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  1. You should ask when you go to Chops.. I bet they would accommodate you if you explained the situation.
  2. But you can't purchase the Key for just 1 person in a room anyway.. Its either you all buy it or no1 buys it.. So if you all buy it you can all have the Chops meal in the MDR together
  3. Raye, I agree with most of your post except 1 thing.. Allure will have slides by Nov 2020.. Its going to get Amped Starting in March 2020 before it starts its season in Europe.. Other than that I agree with you lol.
  4. They do not have this set up on every boat.. They usually only have this on Oasis Class Ships and Quantum class ships.. Older ships usually have just a regular pull out couch..
  5. Did you look into 2 cabins? That is actually Often cheaper than squeezing 4 people in a room.
  6. If its Mariner or nothing I would def. go with Mariner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mariner I just prefer Navigator but I wouldn't hesitate to go on Mariner again. I went 4 times since she was Amped and had a great time each time..
  7. Also would suggest Navigator.. I think they did a better job with the Amp and it leaves out of Miami in Terminal A which is Royal's best new terminal in my opinion..
  8. Royal's new policy is blackjack pays 3:2 on tables that are $15 a hand and higher.. Anything under $15 a hand pays 6:5.. Also on Holiday sailings they make the tables $25 and over for 3:2 which is annoying but as we know they make up the rules as they go along lol.
  9. I just had to cancel also for basically the same reasons
  10. Yes.. They are making it a 5 night cruise going to Nassau on Saturday and Cozumel on Monday.. If you don't want to go you can cancel and get a 100% future cruise credit
  11. Got same email.. I wonder what they are doing with the 3 night Symphony sailing
  12. This is exactly why I want to go on Navigator.. I hate sitting at home waiting for a storm. it drives me crazy lol
  13. Royal's meteorologist said they will have an update about Navigator and Mariner by 6:00 PM this evening
  14. Update: Just got the email from Royal.. Navigator will have a Sea Day Saturday and then go to Nassau Sunday. Royal is also giving a 33% future cruise credit for the inconvenience..
  15. UPDATE: I got the Email from Royal at 6:19 Eastern time.. The Navigator cruise will be Saturday Sea Day, Sunday Nassau and they are offering a 33% future cruise credit for the inconvenience..
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