recycle ventilation may not have been adequate. Prompting the reason why Dr. Tarling felt the need to address this valid concern.
  10. The Ships ventilation system is a major source of concern, as one of a number, of possible mechanism of spread of the virus, on the ship, imo….it is although filtered, recycled air. The maximizing of fresh air possibly help; but, the amount of particles the filter capture is very important.
  11. Without the Rum...that's exactly what it is. I make Mudslides all the time...usually put 3 shots of rum in it. Sometimes 4 shots...when I'm feeling it. @MikeS...I saw a list in one of these threads sometime ago; so, I know someone has a nearly complete list. Neitherless...they're just virgin cocktails. I'm sure if you asked a bartender, they would recommend a good virgin(mocktail) cocktail that is worth getting.
  12. That last statement by Fain is telling...that may be common across the cruise industry as a whole, given financial reports of household disposable capital has been trending downward.
  13. Ok, Thanks....didn't realize Royal addressed a possible forecast of their plans, if the circumstances continue to remain as is
  14. I'm not looking at the app, just on Royal home page...they are still showing Quantum in the Asian market throughout the remaining year....my question, because I see no indication of changes to their itinerary, why do you think Royal is considering moving out of the Asian market, besides the circumstances with the Coronavirus...Royal still seem to be content to maintain current scheduling throughout March & April 2020?
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