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  1. Well I don't know for sure Rhapsody Is out. And if you don't want a bigger or newer ship what would you hope they would replace it with? Also if they continue to leave from Tampa it wouldn't be a bigger or newer ship as only small ships can leave from Tampa because big ships can't fit under the bridge so the biggest ship they could have is a Radiance class ship which is better than Rhapsody but still its on the older side and not very big.. I think you should look into Celebrity.. If you don't want a big ship Celebrity has beautiful smaller ships that aren't as old as Rhapsody.. Any solstice class ship would be nice.. Look for Celebrity Equinox.. It leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami most of the time and its a great ship..
  2. Rhapsody I am sorry to say is an Old Vision class ship.. Its small and old so its not looking too good for that boat but hey you never know.. If I were you If you booked a refundable deposit try to move it to one of the bigger newer ships..
  3. Yeah I was going to correct you also lol.. Radiance class is absolutely larger than vision class.. It must of been voyager class you were thinking of.. Voyager class and Radiance class were actually built during the same time period but radiance was made to like you said do different itineraries one specifically being Alaska but still they are larger than vision class ships.. I personally think Vision class ships are done. They are old and probably cost a lot to maintain.. Plus they don't have as nice of a view as radiance class ships do in my opinion of course.. Anyway everything else you said I totally agree with lol.
  4. but the $10 a person is if the kid eats off the Children's menu.. If they want the real menu with Steak they sometimes charge you full price..
  5. Actually Oasis class ships currently can only leave from Florida and NJ.. There are no other ports that can hold them yet.. Texas will be coming soon.. Also they can leave from Europe too but I was only counting places in USA
  6. If they do sail they will of course leave from Florida and Texas... Where else do you think huge Oasis Class ships could leave from.. If they don't feel its safe they just won't sail..
  7. They went back and said they will have the plan by August 15.. So that gives just about 30 days.. I personally think they will end up starting Nov 1 just in time for holiday season but I do hope your cruise goes in October..
  8. I also highly recommend Oasis with kids. The pool deck hands down better for kids, Laser tag, Ice skating, Ice skating show, The new Aqua 80's aqua theater show is amazing and kids will it. its the best Aqua Theater show in the fleet. All the different quick service food options so much better than Brilliance.. To me there is no question if you have kids Oasis or Quantum class is the way to go..
  9. Yes this is true.. I wear my mask lol. Do I like it no but if it helps to slow down the virus I understand.. I would even be fine with wearing it on cruise ships if it got me on quicker.. I really do hope it slows down. I would love to go on my Symphony Thanksgiving cruise. I really do think cruise lines want to be out for the holiday season but who knows what's going to happen..
  10. Also a Floridian here.. But where in Florida do you live.. I feel like North Florida is different than South Florida.. Here in south Florida we have had the mask Rule the whole time for going into stores at least in Broward County... I want to cruise more than anything. I am ready to go now. I am not scared. I went to Vegas in June and I am going Back end of July.. With that said people are obsessed with the bad numbers in Florida.. Just because school is happening doesn't mean they will let cruises.. Also again I ask where in Florida you live because in south Florida they most likely are doing a hybrid school model where kids do distance learning half the time.. And in Palm Beach County Teachers don't even want to have any school open they want full distance learning.. So I promise not trying to criticize you just curious where in Florida you live cz down South I am scared they will be shutting us down again soon.. In Which case I need to go to Vegas quicker lol
  11. Yes they did but A Christmas Cruise and a New Years Cruise sometimes brings in more money than the whole summer season.. I go on a New Years cruise every year with my family and the prices are always sky high. The top suites are Crazy Expensive so yeah I know they want a summer season but Holiday is most important time for them so I feel like they will try to Lobby Hard for it with the CDC.. Now do I know for sure of course not just my opinion that Royal will fight hard for a holiday season more than a summer season..
  12. I Think November 1.. I think they very much want to have a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Season..
  13. Yeah it was great they kept revealing the ship neighborhood by neighborhood.. When they got to "Entertainment place" They announced having Hairspray the full broadway production.. I hope they do something special for Icon
  14. I have an excellent memory lol.. So with Oasis here is what happened.. They kept talking about project Genesis. Then Finally like 2 years before Oasis was ready they decided to unveil their new concept "Neighborhoods". They explained that Royal's new ship would be divided up into neighborhoods. Then about every 3 months they released a new neighborhood! The first one they released was Central Park and everyone went crazy with excitement. I remember sitting at my computer looking at the concept art and saying OK yeah this ship is going to be a huge game changer and I HAVE to get on it!! Then they revealed Boardwalk and when they showed the Aqua theater I was in AWE. They kept this going until they were done.. Then they had the naming challenge where some one won a contest for picking Oasis.. Any way my point is If Coved didn't happen I think by now Royal should of released some Icon info.. Now that we have Corona virus who knows what they are going to do with Icon which is very sad.. I'm sure they will still build it but how delayed will it be? Will it still have all the amazing things we hope for? I hope so but who knows lol.. Anyway I wish they would announce things on it they way they did Oasis that was so fun!
  15. They are not holding back actually lol. Like I said I belong to a Facebook group for club Royale members and they post all the offers out there. There are like 5 different offers out there I have seen. You might want to call Casino like I did and make sure your account is able to get offers.
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