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  1. WAAAYTOOO...did you check in your garment bag or carry it on?
  2. How large of a suitcase will fit under the beds in the cabin? I want to make sure I can store them there so that we can have more room in the cabin. We are sailing on the Oasis (tomorrow!!!) and have a balcony overlooking Central Park.
  3. Yes this is a RC excursion. It is a "2 meter America's Cup Regatta". (Hands-on yacht race)
  4. I agree with you Matt but I don't understand why it is not an option to book online. I will just try when I first get on the ship
  5. Looking for advice...booked Regatta in Cozumel. What to bring? Can I bring on boat or is there a locker or such for them. Any tips to make our excursion go well?
  6. First, I wanted to confirm that I can bring bottled water (12 pk or more) with me. If so, what is the best way to get it onboard?
  7. I signed up for a class and paid for it but now my daughter does not want to do it. Can I cancel it and if so, how? Can't seem to figure it out.
  8. Matt I tried to rent online but they do not list them under labadee. Just the cabanas and the things to do like zip lining & floating mats etc. Could they already be sold out so they remove them ?
  9. Going on Oasis June 4, 2016
  10. Well if the weatherman is correct...when we are docked in Cozumel and Falmouth both have a 80% chance of thunderstorms. (fingers crossed they are wrong). Do they ever change their schedule to avoid bad weather (thunderstorms...not hurricanes)? This weather forecast stinks!! (sailing next week on Oasis)
  11. I read here about the beach lounger rentals on Labadee for $35...I can't find a place to reserve one ahead of time. Does anyone know if I can rent them ahead of time on the ship or is it a first come-first serve basis there. Are they located on all the beaches or ?
  12. Any suggestions of what to hand carry on the ship when we embark that we might need / want before our luggage is delivered to our stateroom? Don't want to tote around too much but don't want to wish I had something either.
  13. Do prescription meds have to be in original bottle or can I put them in one of those "sort a day" pill organizers?
  14. Going on Oasis and would like the bed to be separated into twins . When Do I make the request? Before cruise or?
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