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  1. It will also reduce the D and D+ in the suite lounge which will be great as well.
  2. Diamond gets 4 drink vouchers a day? Do the vouchers carry over to the next day? I can see not using all 4 vouchers the first day on broad so do they carry over so i can use them the next day? etc....
  3. But nothing changed for us, same port, ship room everything same!
  4. Question regarding a L&S. We did a L&S for our Alaska cruises and everything was the seem and RCCL honored the 2021 pricing. But the taxes are on the 2022 prices??? anyone else have this issue?
  5. I would like see vaccines mandated to sail. then open the ship up with hardy any changes.....
  6. Ok so what's the best guess when RC will start to cancel the Alaska cruises for 2021? And do you believe they will offer the L&S for those cancellations?
  7. Another thing if they do require everyone to have the vaccine shot then why change anything?????
  8. Drinking at the bar only?? I sure do not care for that. Why would you want everyone hanging around the bars? Also are they going to increase the room service, like more option, drinks, staff, etc. Allow you to order from the specialty restaurants. ? I mean with everything limited i may wish to set on my balcony and order drinks, snacks, lunch, more drinks in stead of going to the pool... or out to dinner. Expand room service to cover everything!!!!
  9. I cancelled my Drink and Dinning packages before L&S. But apparently they cancelled my refund when we did the L&S. After 3 calls and about 4 hours I finally got someone to do the research and discovered the issue and re-process our refund. Waiting since 4/26/20...
  10. I cancelled on April 26 and i am still waiting!!!
  11. We L&S as well. BUT we are still waiting on refunds for drinks and dinner package i cancelled in early May!!!!
  12. We have been in both on the Oasis. We would do the loft again over the OS. The convenience of being next to the CL and CK makes everything just so easy. You are so close you wouldn't have to worry about allowing the kids to get their own drinks, snacks, etc.. do their own thing.
  13. We did a S&L and cancelled our drink and dinning packages on April 26 and still have not received our credit...
  14. Got it corrected it was a mistake by my TA.
  15. The final payment date did move but they are showing a large partisal payment (almost all the balance) due on the original final date in 2020?
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