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  1. Hello! We are heading on FOS at the end of March. We fly into San Juan Saturday evening, and we set sail on Sunday. We are hoping to explore San Juan before embarkation (because we won’t have a lot of time on Saturday), but we aren’t sure the best way to do it. Would it be best to arrive to the pier early on Sunday, check in with our bags, and then grab a taxi back to Old San Juan? Is there a better way to plan this? Now looking after disembarkation - on a previous sailing, we signed up for the excursion where we could explore San Juan before our flight with airport drop off, but because of our flight time this trip (2:30pm) we aren’t able to do the same excursions. Any suggestions for what to do between disembarkation from the ship and an afternoon flight?
  2. I would love to hear about your opinions from the "San Juan On Your Own" vs. the "Old and New San Juan City Tour" both with airport drop off. Thank you!!
  3. Hello! My mom and I are going on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean in a few weeks and we are looking for some recommendations on fun excursions for Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados. We want to stay with RCCL excursions, we don’t drink, and we want to find something other than just visiting beaches. What are your favorite excursions you have done at any of these islands? Here are some excursions that may be of interest to us: Antigua - “Stingray Swim and Snorkel” This is at Stingray City. St. Lucia - “Volcanic Mud Experience” This is at the Pitons, visiting the mud baths and the natural heated pools. Barbados - “Harrison’s Cave and Island Tour” Have any of you done these excursions? Do you have different recommendations for these ports? Or would you skip an excursion at any of these ports, because the port is enjoyable just walking around? (We have been to ports in the past where we just enjoy the port by walking around, but others, such as the time we visited Falmouth, Jamaica, we found an excursion was necessary as there was not much to do at the port!) Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!
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