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  1. Got it corrected it was a mistake by my TA.
  2. The final payment date did move but they are showing a large partisal payment (almost all the balance) due on the original final date in 2020?
  3. I successfully got our Alaska cruise L&S from August 2020 to Septembe 2021. But it looks like they still are requesting my final payment in May 2020? Does Royal require you to make the final based on the original cruise schedule??? Has anyone had any experience with this?
  4. If Labor Day accrues during your cruise is it consider a Holiday cruise?
  5. Can you L&S to a different departure port? I been told by my TA Royal would allow.
  6. Can anyone offer a comparison between the ships Ovation and Quantum? Good and bad of both. Looking at a Alaska cruise next August/September trying to pick which ship. We would be in a suite not sure what level of suite. Restaurant comparison appears Quantum may have more of a selection. Also Alaska cruise which side of the ship is best for site seeing or does it matter. Thanks in advance for your assistance..
  7. My cruise planner for our Alaska cruise in Sept. has not change at all remains at $62 for drinks and VOOM!!!!
  8. Has there been anything said about what the new norm is going to be for Cruise Ships once they get released. Like will we be required wear masks? Take temp everyday or before we are allow in common areas? Seating at dinning? Think there will be requirement for a doctor letter for everyone over 50 (WHICH CAN BE ALMOST EVRYONE) Windjammer even be open? Thoughts???
  9. We started using a limo service. We had previously traveled the day before staying in Galveston. But the hotels are so over priced and then counting diner and drinks the night before, we are actually spending less utilizing the expensive limo service...
  10. Thanks to all of you for the information.
  11. Is the new BBQ on the Oasis included in the Unlimited dinning?
  12. I didn't see anything regarding the over the top hotel prices on the island!! And some wouldn't let you just book a single night..... 2 or more... So we have stopped staying there and now stay by the airport cause there are lots of dependable transportation options...
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