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  1. Watched this last week and still have this movie saved on my DVR, can’t bear to erase it
  2. You need to call directly or have your agent call and book it, it always comes up with a conflict for us. Hit or miss it seems. We couldn’t purchase thrill water park tickets when we had our chill island cabana.... kept saying conflict. Phone call took care of it.
  3. I just went to the Royal app and see what you are saying with Quantum being for 2020. Yes! I don’t blame them for moving out of Asia for the time-being either... I would think getting this planned logistically so close would be tough. Port schedules etc. maybe some good pricing will come of the short notice for cruisers...While Royal will certainly take a hit financially with these changes... some awesome intro/last minUte pricing may be exactly what they need to get locals out in this west coast market introduced to the cruise line...Carnival is so popular out here.. blah.
  4. Interesting. I thought it was Voyager coming to the west coast. I can imagine some changes could come our way tho.... ready to drive to the port and not fly!! Woohoo!
  5. Just patiently (Somewhat not really patiently haha) waiting for the west coast schedule to post for bookings ......
  6. Can’t wait til these are available to book.... Gives the west coaster that royal ‘fix’ til we can get across the nation for a longer cruise.
  7. This is true, they couldn’t sign out out on port days. Sea days yes.
  8. We were on HOS in August, our 11 year old could sign himself in and out of the club on his own we had to sign a permission form but after that he was good to go.
  9. Same happened to us. Yes. You need to call them. Can’t do it online without a conflict popping up. Silly right!?
  10. I noticed the pics were deleted from his twitter also...
  11. Yah but some kids are smarter than adults
  12. Yes! I had spoken to one of the crew about the same, they get time off preference the higher the ratings so I really wanted to do them right by it. I am probably over thinking it but also, I don’t like the wording of it
  13. So my cancellation now that I read the letter was that the ship was chartered. (Disappointing to hear it may not be a dry dock, I had heard that the Enchantment was for sale tho- May be a rumor) They offered the following: Dear Travel Partner, We are reaching out to let you know that, regrettably, we have to cancel our Enchantment of the Seas June 26th, 2020 cruise, as it has been chartered. We know this news is disappointing and apologize for the impact to your clients' vacation. We want every aspect of their vacation to be enjoyable. So, we've put together some alternate optio
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