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  1. You are able to make reservations for shows for a May 30 cruise? Nothing is showing up on my May 24 Oasis cruise yet.
  2. OMG, I am not usually a big fan of animals in captivity, but my son would give his right arm to hold a sloth someday. I'll have to keep that place in mind if we ever get there. Also, the fish therapy thing does feel weird, but it does make your feet super soft...
  3. It's the gold coin amount and sadly 66k is not very much. He does have a ton of coins that he could play with and earn more gold though.
  4. When we had the Royal chocolate cake on Explorer, it did NOT look like that! I wonder if it is different in Coastal Kitchen?
  5. I wasn't planning to get off, but I came across this and it looks pretty fun. Has amazing reviews on Trip Advisor. http://www.bahamaboattours.com/index.html#.Xhf6bhdKgWp
  6. Which cabin were you in? We are booked in 9404 next year. Did you take any pics of the cabin or balcony?
  7. We did the Amazing Secret River excursion in Cozumel and we loved it. Be aware that it requires you to take the ferry to the mainland, and many people got sick (we didn't). It was also much more slippery and uneven footing in the cave than I was expecting, so if you have any mobility or balance issues I wouldn't recommend it. We thought it was beautiful and fascinating.
  8. We flew in the morning of our cruise and it was totally fine, but I was such a basket case about it from reading the horror stories on message boards that I would never do it again. Fortunately, our next cruise is from somewhere we can drive to, and the one after that is in Europe and we are going several days early.
  9. The waterpark is $24.99 for a day pass? It's been running between $79 and $94 for our cruise!
  10. If it makes you feel better, at least so far the prices in my Cruise Planner for Coco Cay for May 2020 are no better than they have been all along, and some of them are even higher (Thrill Waterpark is $93.99, we purchased for $79). Actually not a single thing that I've been following is any lower today, and the Key is actually higher than it was yesterday. Hoping it gets better over the course of the weekend at some point!
  11. That Mega Food episode is fascinating. Kind of makes you wonder how they ever get everyone fed!
  12. God I love these apps - I haven't played any of them in a few months because I had plenty of coins and we aren't going to Vegas any time soon. I had around 675K gold. I signed on to each of the apps again, and they each gave me bonus gold! I had heard of that happening but I guess I never had a long enough hiatus LOL. I now have 994K gold. So I will definitely be able to hit the million for the cruise if it is offered, yay! So if you haven't played in a while, try signing on and see if they give you any free gold.
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