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  1. We started using a limo service. We had previously traveled the day before staying in Galveston. But the hotels are so over priced and then counting diner and drinks the night before, we are actually spending less utilizing the expensive limo service...
  2. Thanks to all of you for the information.
  3. Is the new BBQ on the Oasis included in the Unlimited dinning?
  4. I didn't see anything regarding the over the top hotel prices on the island!! And some wouldn't let you just book a single night..... 2 or more... So we have stopped staying there and now stay by the airport cause there are lots of dependable transportation options...
  5. You people are unreal. Who made you the lord over the chairs! yes we get our chair prior to breakfast and we like to eat together so we go...Sometime eating breakfast in Chops take 45 minutes or so at least 30... We return and we are in, out, around until lunch which we generally return to our chairs to eat...but we have been known to go to specialty resesturent for lunch and again it takes awhile... Bath room breaks we sometime go to the room which can take 15 to 20 minutes or longer depending on the crowds at the elevators or they are cleaning the room.. Again you guys are unreal......
  6. Over the last couple of years the dress in the lounges has gotten really really bad and from some of the aforementioned comment they were some of the offenders.. Its Smart Casual. But Royal isn't and hasn't done anything to stop or slow it down. On our last cruise we had multicable adults and teenagers in the lounge during the evening in swim wear, bare feet… Yes we are all on vacation but we should be able to honor the rules and accept that the lounges aren't your living room!!!!
  7. Looking for recommendation for a hotel in Vancouver close to port and at least a 4 star. Flying in the day before so should have a good full evening and night to do something that's special to Vancouver. So is anything you would suggest? Is it worth trying to do something? Really just looking for ideas.....
  8. Has anyone reschedule their cruise? We are looking at trying to change our cruise date but keeping everything else the same room type, ship, port, etc. Question does Royal allow this other than cancelling and then re purchasing? Is there a fee or some type of extra charge? Can you just transfer your deposit? We assume if there is any price difference we would be responsible for the adjustment. Any information or your experience would be very helpful....
  9. We were just talking about how the overall dress level of cruiser over the last few years has really gone way down. When we 1st started cruising formal night was observed by the majority and those that choose not too went to the windjammer. Now they wear anything, everywhere. Lounges where swim wear isn't allowed well they wear swim wear and it is not enforced. We preferred were people followed the rules and the rules were enforced... OH well...
  10. Is the lobster worth the extra cost?
  11. Where can I find the main dinning menu for the Navigator? Can you order lobster in the main dinning room? Anyone know the cost?
  12. Well that's hard to understand why it wouldn't be but oh well. Are there any other places (restaurants or Bars) that require additional charges?
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