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  1. I think the "worst cruise ever" was actually a different kind of pleasure cruise. In April, 1865, the paddlewheeler, Sultana was overloaded with 2100 people (her capacity was 360) in Vicksburg, MI. The passengers were about 90% Union soldiers who were prisoners in the Civil War. Many of them had survived Andersonville. The overcrowding was a result of a kick back and bribe by the ship Captain and the US Quartermaster in Vicksburg. In a hurry to move his human cargo the Captain authorized a patch of a split boiler rather than a replacement. Along with all the hells of war, 1865 was also a year of record flooding on the Mississippi River. After picking up a load of fuel (coal), the massive current of the river and the faulty boiler repair caused first one and then two other boilers to explode in the Mississippi on April 27 just 7 miles North of Memphis. 1168 people died. Nearly all were American Soldiers. The news of the day was dominated by the end of the war, the death of Lincoln and the chase of Boothe. It barely made the news. Nobody was ever held accountable. That is the worst cruise ever.
  2. I might also mention, the OP claims this was the "worst cruise ever". I can think of plenty of cruises that were way worse than this one. Today is April 17. One in particular ended rather suddenly 110 years and 2 days ago that I'm sure was way worse.
  3. I've said in the past, that in some ways, this message board and RCCL are kind of like a family. RCCL is the parents, and we, the posters who have been here for a while, are the kids. Amongst ourselves, we are allowed to discuss and even criticize our parents. But, when some drive by comes on here to complain about our parents, we will defend them. Who knows what the motive is. I think most of the time the OP doesn't even understand this is a fan forum.
  4. Put and adult in each room, then get extra room keys on board. The room charges will reflect that you and your spouse are in separate rooms, but it's not a problem.
  5. I don't think so, unless you take them to your doctor or other CLIA certified provider. When we made our appointments to get the test for our trip, there was question as to availability. I made our at home tests available to our doctor. In the end, they had plenty.
  6. I appreciate that. I was not accusing, just advising. I really do wish you all the luck, and I hope you get satisfaction. As for us, we have chosen a land only trip this year, in the USVI. Hoping there are less issues with getting in and out as it is related to Covid. Although, I must say, the possibility of a cruise on a ship that is only half full is attractive to us.
  7. I noticed a few weeks ago that my vac card was missing the Lot Number on my booster. I went back to the facility that gave me the shot, and they added the information to my card and then gave me a printout of my complete vac record with that facility. I thought it was a minor omission, but I guess it's good that I followed up. Really sad to hear from OP on this. As someone else mentioned, if the info was added correctly I would fight to the finish on this. If it was forged, quit now before you bite off more than you can chew.
  8. I would say yes, or at least they used to be. Of course, the next photo in the series is the one without the robes!http://successfulperformercast.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/BNL_Cruise_1387.jpg
  9. Thanks to all for your thoughts.
  10. Do I understand correctly that ships are still not at full capacity because of Covid concerns or are they back to full use? I'm asking specifically about Royal and Celebrity. Thanks.
  11. It is to the North of the Port, so you will not go by it on your way to the open sea which is to the Southeast. If you have a few hours, you can get pretty close by taking the Staten Island Ferry over and back (from Battery Park I think). I'm sure there are safe and closer viewing points right there on the NJ shoreline that could be done in a hour or so from the port. It's only a few miles.
  12. I'm not a smoker. In fact, I've never taken a puff... not once in my 56 years. I hate the smell of smoke and that it gets in my clothes and hair (what little I have left). However, smokers and drinkers, and to an extent casino goers are the easiest people to tax. Politicians across the country take advantage of these people by hiking taxes on their vice and rolling like pigs in a trough in the money they raise and then continuously restricting where and when they can use the products. I like the move by RCCL. Banning smoke will cost them some customers, but will gain them others. Whatever cruise line doesn't ban smoking will gain smoking customers, but lose non smokers to RCCL. I'm not sure I agree with the last minute change. I don't think that's an appropriate way to treat a customer.
  13. Thanks for the help. I was also able to get it to work. I use that site often.
  14. Is anyone else having trouble reaching cruisetimetables.com? I'm getting a security error. It's probably something with my system.
  15. I'm not Matt, but I can give a little bit of an answer. It has been my experience that the long sweeping cold fronts that cross the States in the Winter have pretty long tails that can reach way down into the Western Caribbean. For instance, three of the roughly 12 times I've done a land vacation in Grand Cayman (not Mexico or Honduras, but close) in Winter, we had a week of cool, cloudy, rainy, windy weather. Twice, I've seen the main oceanside street through downtown Georgetown closed due to high surf flooding. Each time it was because of a long cold front in the States. So will it be cold like in the 30s? No, but the above description with steady temps in the upper 70s happens fairly often there in Winter. Having said that, it would not alter my travel plans if I were planning to go there. There is about an 80%+- chance you will have beautiful weather.
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