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  1. Biggest table Holds 16 people and that requires a special request.. After that they will just have to put you at tables near each other
  2. LOL!! I swear I wasn't trying to make you jealous!! I am 32 and literally have been going there since I was 7.. The one in plantation is like a little family restaurant and I never thought so many people while on vacation would want to go there!!! I just like that everyone on here loves it as much as me!!
  3. I just need everyone to know.. I live 7 minutes from La Bamba in plantation.. I eat there at least once a week and have been going there for the past 25 years! I am so happy all the people on this blog have found it and love it too!!
  4. I noticed that too about the guac class.. I think they will end up canceling it. There won't be anywhere to have it.
  5. Raye, its so funny you brought up about maybe the sailing not happening because that's exactly what my friends and I talked about this morning.. We think its a 50/50 lol BUT we are so lucky we all live in south Florida that as long as they give us alittle notice like even 2-3 weeks I think we could find another sailing.. We do A Thanksgiving cruise every year and for some reason it doesn't cost as much as Christmas or seem to sell out as fast so I am hoping if they do cancel we could jump on something else.. But this single supplement deal plus a lot of casino money made it an easy decision for me. I am so glad you got to upgrade to Star Class before they changed the rules I hate how they keep changing everything.. I remember when I could of got a casino rate plus use my dollar off discount I miss that too lol.. I have a handicap balcony for this cruise because I need to rent a scooter for this cruise so it makes it easier. I am jealous you have the genie one day I will get one lol. I am of course getting the Unlimited dining but I was nervous about Thanksgiving so I went ahead and booked chops and then I am going to ask them if they will give it back to me onboard in the form of OBC. I will absolutely update everyone with what's finished and what they are still working on. I hope they finish all the new restaurants. I also wish they would of done to Giovannis what they are doing to it on Allure but maybe they ran out of money because of that whole dry dock fiasco. Anyways have fun on Brilliance at least you know that one is absolutely going to happen lol.
  6. Correct! I must try that next time... Oh let me tell you booking dining for a big group takes hours.. I literally spent 7 hours on the phone with dining to book a group of 15 people.
  7. Originally for Thanksgiving I was going to go on NCL. However, The Casino offered my friends and I trade in credit and Oasis is having a special Single Supplement offer that was too good to pass up. So Now I am on Oasis for the first sailing after the Amped Drydock.. I am pretty excited and I am looking though the cruise planner.. I noticed the following: Still no Entertainment is available to book. I know I am still 97 days away but I am still hoping they get rid of Cats (but I am sure its just a scheduling issue).. Also The new BBQ place is not listed to be booked as of now. Although Sabor has been removed and not available to book. Anyway if anyone wants pictures let me know and I will try to take as many as possible.
  8. I actually am a travel agent.. The line for travel agents is also a very long wait. And I don't like to bother them with small things like this.
  9. I actually thought of that after.. Most of the time I don't even have this problem because I book Unlimited dining.. And I actually will be booking Unlimited dining for this cruise but Its Thanksgiving so I wanted to book Chops Separately so I was sure I would get a reservation.
  10. I agree. Yes in the end it did. I was able to finally get it to work on the computer.
  11. That is what ended up happening to me lol... Like I said I normally don't rant about them but like you said the experience was maddening! The only saving grace. I logged into my friends cruise planner account and for some magical reason his worked and I was just able to book it online. Go figure I will never understand the Magic that is Royal's IT department.
  12. Let me start by saying I Love Royal Caribbean cruises. BUT dealing with Royal before the cruise is so frustrating. I don't normally do this but I just don't understand them sometimes. I need to book a reservation at Chops Grill of course I try to do it in the cruise planner online BUT I am linking other people from another reservation and the computer keeps saying error and doesn't want to let me. So I decide to just call. I pick the option to book specialty dining shore exertions etc etc.. After 20 min someone finally answers. I let them know that I want to book Chops and their response is oh I am sorry I am not the person who can book that.. Really? Then why did Royal route me to you in the first place when I picked the option for specialty dining. Its just so frustrating dealing with them!! I don't normally rant like this but for some reason this drove me crazy!! Lol.. Ok Rant over
  13. Lol that's funny.. Still I don't think he knows good BBQ wherever he is from.. I don't think he knows good food at all.. I love Royal but the one thing I hate about them is their food I just find it so bad.
  14. Thats good news.. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. good idea.. That would answer some questions.
  16. I am a Floridan and I love good BBQ lol.. It depends on who you are.. I have had Texas BBQ, Tennessee BBQ, and NC BBQ.. So It just depends lol.. But I doubt this guy has any idea but I don't think its because he is from Florida I just think the food at Royal is not very good and none of the people there know what good food is
  17. Well They should tell you before final payment.. Travel agents actually have a different number they can call.. I didn't call and ask but I could and see what they say. But since I don't have a client booked on that cruise not sure they would tell me.. But this is why working with a travel agent next time would be ideal. They would be the one having to figure everything out for you.. Hopefully they will tell you before final payment.. Trust me they know it.. Thats why travel agents are no longer able to sell any rooms on this cruise.. I wish the customer service reps were better informed but they really are just terrible and I am so sorry for your first cruise experience this is what you are getting.. I really think you need to start looking at other options. Don't cancel until like Waytoo said Royal offers you something but know what else you are interested in.
  18. Totally agree with you.. I I just think she should look for other options so when Royal does contact her she is ready with a game plan.. Also since its her first cruise I really think she should research now so she is not scrambling once they contact her.. The link that Skigoofy posted plus what I see on cruising power (Royal's travel agent site) leads me to believe this is absolutely going to be a full charter.. I wish I knew how to post a screenshot on here but I really don't.. But basically on my website every category is closed and you never see that this far in advance.. Like you said 2-3 weeks before a cruise ok but 7 months Never.
  19. Linda.. Please look at page 2.. Looks like they chartered the cruise for a football cruise and it looks like a full charter
  20. YUP this could be the reason.. And looks like a full charter..
  21. tell me the dates and I can check.. I don't know them off the top of my head but I am happy to look if you tell me the dates
  22. I have no answers for you because Royal has not decided to tell people yet if its a full charter or not.. But on the travel agent site Every Category is closed and you can't even click on that sailing anymore.. Anytime this has happened in the past its because the boat became a full charter and you will get moved... Also that week Feb 17 is VERY busy in Florida.. NY NJ and a few other places have off from school and everyone comes to Florida. I hate to be an alarmist but I would try to move your cruise NOW so you still have good options to cruise from. You could always stick it out and take your chances but its your first cruise so I wouldn't chance it. I would try to move.. Now if you made a non refundable deposit then I would wait because until Royal announces fully what's going on with this sailing they won't give you your money back..
  23. I know this is going to sound weird.. But a lot of the time Royal's phone employees give out the wrong info... I am a travel agent and I am on the travel agent website.. The way this sailing is showing up on the website is not like when its just sold out.. I think it really is chartered and Royal just hasn't released this info to their phone reps.. I don't know for 100% fact but its showing up weird on the travel agent site and I promise I am not trying to alarm you or be a troll lol.
  24. It is not free refills in the MDR if you have no package.. If you have no package and want a soda they bring you a can. If you drink the whole can and want more then you purchase another can.. This can get very costly.. A can of soda after tax and tip is $4.50 if a person wants 2 sodas a day then dying a soda package is worth it..
  25. Don't worry there will be another cruise planner sale.. They seem to happen like every other week. Just keep checking and when you see a cruise planner sale buy the package.
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