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  1. I just booked my cruise this afternoon. I ended up doing a balcony for now because I want to see if after final payment prices go down and I can use my FCC to upgrade. Although I don't know if you can use a FCC for Thanksgiving. Anyway the tips for me still said $14.50 so maybe just suites went up? I really loved this offer the only thing that could of been better would have been if it was for Odyssey lol but still I will not complain about free Thanksgiving cruise and $200 in freeplay.
  2. I am considering upgrading to a junior suite because I have a $1000 FCC I need to use back from Hurricane Dorian that I tried to use for my March Symphony cruised that just got canceled lol. But as you know the Casino's upgrades always have odd math so I have no idea what price they will give me. I am upset they won't let us use this offer for Odyssey because I would still gamble the same but I get it they don't need to fill that ship.. When I do book I will tell you what the grats say for me. I am not sure when I am going to book but as soon as I do I will let you know if it says mine went up or not.
  3. I just called Casino and they explained to me travel agents are not going to get commission for this offer. They wouldn't tell me why but if I had to guess its because they are even letting people book Thanksgiving cruises. Which is something they NEVER do. The offer is amazing and I am annoyed I cant make my commission off of it but i understand Royal is basically trying to save some money by not paying TA's and getting gamblers on the ships so they will spend money..
  4. Pick a different ship.. I don't think allure will get Amped.. I am also upset. I picked Allure specifically for the Amp and now that's not going to happen
  5. Then you definetley should Not pick Enchantment lol. Go with an Oasis Class or Quantum class ship and try to get Star Class. I really think that's the only way to get a good mattress..
  6. Don't go with Enchantment for the bed.. She is an old small ship.. Do you like small ships? If not don't pick that ship
  7. Yup Star Class has the fancy mattresses.. I agree with you the regular mattresses in all the other cabins stink.
  8. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to use a good TA.. The people at Royal's call center are notoriously terrible and don't know policies and procedures very well. I get that this happened to you but its because you didn't use a good TA. The new policy makes it so you don't have to put down a deposit. Fact a good TA costs you nothing. So why wouldn't you want to use one I don't get it? Also just so you know this is a fan website of Royal Caribbean.. Most people on this site use TA's because we follow the suggestions of Mr.Matt Hochberg the person who writes this blog and he always recommends using a good TA.
  9. Royal's website never mentioned the 125% or cash refund before.. This was explained in an email to travel agents and guests effected by the 30 day shut down.. I am sorry but you have been misinformed.. The CWC Flyer always explained 100% FCC for any cruises departing before July 31... The only thing that changed is when the cruise line shut down for 30 days and then had to offer refunds to those effected cruises.
  10. The 100% refund and 125% FCC is ONLY for the cruises that have currently been canceled not for cruises in June.. Now if Royal extends cancelations into June then you would qualify. But if you choose to cancel on your own now without Royal canceling the cruise your option is a 100% FCC
  11. Its so small just like Majesty.. Thats how they built ships 30 years ago.. Exactly one of the reasons I am not an old small ship person.
  12. I agree newbies to cruising might be afraid or the average cruiser but I am curious about your opinion on this.. What about us die hard fans? Do you think they will also be afraid.. I personally cant wait to get on a cruise. I was so sad my cruise was canceled and honestly after watching all the cleaning and sanitizing they were doing I feel like its one of the safest places to be as long as someone didn't get on the ship with the sickness already.
  13. Sorry then since its not your Prime cruise they will not be giving it back. I totally get how you feel and honestly only people who gamble should comment because the rooms we get are not really free. Sometimes I spend $6,000 in 3 days to get a "free" room. I know then people say oh well you had the benefit of entertainment and that is true but without our generous contribution I am pretty sure cruise prices would be higher for everyone. Look at Disney.. No Casino on their ships and therefore prices are ridiculous. Just my opinion of course but I really feel people who don't gamble big don't understand.
  14. They are only giving people back their annual Prime cruise.. Was this your annual Prime cruise?
  15. Yes me2. I thought it was very generous of them. I mean they didn't have to but I am happy they are putting good customer service first and giving it back to us.
  16. I just got off the phone with Club Royale. If anyone was using their free prime cruise that just got canceled good news they are issuing it back to us and we get to use it up until March 2021.. Which would mean next year I get 2 Prime Cruises! I am so happy Royal did this. Makes missing my cruise a little bit easier.
  17. some people posted on FB that Casino is giving people their prime cruise back.. I am on hold trying to confirm but I don't know if I will get through
  18. mine too.. we basically lose it. which sucks but nothing we can do..
  19. I just wish they would make a decision one way or the other.. All the uncertainty is driving me crazy.
  20. With the Canada and Alaska news I do wonder what cruise lines will do now.. Will they close? Who knows. All I know is all the uncertainty is giving me so much anxiety. I wish it would just end.. I know Covid-19 is serious but currently all the anxiety and stress from the unknown is worse for me than the actual disease..
  21. They could hold out until About April when boats move to Alaska then I only see them being able to do Caribbean and Bermuda cruises..
  22. Yeah does that include Vancouver because I tried googling it and it said they were still open but Halifax was closed so I was very confused
  23. I also live in Florida.. I just don't understand why people are hoarding water.. For instance my refrigerator makes water and I drink that daily.. If I had to be quarentined its not like my fridge would stop making water like as if it were a hurricane and we lost power.. Just makes no sense to me.
  24. I don't think so they just sent out emails for the new protocol beginning March 16.. Why would they do that if they were just going to cancel
  25. The good thing is it said the tests all came back Negative
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