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  1. My understanding of C&A protocols was that Pinnacle status does not convey to children/grandchildren, rather only to spouse/significant other? Has this changed? I am seeing several people I know having pinnacle club status for children/grands when cruising and posting pics of their pinnacle cards on FB even though these children do not have 700 nights/points?
  2. Yes Royal will do you covid testing the day before turnaround.
  3. We have friends on Grandeur who have been informed they will be tested on board for flight back from Barbados? I am wondering if this will be the same and today we had to have a PCR test on Independence to go to Vision tomorrow ...
  4. Are they the proctored version with e-med?
  5. Thanks for response. Royal Caribbean is doing the PCR tests for flying home for Grandeur Guests from Barbadoes, the day before debark. Not sure where you got the information but it does not conform with what they guest have been told in writing on Grandeur ? Anyone else have information?
  6. Does anyone have information on testing protocols for flying home from Vancouver starting with May Cruises to Alaska on Radiance? Is this testing happening on the ship? Are they ding antigen or is PCR required to board the flight home and if so what is Royal Caribbeans plan for that?
  7. Thank you for clarification. These children do not have the nights for Pinnacle status, (only got them by father's status) and so they only must have got it on this ship because of LA. This must create a lot of hard feelings.
  8. Conflicting information as We see someone who made pinnacle recently saying their children are being allowed at Pinnacle Breakfast????? Is that not a Pinnacle benefit?
  9. I apologize if this is posted somewhere...searched but couldn't find it. Do children get pinnacle status when parent achieve that. I thought no but someone just said they were told yes by a Loyalty Ambassador on Odyssey of the Seas ....
  10. just wondering what to expect for Harmony?
  11. Did they allow children to sail? Was vaccine a requirement?
  12. My understanding from C&A is each couple one block. If you are married you are a couple so that disqualifies you from separate blocks. It is different if you are sailing with someone other than your spouse. Your spouse automatically is moved to your level in crown and anchor. We have 110 cruises with RCCL and have never received separate blocks even when sailing alone. My husband who had less days than me, was credited with my number of nights. If this information contradicts your thinking, you can always call C&A?
  13. Catamaran Fan-Ta-Sea To Nevis With Snorkel & Beach BASSETERRE, ST KITTS & NEVIS DURATION: 6 HOURS Cast off from St. Kitts for a relaxing catamaran cruise and snorkeling adventure,… From*$131.99USD Adult
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