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  1. Thank you for the responses. This website has been such a treasure. I wish I had found it before booking our cruise. If we do book a second cruise in the future, the I will definitely look at MEI first.
  2. If you live in Europe, can you book a cruise with a travel agent in the States? We live in Europe and booked a cruise in the Caribbean through our local travel agent. Our extended family lives in the States and used a US travel agent for the same cruise. They actually got some better pricing and deals, but maybe that‘s because they were a large group and got lower rates? I‘ve been looking back and forth now and after converting euros/dollars, it seems as if the US prices are always slightly cheaper. I remember reading that if you live in Europe, you cannot use a travel agent in the States to book your cruise, but the US travel agent who booked everyone else said that he would have been able to book us as well. Who is correct? Would just like to know for future reference. TIA
  3. Which of the cabanas/bungalows are closest to the water park? I know the kids will want to visit that often, if not the whole day, but I would prefer to hide from the sun, yet be close by.
  4. Thank you everyone for the very helpful tips and comments on everything from the cabanas to CK to the show reservations to tips on group travel. We‘ve never done a large group vacation like this before, let alone on a cruise, so not quite sure what to expect but the one meal/day for the entire group seems like a good idea. And thank you for the pictures and the party idea. Had no idea the owner‘s suite was so roomy or that we could host a party! I‘m really starting to look forward to it now...
  5. Hi Everyone, I‘m new to this site, which has been so helpful in planning our first family cruise. Thank you to whoever hosts this site! We are cruising over the holidays next December in the Caribbean with extended family (about 25 adults and kids ages 5 to 80) and have rooms in close proximity to each other on the same deck. We‘ve booked an Owner‘s Suite, one couple has a Junior Suite and the others all have various outside and inside staterooms. I realize that we will not get to use most of our Sky Class privileges (other than enjoying a larger room with free internet) since we will also be dining with everyone in the Main Dining room, but I was wondering what services can we still take advantage of while still being on a group vacation. More specifically, 1) For boarding, I assume we will just use the regular lines/waiting area and not the suite lines/waiting area, but if we get there early, I‘m assuming we can all get on pretty quickly. Is that correct? 2) Our dinners will be as a large group in the main dining room, but if we want to eat in the Coastal Kitchen one night by ourselves, would it be possible to make reservations at the last minute or should we make those reservations ahead of time? 3) I know the other non-suite members can‘t use the private beach facilities at Labadee, so there is no point renting a cabana there, but are there other cabanas we can rent on Labadee and are they nice? 4) For shows, it seems to me that the concierge can reserve seating for us, but the others will just wait in line and get seats wherever they find them? Or if we can bypass the line, can we save seats for them? 5) Do they have speciality coffees and freshly squeezed orange juice in the Coastal Kitchen? 6) Should we do all our reservations for shows/excursions ourselves or wait for the concierge? 7) Any other comments or tips on traveling with a large group with suite and non-suite classes? Thank you to anyone who has read this far and offers input on any of the above!
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