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  1. I guess you're right. Warm fuzzy feelings being the only benefit most of the time.
  2. As you mention, the group here is awesome. There is an incredible amount of experience and knowledge that is shared freely but at the same time graciously and without benefit to the person sharing. It is remarkable.
  3. This thread has been really helpful to me. We are looking at a group cruise in Jan of 2022. I've allowed myself to drift toward NCL despite the poor Main Dining Room experience when I was last on NCL (2007). I really like their ABC itinerary with Grenada. However, the discussion of the bathroom situation (Speed Noodles) and the small rooms/balconies (Waaaytooo) has me reconsidering my reconsidered position on NCL. There is pressure when you are the person at the point of decisions for a group of friends. I don't want to mess this up. Thanks for the input, and any additional woul
  4. I just did it to see if you would notice. You did. No offense intended.
  5. I guess the idea is that one person can be in the shower while the other does her hair. That makes sense, but as you said, it looks weird. That probably won't turn us away as it would come in handy for getting ready, but we would not want that in our house.
  6. Good call Twangster as usual for you. However, for RCCL to call Explorer a sister ship is dishonest. They are the one's who named the ships and put them in classes to begin with.
  7. That is dishonesty on RCCL's part. The Explorer is clearly not a sister ship to the Freedom. I find it hard to believe they thought nobody would call them out on this. RCCL needs to clarify and correct this notification. This is sad if Royal has come to this.
  8. Didn't mean to come off to forward. I just wanted to be sure you knew the facts. Good luck with your choice(s) here.
  9. Agree here. To me, St. Martin is a little tired. I wouldn't avoid it, but again choosing between it and Grenada is easy for me.
  10. I agree with others that not everyone is all that interested in CocoCay.
  11. Toss in Grenada, and the Epic looks pretty good to me.
  12. The Explorer is not a sister to the Freedom. Freedom is one of three in the Freedom Class. Explorer is one of five in the Voyager class. The Explorer is now pushing 20 years old. The Freedom is somewhat newer. All of this makes the NCL Epic look better to me. Newer ship than either RCCL vessel in question. An itinerary which includes Grenada and has more ABC options than RCCL at least for now.
  13. I get that Okgladgal. It's probably not a trade I want though. It also looks like RCCL is doing less of the ABC islands and more of the Barbados/St. Lucia itinerary
  14. Looks like the best option out of San Juan may be the NCL Epic. I have been critical of NCL from my experience on it several years ago. I like the itinerary that includes Grenada. Hopefully the main dining room options are better than they were then.
  15. Thanks for posting this. I did not know about it. I love the San Juan market, and I don't see this as a positive for it. Carnival is currently pulled out, and now this.
  16. Can someone in a nutshell explain what is going on? It sounds like the Explorer and Freedom are being switched? Thanks.
  17. I appreciate your perspective on this. I was hoping maybe the Breeze or Magic would be assigned to San Juan. There are so many ships going out of FL these days and only a few out of San Juan. We really like the Southern Caribbean itineraries and you can't do those in 7 days out of FL. There is no doubt the cruise lines charge a little less out of San Juan which the passenger would generally spend on air to get there. Makes your view make sense from a profit standpoint.
  18. It will be interesting to see how the cruise lines fill the vacuum that is being created by scrapped ships. San Juan is our favorite port of origin. We like both Royal and Carnival (on their newer ships). We haven't considered Carnival out of San Juan for several years because the Fantasy (definitely not a new ship) is the ship Carnival ported in San Juan. Now the Fantasy is scrapped. Will Carnival put a nicer ship there or abandon (at least temporarily) San Juan as a home port? Any thoughts from those who follow closer than me? I look at cruisetimetables.com all the time. My guess
  19. It seems doubtful there was much lasting damage. The storm was not that strong and was moving pretty fast for hurricane standards. Really strong storms or really slow movers are the storms that typically cause major problems.
  20. I agree about scrapping the Fantasy Class, but their newer ships are very nice.
  21. I've done the drive both ways. It was way cool, and I hope to do it again 1 day. The only caveat to my endorsement is that we had no traffic issue driving either direction. I have read of traffic nightmares when there is an accident or some other trouble.
  22. I think Carnival is in a good position to come out of all of this mess. They are far less leveraged with new behemoth ships than most of the others and they can constrict their brand by retiring the entire Fantasy Class of ship which needs to be done anyway. By basically staying out of the ship "arms race" of the last 20 years, they are looking pretty smart right now in my opinion.
  23. In my opinion, the Fantasy Class and Spirit Class need to be retired. Carnival could actually benefit from this situation. There's about 14 or 15 ships that need to go. For many people who take their first cruise the thought process is to try a cheap 3 or 4 night cruise to see if they like cruising. Next thing you know they are on a Carnival Elation cruise to the Bahamas and have a negative experience never to come back to cruising again. There will be lots of ship builders looking for jobs. It will be the best time in a long time, possibly ever, to build new ships in 12 or 18
  24. Just because you type it, doesn't mean it's true.
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