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  1. Yes I would definitely go with Edge class for your first time. Its the newest best experience and you will know for sure if you like celebrity or not.
  2. You should pick a solstice class or edge class ship. The millennium class is going to feel too small for you. I would go with the Edge class which is the newest class. It holds about 2900 people and has their best activities and entertainment and most food choices too. However, if you find a good deal on a solstice class ship I would say go for it too.
  3. Yes. They sent this offer out to anyone who has ever played even a small amount in the casino. The were having trouble filling the ship for those itineraries so they sent out a major email blasts for free cruise in a veranda on solstice.
  4. I love Celebrity but their ships are nothing like the Oasis class.. Celebrity's ships are beautiful and elegant but they do not have the entertainment offerings like an Oasis class.. I recently realized I prefer celebrity over Royal.. Their food, service, ambience, no smoking in casinos all much better on Celebrity but you cant go into it comparing it to Oasis class.. I am going on Equinox on the 26th in their Aqua class and I am excited But I really really enjoy their new Edge class ships. I know you got a great deal but if I were you I would of started with their best new ship Beyond so you could make a proper comparison..
  5. I saw the same video that you did... I just went on princess website and this is what it said for their updated policy.. We manage an exemption process for a small number of guests who are ineligible for vaccines, subject to the regulations of the ports we visit. Exemptions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Children under five years old (who are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccines) are not required to apply for a vaccine exemption but must still follow all other requirements for unvaccinated guests. To request an exemption, please call us: North America: 1-800-PRINCESS United Kingdom: 0344 338 8663 Please note that Canada is supporting a process for medical exemptions to vaccination with proper documentation. Cruises that begin, end, or visit Canada will require sailing guests who are not Canadian citizens, and ages 12 and above, be fully vaccinated, unless they are granted a medical exemption. Find out if you can enter Canada at travel.gc.ca^. ^You are now leaving princess.com and navigating to a 3rd party website that is not owned, operated, or controlled by Princess or any of its affiliates.
  6. Another Reason to go on Celebrity. Their casino's are 100% non smoking and its wonderful. I am still Prime with Royal and always plan to be. I am also Diamond plus with 405 points BUT I love celebrity so much more than Royal. The food is so much better, no smoking in casino, The design of the ships, the pool areas, the upgraded level of service.. The only thing I like Royal better for is the entertainment. I will still go on Royal for new big ships and when friends want to go on Royal or I need a quick 3 night cruise but I have decided to mostly focus my bankroll on Celebrity and having status in their casino. I know I am halfway to pinnacle on Royal but I just like celebrity better.
  7. You start at zero and have to work your way up. I am currently doing this now with celebrity.
  8. Go on the new Edge class ships.. Edge, Apex, or Beyond.. They all leave from Florida from Nov-April which is the Caribbean season.. If you need a summer cruise from florida only one option which is Equinox. That is a solstice class ship. It is still very good and in fact I am going on Equinox in 5 weeks and I am very excited about it. But the wow factor is on the Edge class ships.. I went on Edge and Apex last summer and I have been hooked on Celebrity ever since.
  9. I agree I never use it all either lol especially when I am on a short 3 nighter
  10. I agree with Matt use Scootaround. I have used them several times. They deliver the scooter to your stateroom and pick it up from your stateroom when the cruise is over.
  11. I also use a CPAP machine. Fill out the form but don't be nervous if they dont have the water for you right away. On the first day meet your room attendant and remind him/her that you need distilled water and an extension cord and they will make sure they bring it to you at NO COST by the time they turn down your bed that evening.
  12. I have used this perk before.. If you are prime you get 5% off the other cabin. If you are signature you get 10% off the other cabin.. I am not sure how much you get if you are masters.
  13. Its not just Royal Caribbean that charges these gratuities its every cruise line. You should of done more research before you went on the cruise to find out about all charges and practices cruise lines have. Sounds like based on how you feel cruising in general isn't for you.
  14. One other thing I forgot... After you go on your first cruise based on how much you played they also take money off the cruise that is combinable with the net50 offer.. They will give you a quote and then just say to them well based on my previous play how much extra can you take off. They calculate it and let you know. last time I got an additional $600 off for asking that but they dont tell you that you have to ask..
  15. Their equivalent to prime is much harder to get.. Unless you are a heavy slot player it will take 2-3 times to get to the level... Net 50 is when they take the base rate before whatever the online promo is and take 50% off.. It seems to give about a 25% discount off what the online rate is but it includes the perks which I like.. Then like I said there are times they send offers for a free veranda (balcony) but those dont include the perks. I would say if they lift the vaccine mandate for 2023 try to get on an Edge class ship in the Caribbean that way you get a sense of their best class and you can see if you really like it or not. I have a feeling you will especially if you get a suite. I got a really great deal on the suite.. It was $6,000 on their new ship beyond and I got it for $3,100 including taxes and fees but it also comes with premium drink package, upgraded wifi, tips, and $600 in OBC plus full suite benefits including their suite only restaurant Luminae which alot of people say is better than Coastal Kitchen. Also on their new ship beyond which is what I am going on they made the suite only area even larger and added a pool to the sundeck so I am looking forward to trying that out as well. I also just feel like you get treated a little bit extra special. Small touches really but I have really enjoyed my experience. I am going on them this July as well but not in a suite so I will have to wait until January to tell you about that experience.
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