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  1. agreed.. I don't understand at all the point of this restaurant.
  2. I don't think its the ship that's the issue.. I think its the time of year you picked to go.. Christmas and New Years are the most packed 2 weeks of the year.. Most people are off from School and work so the ships are packed with people and kids.. I have done family cruises for the past 4 years.. (16 people are various ages) We go over the week of New Years.. This past New Years we did a smaller ship and we all said never again we missed our Oasis class so much.. There just was not as much to do and we missed the shows the Oasis class provides..
  3. No its exactly the same.. It has to do with Royal just charging people more when they are on Oasis class ships.. Its totally unfair in my opinion but that's the way it is..
  4. Do Symphony or the newly Amped Oasis out of Miami.. I am pretty sure Star Class on Oasis class ships are even more fun than on Anthem. You will love it
  5. I have only seen regular Diet Coke in can form.. The freestyle machines might have them but I am not sure Serenade even has those machines.. I strongly suggest you bring your own just incase...
  6. I strongly suggest you call Club Royale instead.. All you have to do is go on the website read the offer code associated with the deal and they can explain to you what you get for each code.. If its a code for comp cruises just ask them to email you the list so you can review it.. I find the website basically useless and calling them is still the best way..
  7. your falling victim to summer pricing.. Buy it now and check back as it gets closer because I have a feeling it will fall.
  8. Mariner and Navigator have the cheapest pricing for the water parks.. All Oasis class ships are always much higher..
  9. unfortunately I have many times put in my bed preference before hand and they never listen and I have to tell the stateroom attendant anyway so plan on having to do that..
  10. The water from the sink in the cabin is not very good in my opinion however the free water from around the ship is good. I think people just get obsessed with bottle water but I think the free water is fine.
  11. The only Thing NCL has equivalent to grand suites are the Haven.. Except Most Haven rooms cost more than $2200 a person so I am not sure you want to spend the money.. The ships that are like freedom class on NCL would be the Breakaway class and the Breakaway Plus class so like Waytoo said the new ships..
  12. They only have this available on Mariner and Navigator in the Bamboo Room.. They make drinks with fresh lime juice..
  13. I totally get it. Your suite looks amazing. I think if I were you I would be doing the same thing. I am enjoying your review. Keep having an amazing time. - Steph
  14. Raye, i kind of agree with you about 150.. Honestly All the food on Oasis did not WOW me and I had the Unlimited package.. I just feel like more and more the food on Royal keeps going downhill.. I am going on a family cruise Dec 29th on Celebrity Edge.. I am curious to see how the food compares.. I already like that their casino is non smoking so who knows.. I Also really enjoyed Phoenix last week.. I was talking to one of the bartenders in music hall he also agreed the one on Quantum class ships is so much better but like you said Royal had to work with what it had and it is a step up from Dazzles.. How did you do in the Casino Yesterday? Hopefully still ahead.. Keep having fun. - Steph
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