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  1. Deck 8 all the way for Central Park. Also try to get on the hump for more balcony space. Not a fan of connecting rooms.
  2. Check out the RC smoking policy under the RC FAQs: RC Smoking Policy (FAQ)
  3. 18 days until sailing (7-day) and the prices for Beverage and Voom have all increased above pre-Black Friday pricing Deluxe Bev = $60 Refresher Bev = $27.99 Voom Surf & Stream = $17.99 Voom Surf = $13.99 Not seeing any changes on excursions.
  4. Renting a Jeep for a self excursion in Cozumel. Finding a nice secludes spot for some snorkeling only to come back to find all our stuff including jeep stolen. Boy was that stupid, but we were young, in love, and CLUELESS, LOLing at myself.
  5. Also, keep in mind RC is trying to maximize their profits. So once the ship is near capacity they still want to get some extra $$ via Royal Up to free up lower cost rooms for last minute buyers. The only way I've heard of people knowing their room # well ahead of sailing date is if they purchase or upgrade to specific rooms (such as $$ suites).
  6. Nothing (my sail date is less then 30 days). All the changes I saw happened just before Thanksgiving week and most were changes back from recent price hikes. Really a bummer and just goes to show you should purchase as soon as you can and then adjust when you see lower prices.
  7. Think of it as a typical mid-range Hotel --> bar hand soap, shower dispenser for soap, shampoo & conditioner, box of facial tissue, couple rolls of TP, etc . If you want more of anything, ask your room attendant as soon as you see them. I usually ask for a couple of additional towels.
  8. Yea, not a fan of the bar code approach. Keep in mind, RC and Travel Agents are going to be pushing to fill the cruise, and obviously the lesser expensive rooms are usually easier to sell especially as the sailing date gets closer. This means they might bump people up (i.e. deck, location, and even room type) who purchased rooms earlier to make room for the new reservations. RC is trying to maximize profits, so by not giving you a room # give them the freedom to shift things around. Plus if you get bumped it feels like a bonus even though you did not know where you were originally. The on
  9. I've been using the 6-port Anker. I use this for my at home charging and have a 2nd one for travel (and eventual replacement). Had both of these for +2 years with no problems. Even taken internationally with adapter. I like that it has a 5ft cable to allow you to move it away from the clutter on tables or move it closer to a table depending on where outlets are. The 6-ports is great as I have to accommodate charging for my wife & kids. Always suggest switching everything to airplane mode for fast charging. https://smile.amazon.com/Anker-Charger-PowerPort-iPhone-Galaxy/dp/B00P936188/re
  10. I believe people have recommended the Surf & Stream ($$ Voom version) for apps like FaceTime.
  11. This is a known problem. Check other discussion threads for resolution as this has nothing to do with Black Friday sales. Its either your cache (clear it or use a different browser/device) or call RC to get them to re-activate your login account. Now back to Black Friday . . . . .
  12. Bummer and I do agree that it would be nice if RC made it more clear that the perks are tied to the particular stateroom and not the booking. I believe they are giving perks to both Boardwalk and Central Park balconies to alleviate the potential "noise" and lack of privacy.
  13. @Eddieb33we hear your pain, but there is not much we can offer you other then what you've already done. If you're looking for someone who might have experienced something similar so you can connect, then I wish you luck. If you are here to vent, then this may not be the best forum. We are a happy bunch getting excited for our upcoming cruises. Hppy sailing everyone.
  14. On Xmas sailing for HOTS: Delux Package = $56 Refreshment Package = $17 Soda Package = $6.99 Voom Inet = $11.99 Room Inet & Stream = $15.99
  15. I suggest looking on Youtube for people of have posted video tours of staterooms. There are plenty of them so just try to find the most current. From my observation the folks ongoing tase tours are pretty good about showing you the outlets, safe, refig, bathroom amenities, et. You can find various stateroom by deck on the RCI website. Just be sure to pay attention to when your ship had its last Reno as things do change, but usually for the better.
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