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  1. As someone else said why not just buy the refreshment package? Thats only $20 a day and includes the Specialty coffees, water bottles, and Virgin Frozen drinks.. What you could do is order a virgin frozen drink with your package and then just purchase a shot of alcohol to go in your drink. That would cost much less then purchasing the whole drink.. Also its annoying if you are enjoying yourself on deck 5 to have to run up to deck 17 to get water bottles or coffee. Its so much easier to have a package of some kind.
  2. This has also been my exact experience but I have only been on NAV since they started the Key so its the only thing I have to reference. Please report back because I am hoping with them moving Key people to MDR it frees up Chops for everyone else. Also, aren't you happy they aren't putting Jamie's on Allure? I am and I am hoping Jamie's starts to fade away.
  3. I buy the Unlimited package for every cruise as I don't like the MDR food at all.. I have always been allowed to eat in a specialty restaurant for lunch on day 1.. Now since the Key started they have not let me use it at chops but I have been able to go to Jamie's or Giovani's depending on what ship I am on..
  4. Yup.. My Birthday is January 17th.. I have been going MLK weekend since I was 3 years old.
  5. I love When all the Christmas decorations are up. Disney is even more magical. I love how so many people on this blog are Disney nerds and cruise nerds.. They are both my favorite things lol.
  6. October is still TOO HOT for Disney lol.. Go First week of November.. Food and Wine is still going on and finally the weather seems to break alittle.. And then there is when I like to go.. Right Smack in the middle of January when its cold.. Also my birthday and its a tradition since I was 3 so there is that too lol , but seriously when you can in 15-20 years try first two weeks of November.. Kids are still in school so not so crowded and the weather finally starts to break.. Side note.. I go to food and wine every year last year it was still so hot in October they ran out of the Slushy alcohol drinks in Italy because the machines kept breaking because of the heat..
  7. Did you make $3,000 worth of Charges? When I gamble and take money out on my credit card I could take out $3,000 and then yes I have a hold for it even when they put the final total through.. Thats just how Royal does it they put holds everyday on your card and then they do another final charge at the end and you have to wait for the pending ones to drop off.. Its annoying because it eats up so much available credit but there is nothing you can do.
  8. I find on radiance class and Vision class where there is no cafe promenade or sorrentos the pizza quality is awful..
  9. Yes. If she doesn't come on the cruise they will make the guest pay for the cruise. I have had personal experience with this.. Don't chance it.
  10. it does make a difference.. I have only seen porters take luggage to the car in Miami at the New Terminal A.. No where else have I seen this done and I have gone out of Ft. Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, and Bayonne and like I said I have only experienced this in the new Terminal A in port of Miami..
  11. Haven't seen Black Friday in July for years so not exactly sure what she is talking about.. There will be a Black Friday in Nov but it is absolutely no where near the pricing the Glotch had
  12. He is only free if he eats off the kids menu.. If he wants regular menu they will charge you.
  13. There is so much conflict and confusion surrounding the drink package glitch from last night.. Will they honor the pricing or not.. So I am wondering has anyone actually been canceled? I am just so curious what the outcome will be..
  14. I had problems with playmakers. They need to train the staff better. The rest of the Unlimited Dining Package works great.
  15. Buying Chops by itself is different than buying a package.. You originally said you wanted to buy a package so I was giving you advice based on that.. If you are buying one individual reservation then yes you will have to pay now and it will be for a specific time and date.. I highly recommend you buy a package rather than chops for $50 a person. Buying a package is a much better deal in the long run.. I see on your pictures it offers you the 3 night package for $99 that's the one I recommend.. Usually it will go on sale for $89 and if it does you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate..
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