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  1. There are a number of things I feel Royal does well; yet, there are a few things I would like to see done. Not going to go into all of them...because, it's numerous; however, here's one. Build a fleet(6) of 116,000-124,000t LNG, state-of-the-art ships, to replace(sell off) the Vision Class, Majesty, & Empress; while slowly renaming the new ships by those previous, much-loved names...including pass names like Splendour, Legend, Sovereign, & Monarch, if chosing to build more than six of these smaller ships. These ships would serve the more exotic port of calls, all over the world, that only the smaller and/or older ports can receive or ports that has bridge-height restriction issues; as well as, server some of the major ports along side the mid-size to mega-size ships & easily transverse canals on trans-positioning. Of course, LNG infrastructure would need to be invested...something the cruise & cargo industry could look to, as possible joint investment efforts with local governments, in some of these areas. This may help to open up new port of calls for RCCL in South America, some parts of Africa & India regions, and Western Australia...all that are now ports of call on World Cruises by other cruise lines; as well as, create a market for smaller private islands, in some future timeframe, in some of these regions, giving RCCL more itinerary choices and building newer local clientele, of these regions. Not all ships now days, have to be mega-size...less not forget the durable smaller ships...but at least let's move beyond the days of the less-than 100,000t ships.
  2. WoW....Pink Flamingos! Odyssey really stepping it up. 👍
  3. I think this is one of a number of reasons Royal is considering a private island in that area, as well as somewhere in Asia...if the rumors are true....given some governments are slow or inactive in working to expand current ports, with cruise lines & commercial shipping for that matter. I think it will eventually happen; but, it may be a decade or more before it actually does...unless ongoing discussions are currently in the work, as we speak.
  4. Personally, Royal "should" allow alcoholic beverage cards, much like a gift card, that allows one to pre-purchase a dollar amount, in increments of $25 starting at $75-$350, $50 increments there after. You chose the amount, the amount is levied on the card plus the 18%. Card can be shared & has to purchased up to the end of the 2nd Day of cruise. Once limit has been made, alcohol is purchased on an individual basis, for the duration. Balance in non-refundable. Other packages(soda, refreshment, coffee cards) maintain its original offering & requirements & can be purchased separately, along with the alcoholic beverage card...if one choose to do so.
  5. As many pictures as you can post would be fantastic. We will be sailing her in April...looking forward to the up grades. We have Symphony coming up shortly; and, although Oasis will present many of the same venues we will experience on Symphony...Oasis holds a special spot, in our hearts, simply because, it was our 1st experience with Royal...oh, so long ago. We were NCL cruisers for the longest...still cruise them from time2time; but, cruise Royal alot more over the last decade than Norwegian. So yes, let the pics flow. 😉
  6. Thanks dude...you take some amazing pics...big fan of your twilight pics. 👍
  7. @twangsterhow long did you set your shutter to take that starry night shot? I will like to try a shot like that.
  8. Hmmm...the new ones(with straw) appear to hold more fl oz....can anyone verify the difference?
  9. @twangsterdo it include shakes on Oasis Class Ships?
  10. Most of us are rather disappointed with the addition of the Bionic Bar. However, I sincerely wish Royal would have swapped the Champagne bar to the Bamboo Room. I like the atmosphere & modern Tiki style...that I think bold well with the overall ambiance of the Promenade. As far as Hooked...I agree with WaaayTooo, that would be my new favorite specialty spot. Missed opportunity by Royal, imo.
  11. Do both passengers in a cabin still have to purchase the DBP or have that been modified?
  12. I hear ya...what's the point; but, the misses don't drink cocktails; she's a wine only drinker. Thanks for the info...appreciate it.
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