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  1. I am curious to see if Royal does their Check in Process at Atlantis. That would be cool if they do.
  2. I am on the same cruise as you and I am looking for the same expectations lol
  3. No Offense but you have no idea what you are talking about. Florida is no worse than any other state. In fact as others have said anyone over 18 who wants a vaccine can get one. I am 34 and I am fully vaccinated. Our state is absolutely ready for cruises to open!!!
  4. Back in December I wanted to go to Baha Mar in The Bahamas.. I was all set to go but found it EXTREMELY difficult to find a place to get a PCR test that would commit to turning around my results in a timely fashion so I could apply for The Bahamas travel visa.. Because of this at the last minute I backed out and went to Las Vegas instead.. The PCR requirement with the Travel Visa is what is stopping me from booking one of these cruises.. I was really hoping The Bahamas would say if your vaccinated no need for the PCR test but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. Hi everyone, some people that I know are booked on this sailing.. I happen to be a travel agent and when I logged in to see the inventory and pricing every category is closed.. This makes me think that someone possibly came in and chartered the ship. Is anyone booked on this sailing and got any kind of email notification from Royal about this sailing? Please let me know. Thanks - Stephanie
  6. I wish the CDC would just give a straight answer. If the answer is on Nov 1 we will lift the order and you can cruise out of the US just say so. That way cruise lines can plan and the public can also plan. I want to go on a Thanksgiving cruise and a New Years cruise.. If the order is listed by Nov 1 that can happen but if it isn't am I going to have to rebook a cruise out of Nassau?? Its so very frustrating
  7. I love Baha Mar. Its an amazing resort.. Just be prepared the prices for food is extremely expensive but the resort itself is beautiful and a fun place to be.
  8. Florida has been Open for months and still we have no cruises so no I don't think Texas opening up matters at all. I think we have to get the Green Light from CDC and then it will be a go.
  9. Yes I am a travel agent and got the email also.. It is for the Summer Season. Then it is still on track to move to Ft. Lauderdale for the Winter Season.. Hopefully we have cruises in USA by then.
  10. I hope they end up doing what Vegas did.. Just got back from there and they put plexiglass up and made it so that 5 can sit at a table. It feels like your sitting in a bank vault lol doing a transaction of some sort but it does make it easier to get a spot. They also strongly enforce masks and no smoking both things which I welcome as I Hate smoking anyway. In the summer in Vegas it was a nightmare finding a table but this time for Thanksgiving it was much easier. So maybe Royal can do it like Vegas... Also it makes me want to only go on large ships.. can you imagine the casino with small ship
  11. They did but they might still be willing to make a deal with the cruise lines to let them use their private islands..
  12. This has happened to me many times. Their website is HORRIBLE. You don't need to talk to the Royal Help desk they are no help. You just need to call the regular reservation line and tell them you want to make a payment. They will take your payment over the phone and it will be done.
  13. This was posted also in a Facebook group and they said this has not been confirmed.. I would wait for confirmation like Matt always does before assuming anything..
  14. True mine wasn't canceled with lift and shift.. So maybe that's why?? mine was just that the cruise line canceled it due to them canceling more dates because of Covid
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