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  1. It is to the North of the Port, so you will not go by it on your way to the open sea which is to the Southeast. If you have a few hours, you can get pretty close by taking the Staten Island Ferry over and back (from Battery Park I think). I'm sure there are safe and closer viewing points right there on the NJ shoreline that could be done in a hour or so from the port. It's only a few miles.
  2. I'm not a smoker. In fact, I've never taken a puff... not once in my 56 years. I hate the smell of smoke and that it gets in my clothes and hair (what little I have left). However, smokers and drinkers, and to an extent casino goers are the easiest people to tax. Politicians across the country take advantage of these people by hiking taxes on their vice and rolling like pigs in a trough in the money they raise and then continuously restricting where and when they can use the products. I like the move by RCCL. Banning smoke will cost them some customers, but will gain them others. Whatever cruise line doesn't ban smoking will gain smoking customers, but lose non smokers to RCCL. I'm not sure I agree with the last minute change. I don't think that's an appropriate way to treat a customer.
  3. Thanks for the help. I was also able to get it to work. I use that site often.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble reaching cruisetimetables.com? I'm getting a security error. It's probably something with my system.
  5. I'm not Matt, but I can give a little bit of an answer. It has been my experience that the long sweeping cold fronts that cross the States in the Winter have pretty long tails that can reach way down into the Western Caribbean. For instance, three of the roughly 12 times I've done a land vacation in Grand Cayman (not Mexico or Honduras, but close) in Winter, we had a week of cool, cloudy, rainy, windy weather. Twice, I've seen the main oceanside street through downtown Georgetown closed due to high surf flooding. Each time it was because of a long cold front in the States. So will it be cold like in the 30s? No, but the above description with steady temps in the upper 70s happens fairly often there in Winter. Having said that, it would not alter my travel plans if I were planning to go there. There is about an 80%+- chance you will have beautiful weather.
  6. I agree if you and your husband are traveling alone. Any other party, children, friends, ect. will grow tired of their vacation being spoiled by the constraints of your obligations toward your goal. That's the biggest point I'm trying to make. It will dominate your vacation. I saw it happen with our good friend.
  7. I've stated this in earlier posts here. I don't think you should do it. It will dominate your vacation. Do it at home either before or after so you can enjoy your vacation.
  8. My wife and I are planning a land based post Christmas trip. San Francisco is one of the options. Because of the possibility of CA being shut down again, we are not booking until we see where Delta goes.
  9. This subject comes up from time to time. Pretty much everyone here loves the islands and Buffett and Zach Brown are what we all listen to, and for good reason: it's great music, and it's about a subject we love. Well, here's a new entry for you to check out. Gramps Morgan. I'm not kidding, the guy's name is Gramps Morgan. Listen to these two songs: "If you're lookin' for me" and "Float ya boat". Fantastic island loving music "Two piece bikini or one birthday suit, whatever floats ya boat" I look forward to hearing what you all think, and no, I'm not his mom.
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/07/13/royal-caribbean-cleared-of-negligence-in-toddler-chloe-wiegands-2019-death/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons I know they will appeal, but I continue to hope the family doesn't recover as much as a thin dime.
  11. For me, if I am paying, I will be selective and will choose based on a number of factors. But, I have said, if someone else is paying, I would not look a gifthorse in the mouth.
  12. Has anyone flown to Grand Turk? I can't find regular flight service to there. It may require a major airline to Providenciales and the an island hopper. Any help would be great.Thanks.
  13. Thanks for that update. One of the great things about it, is there are not a ton of ships that go there. I don't want it to become another St. Maarten.
  14. I think you are spot on here. We prefer to do complimentary food as much as possible. That Lido lunch on RCCL gets tired pretty quick. There are tons of options, as you mention, on the newer Carnival ships.
  15. You don't want it in your stateroom. You'd have to go into the hall to change your mind.
  16. Funny thing about the Turks and Cacios Islands, is that people don't know about them. I work with several people who have been on a few cruises to the islands and think they know everything there is to know about that part of the world who have never even heard of those islands. Their loss.
  17. Agree Zacharius. Providenciales is our favorite of all the islands, and it is not close. I'm not talking about staying at one of the mega resorts. You can get that a lot of places. Grace Bay is 15 miles long. Find a small place away from the resorts. It is amazing. Gorgeous EMPTY beaches. As far as Grand Turk, I haven't looked lately. There is little lodging there, and little to no international flight service. Best way to get there is to use Carnival's Dock. Which of course means, in most cases, on a Carnival ship.
  18. As long as the comparison is not with one of Carnival's old ships, many of which are now gone anyway, the two are very similar. I like Carnival's food better. I want to go the Grand Turk. Carnival owns the dock. I love so may things about RCCL. The Lido lunch gets old by about the 4th day.
  19. Twangster, I always read and appreciate your thoughts on most subjects, and mostly agree. But, what is TWIC?
  20. I appreciate and agree with your sentiment. It is a compliment to my wife that the two times she's chosen to leave home in 12 months was to have dinner with her. I think the "what country is this" portion of my comment was probably related to my own frustration with the situation.
  21. My wife had dinner with a friend this week. She and her family are so petrified that she has been off her property exactly twice in the last 12 months (both times to have dinner with my wife). Both parents are working from home. Their 7 year old is being home schooled. All groceries are delivered. The husband has left home a few times when it was absolutely necessary. Upon return he removes is clothing in the garage, the clothing is put into a trash bag for two weeks before it comes into the house to be laundered, and he sprays down with disinfectant before coming into the house. Of course all deliveries are handled appropriately too. What country is this?
  22. Sorry, wash YOUR hands and don't touch YOUR face. I got to typing too fast.
  23. The logic and reasoning used by the entire country defies science and data for an illness that has taken .1% of the population, the vast majority of which were in bad health anyway. Wash you hands, don't touch you face, and when the shot is available, get it. Let us live our lives.
  24. I've thought a great deal about the hatred/ignorance of the cruise industry. I think the answer may be in Twangster's post about the CDC. Only 15% of Americans have ever taken a cruise. That means 85% have not. While many claim they don't want to vacation on a floating petry dish, I think it's something different. I would be willing to bet that most either can't afford to cruise, think they can't afford to cruise, or just never taken the time to book a cruise. All of their excuses(hatred and jealousy) serve to blame someone or something other than themselves.
  25. To add on to that, we would also be thrilled for RCCL to leave an updated Voyager or Freedom class ship for the next 10 years... not just the Breeze or Magic.
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