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  1. Do you ever watch TV commercials for the content? Almost none of it is true. My dog isn't happier because I feed him XX pet food. My weight doesn't drop because I take this vitamin. The food never looks like the food in the restaurant advertisement. Cars don't look beautiful and starkly colorful when driving on fresh fallen snow (living in IN, I can tell you they look dirty and nasty). Most advertisement is embellished to the max... in my opinion. RCCL and the other cruise lines aren't any different, I guess.
  2. A couple of things come to mind. All those ports that aren't usually available on RCCL will be awesome... to me especially Grenada. Second, I don't know there is much hotel availability on that island. I guess VRBO will pick up the slack. On a side note, and this is true, my GGGGGGG Grandmother was a servant from Barbados (indentured servant). To the best of my knowledge, she was born then in about 1630 (the island was settled in 1627 and was uninhabited for a period before then). I wonder if I can get a hometown discount.
  3. My thought has been, if staying for 1 night, the Sheraton OSJ is great. If for 2 or more, one of the resort hotels. They are pretty cheap right now. Here is my hint. When walking into Old San Juan for the first time, it will make sense to enter through the old city gate on the West side of OSJ. Follow the wall around to the gate. The layout of the entire area will make a lot more sense than just walking in from the East or South.
  4. When you consider that cruises won't be starting until the 2nd quarter of next year in all likelihood, the vaccine should be widely available. If the cruise lines want to keep Covid out of the ships, or if the CDC wants to keep it out of the ships, this makes sense. As someone mentioned above, maybe the flu shot too.
  5. Thanks Matt. I didn't think the requirement had been issued, but I wanted to see what thoughts were. I have in-laws who are anti vaccers (SP?) but absoutely love cruising. They have invited us on a cruise with them, and I think there is a chance they will have to make that choice before we can go.
  6. Maybe it's been talked about. I looked back a couple of pages and found related topics, but not one that asked the question: Is it likely the vaccination will be required in order to board a cruise ship on any line or to and from any country?
  7. For all of those who responded to keep the escargot, there is a snail song. It's funny. It's clean. It's a great band.
  8. Not a bad time to to both correct your m-i-l and apologize for your reaction. It ****COULD**** be an opportunity to explain how cruise ships are not a petri dish. Maybe she will rethink things a bit. Good luck.
  9. I guess you're right. Warm fuzzy feelings being the only benefit most of the time.
  10. As you mention, the group here is awesome. There is an incredible amount of experience and knowledge that is shared freely but at the same time graciously and without benefit to the person sharing. It is remarkable.
  11. This thread has been really helpful to me. We are looking at a group cruise in Jan of 2022. I've allowed myself to drift toward NCL despite the poor Main Dining Room experience when I was last on NCL (2007). I really like their ABC itinerary with Grenada. However, the discussion of the bathroom situation (Speed Noodles) and the small rooms/balconies (Waaaytooo) has me reconsidering my reconsidered position on NCL. There is pressure when you are the person at the point of decisions for a group of friends. I don't want to mess this up. Thanks for the input, and any additional woul
  12. I just did it to see if you would notice. You did. No offense intended.
  13. I guess the idea is that one person can be in the shower while the other does her hair. That makes sense, but as you said, it looks weird. That probably won't turn us away as it would come in handy for getting ready, but we would not want that in our house.
  14. Good call Twangster as usual for you. However, for RCCL to call Explorer a sister ship is dishonest. They are the one's who named the ships and put them in classes to begin with.
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