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  1. NO!!! I NEVER do that. That Drives me CRAZY when anyone splits 10's.. I get up and leave the table when someone does that!!
  2. hmm yeah.. They might of sold their quota for your sailing.. That happened to me with Symphony last year..
  3. Its possible they sold their quota for your sailing.. Just curious.. When in December? Is it over the holidays? If so that might be the reason.. I have a 3 night Navigator on Dec 13 and its still possible to buy..
  4. Thats weird.. I have 3 weekend sailings on Navigator coming up and it lets me buy the package for all of them and shows up in the planner.. Was the fb page the Royal page? Or run by a fan?
  5. I would book the week they are released best chance of getting the lowest price.. Then I would price watch like a hawk to see if the pricing goes down at all.. I would totally get 2 rooms. You guys are all adults essentially and just having 2 bathrooms vs 1 bathroom makes all the difference.. Plus the people who would have to sleep on the sleeper couch will be so uncomfortable.. Sure the sofa is fine for kids but in my opinion its horrible for adults its just really not comfortable.. Also because Royal has a limited number of cabins that fit 5 and 6 people they jack the prices up and its often better to book 2-3 cabins rather than 1 cabin..
  6. This is true lol.. But in all seriousness I really do win sometimes.. I play blackjack which is part strategy and part luck... When both are on my side I have come out a winner and walked a way with a few thousand..
  7. Mathematically you do have to win sometimes.. lol.
  8. Hey Everyone, There is no exact science or date to when the shows show up.. Sometimes they show up 6 months in advance, sometimes 90 days, sometimes 60, sometimes 50.. You just really don't know.. You have to just check everyday but it will eventually come so literally just do a quick check everyday..
  9. According to the menu $20 works fine.. You can get the 3 meat option with 2 sides and dessert and still get some wings if you want.. I can't eat more than that anyway..
  10. Was this a slot winning? Every time I win money on Blackjack I Never have to fill out a tax form.. The only time I did was for a slot win..
  11. But based on the pricing of the menu.. It looks like $35 will be plenty! I am very excited to Try this!!
  12. This is great news!! Bring on Nov 24th!! Cant wait to go on the new Amped Oasis!
  13. I saw it on cruise critic.. Where exactly on facebook did you see she is leaving today? This is good news I am just curious where I can find it.
  14. actually I live in ft. Lauderdale.. They changed the tax in broward county to 7% back in January.. Is it possible the receipt you saw was for someone who Didn't have a drink package and was just buying a drink? If so that's the reason for the Tax... The OP was referring to if you have a drink package.. If not then I don't know why they charged tax..
  15. would the other cruise line you are referring to happen to be NCL? if so what they do is ridiculous and I don't know how they get away with it.. There is no law that says they have to charge tax.. Not only that the sales tax in Miami doesn't even match what they charge.. They basically just wanted a way to get extra money out of people. Its quite annoying.. If your not talking about NCL sorry for the rant lol... But I have been on 45 Royal cruises and they never do this so don't worry about it..
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