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  1. For me its not the particular dish they used to make its the QUALITY of the food.. The quality used to be just so much better. They used better quality ingredients and food just tasted better.
  2. I agree with Twangster 100%.. Liberty is the way to go.. Enchantment in my opinion is too old and is really showing her age.. I know some people really love small ships but I think Enchantment is just not holding up very well and I would go with Liberty no questions asked.. Especially since your a first time Royal Cruiser. Liberty is much more like what you see in the commercials. Enchantment has no bells and whistles at all so again my vote would be for liberty.
  3. No Problem. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful time.
  4. May/June is considered "Summer" in the cruising world so you're perfect.. I would absolutely try for May or June as they will be cheaper than July
  5. Also incase anyone is interested the sailing prior to that looks pretty cheap.. see if you can get any deals for that one...
  6. Ok So I wish I knew how to take a screenshot and upload it to this forum but I don't lol... Anyway on Cruising power which is the website that Royal and Celebrity have made for travel agents to use for booking it says every category is closed. Like I said earlier when this happens usually means some kind of charter... Now I have no idea why Crucon and Vacations to go website still show it available to book.. It could be Royals website at its finest being weird again I don't know.. All I can do is tell you what their official travel agent website says and it shows Every Category Closed and listed at $0.00
  7. I am going to go on cruising power right now and check for you guys..
  8. There was.. But it looks like It got chartered because I am a travel agent and I just went on the travel agent portal to check and it says all categories are closed and its listed at Zero which usually means it got chartered...
  9. As long as your not in a wet bathing suit and have a shirt and some form of shoes on your good to go.. I have eaten in speciality restaurants for lunch all the time and I wear a T-shirt, Shorts, and flip flops
  10. Next Year Oasis leaves out of NJ for the summer.. If you really want to do a cruise for the Ship go on Oasis.. Adventure really does not compare to Oasis and Anthem will be in Europe next summer so your choice for NJ is really only Adventure and Oasis
  11. Its because the Spectrum is in the Chinese Market and unfortunately in that Market they charge for things like Laser tag, North Star, and Ifly... In the US it is free. I know this is unfair but its what Royal does.
  12. exactly.. Starbucks has never been included when it has Stand Alone kiosks which Oasis Class and now Mariner and Navigator have..
  13. There will absolutely be air conditioning... Even when I sailed on Anthem in the middle of January from NJ and it was snowing and freezing they still had air conditioning lol
  14. This is true.. I just happen to not prefer it lol.
  15. Yeah when I talked to Club Royale about it Was told if I wasn't there but my roommate was they would charge the roommate right then and there the cost for the cruise.. Now you and I both know answers vary based on who you are talking to but I would be too nervous to risk it.
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