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  1. Does anyone have any experience with how the Trip Insurance we purchased with our Cruise will be handled for the most recent round of cancellations. We booked directly through Royal and we bought trip insurance through them as well. Can we assume this will be refunded as well?
  2. So I went online last night and filled out the forms make our election to receive the 125% Cruise planner credit. The confirmation screen that came up was alittle vague. Is there anyway to confirm that I did it correctly? Worried I made a typo on the reservation number.
  3. We had an onboard credit too as part of our original booking. Do we get to keep that too?
  4. Our August Cruise was just Cancelled. We have alot of funds in Cruise Planner Purchases. I know if I sign up before July 10th we can 125% in credits to use on a future cruise. I assume that we will be able to use these for other cruise planner purchases. My question is related to how they calculate the 125%. Some of the items are pretty obvious, but on the drink package it has tax and gratuity. Does anyone know how they calculate that?
  5. @MikeSDTrying every avenue. Hoping someone will have a new suggestion. Unfortunately, some of the Board response have just been snarky and unproductive. We love royal, wouldn't want to cruise with anyone else. The other experience I related was resolved by RCCL. It just seems to be taking a lot more effort than it used too. Just wish we could find the right contact person at Royal to give us a real answer. Hoping someone will have a suggestion for something new to try.
  6. We actually have been very happy with Royal over the years, so much so that we are almost to Diamond Status. However, over the last couple years even with all the ship improvements, which we love, their IT department cant seem to keep up. We are planners and we like to get our stuff done in advance. We have actually been trying to work with them for several months making over a dozen calls and even more emails to resolve multiple issues, here are a few samples: - Excursions listed in Cruise Planner were for the Wrong Itinerary - No Excursions - Typos on the website - W
  7. Sad we are going to miss out on Black Friday Cruise Planner Deals because Royal Caribbean cant get their act together and make our Coco Cay Excursions available for our August 2020 IOS Sailing. Keep getting the run around. Frustrating because they control everything on Coco Cay but still cant seem to get them added for our sailing. We have a group of new cruisers going with us and they are not getting a good impression of RCCL.
  8. Has anyone else experienced problem with the RCCL website for bookings that are over a year away. We have the IOS booked next August. When we log in to the RCCL site it says " You Have 0 upcoming cruises". When you click add a cruise and enter the information it says this cruise has already been linked, but number stays "0". We have contacted RCCL but they just try it from their end and it say it works for them. There is a support ticket out there but nothing changes. The cruise planner is all messed up to. It only shows items for Europe, even though the Independence will be in the
  9. Royal Caribbean on their website says the Chill Island Cabanas now have USB ports and a Blue Tooth Speaker. None of the pictures I have seen of the updated cabanas show this. Does anyone know if they added this yet? What does the speaker look like, is it inside that Blue/Green round Cooler? Also, the cabanas by Oasis Lagoon have ceiling fans. Does anyone know if they are adding these to Chill Island too? Thank you!
  10. The photo above is of the Chill Island Cabanas before they changed the furniture. From what I have seen the three cabana areas that are open (Chill Island, Oasis & Waterpark) now all have the same furniture. Also the description for Chill Island NO longer includes floating mats. The other thing that is gone is the cooked to order lunch. Although we have heard that the Attendant will bring you food.
  11. We have one book for our June MoS sailing. Without some of the extras like the mats and the lunch it is becoming less attractive. We are thinking we might do a bungalow instead next time.
  12. Hi Matt, Thanks for your response. We have been watching these closely and RCCL posted a drone video of the entire island last night. Attached are a few screen shots. You can see they added 3 new cabana's (Without Porches), so these might actually be bungalows. Also, the building where the Bar and lunch used to be is missing. Only the Waverunner rental building remains. I Also took a second look at my reservation and here is the description of Drinks and the lunch location: Food & Drinks: Grab beverages at the nearby Wacky Seagull and Wacky Seagull Jr and help yoursel
  13. I saw some of the video of the newly opened Perfect Day. I attached this OLD cabana map - but in new photos it looks like they added three new smaller cabanas on the left where the beach chairs used to be - also they took out the bar/restaurant. Does any one know if there is a new map of just the Chill Island Cabanas and where you have to go for Drinks and Food. From the description it sounds like they moved it all farther away. If anyone is going to be there in the next month please post pictures. We have a Cabana Booked in June.
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