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  1. It seems doubtful there was much lasting damage. The storm was not that strong and was moving pretty fast for hurricane standards. Really strong storms or really slow movers are the storms that typically cause major problems.
  2. I agree about scrapping the Fantasy Class, but their newer ships are very nice.
  3. I've done the drive both ways. It was way cool, and I hope to do it again 1 day. The only caveat to my endorsement is that we had no traffic issue driving either direction. I have read of traffic nightmares when there is an accident or some other trouble.
  4. I think Carnival is in a good position to come out of all of this mess. They are far less leveraged with new behemoth ships than most of the others and they can constrict their brand by retiring the entire Fantasy Class of ship which needs to be done anyway. By basically staying out of the ship "arms race" of the last 20 years, they are looking pretty smart right now in my opinion.
  5. In my opinion, the Fantasy Class and Spirit Class need to be retired. Carnival could actually benefit from this situation. There's about 14 or 15 ships that need to go. For many people who take their first cruise the thought process is to try a cheap 3 or 4 night cruise to see if they like cruising. Next thing you know they are on a Carnival Elation cruise to the Bahamas and have a negative experience never to come back to cruising again. There will be lots of ship builders looking for jobs. It will be the best time in a long time, possibly ever, to build new ships in 12 or 18
  6. Just because you type it, doesn't mean it's true.
  7. I think you pretty much hit it on the head, and I'll add that many if not most of the authorities around the globe have become drunk on the power of control. If anyone thinks any of this has anything to do with health, safety, cleanliness, social distancing anymore, I've got some oceanfront property in Indiana to sell you.
  8. I might add, the term "erupts" seems a bit harsh. I don't see a single torch. No pitch forks. Heck, I don't even see anyone shaking a fist.
  9. While there is no doubt the cruise lines will face big challenges in the coming months/years. Being written by CNBC means that the cruise line will be shown in the most negative light possible. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't lob in a "floating petri dish" grenade somewhere in the piece.
  10. I had a note in my list that she was leaving. I guess I need to update!
  11. Using the Voyager Class as the marker between newer and older ships, RCCL has 15 newer ships plus the Odyssey and Spectrum and 11 older ships with the Legend and Grandeur being subtracted soon if not already. Their fleet is much newer than Carnival's which has about 7 newer ships and about 19 older. The Fantasy Class is in need of retirement and the Spirit Class only slightly behind it. RCCL and Carnival are the extremes of the major lines with all the others falling in between.
  12. I believe after the initial barrage of rebookings, there will be a big lull in bookings over the next 1 to 2 years. In my opinion, there will be amazing prices offered, but dining packages, drink packages, and other add-ons will be more expensive, and I'm afraid service and food quality will take a hit.
  13. In the past, yes you could with a 3% fee. I would not be surprised if that rule changes with all the obc being thrown around by the cruise lines.
  14. In this case common sense, morals, and ethics would be supported because of the lawsuits that would come if a harmless legal activity like cruising were outlawed or disallowed by these discriminatory activities. Even with all its warts, and believe me, I've been subject to some of those warts, the United States of America has done more for the benefit of human kind than any country in the history of the planet. It's not close.
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