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  1. Ok now the big bad airline as changed our flight to a 11:49 AM departure out of Fort Lauderdale! Can we make it coming from the port of Miami? If so suggested or recommended transportation??? taxi/Lyft/Uber or is there a pre-booked car service?
  2. We are flying in and out of fort Lauderdale but our cruise is out of Miami port. So we are looking for suggestion on transportations to and from the airport. There will be 4 of us, we have our 2 grandsons. Also how much time should we allow for traveling from the port to Ft. Lauderdale airport. It would be on a Friday.
  3. Thank you very much for your response! very helpful...
  4. Traveling with our grandsons in August. Question does Royal require a parent consent form? If so, does anyone know where to find it? If Royal doesn't require have those that have traveled with minors without their parents, have you obtained consent forms to insure you can make the decision if required? Suggestion?
  5. We have an upcoming cruise with Genie Service on the ALLURE, and we have some questions: 1. Does the prepaid tip cover the Genie? If not, what is the amount others have tipped or is there suggested amount to cover an average service? Are they dictated to your suite? Assume they are like on standby? Assume they will cover the things that a suite concierge would handle? What type of service do most of you use a Genie for? We are traveling with our grandsons (13 and 14) and were hoping a Genie could assist with keeping them active and out of trouble. In addition, would appreciate any other suggestion or experiences that you are willing to share.
  6. Yes, we are looking forward to it, it's our 1st time in the Royal Suite. We normally book the Owner Suite and it fine with us but always wanted to try the Royal so... And it's the wife birthday. But it is also the 1st time we have had a suite and not received VOOM complimentary. Does anyone know what the deal is with the VOOM?
  7. Thanks for the responses. We are Diamond + and have the Royal Suite on an upcoming 4-day cruise. So, I think I read that the best thing for me to do is to purchase VOOM after boarding in order to get the 2-day credit for being Diamond +. Correct?
  8. Another question does Radiance Grand suites and up guest get complimentary VOOM?
  9. Does the Radiance have a separate designated area for suite guests around the pool?
  10. We have a 4-night cruise coming up. Question is there a formal dress night on a 4-night cruise? If so, what night is it traditionally on?
  11. Ok on sea days going and coming back, what can we expect the temperature to be? Trying to figure out what to pack to wear on those days? shorts, jeans, sweats,tee shirts, ot long sheeves?? Or can you go set out at the pools?
  12. Are binoculars provided for Suites guests? We will be on the Ovaltion Alaska cruise in September.
  13. We will be leaving from 91 in Sept. my question: Is there any hanidcap area or separate broading area for hanidcap at the termial? No in a wheel chair but diffcult with standing long time or walking long distance. Result of chemo.
  14. Thanks for that information. Royalup, we were going to bid on Grand or Owner Loft but secomnd thought was that they would be inner suite. We are currently in an Owner Suite on the Starboard side (right) of the ship.
  15. Thank you for the information. Back of the ship i was wondering about the views because do i want to bid on a suite?
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