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  1. Unsurprising considering how the US has handled this to be honest. America cares more about the economy than human lives.
  2. Booking a cruise for late 2021. Any vacation that is restricted in such a way is no vacation at all. Saving that vacation time for sure.
  3. I’m down with reform that would bring less pollution, better working rights, and fair hours to the employees. These aren’t crazy things to say. People have been saying this type of stuff about the cruise industry for decades.
  4. Also considering children haven’t been in school for months, families will be more reluctant to remove their children from school during non vacation times as well. At least for the remainder of 2020.
  5. When it comes to cruising I think the time to cruise will be different for everyone. Some will opt to cruise immediately, some will wait for the first few waves of cruises and see what happens, others won’t be cruising for quite some time. The only thing that would cause me to be cautious about cruising is what would be the plan or course of action when someone inevitably has or catches CoVID 19 on a cruise. Secondly, for me at least I’m not paying for a vacation that has face masks and restrictions. I know many people on the forum cruise multiple times a year but for me I’ll likely
  6. This is a site for huge fans of cruising and specifically RC, of course there doesn’t need to be a vaccine for people to want to cruise. And honestly the biggest deterrent for me is that it wouldn’t be the full vacation experience because there would likely be many restrictions for me to be paying full price. Racking up that vacation time for when I can cruise worry free.
  7. We shall just agree to disagree I suppose. I am not one to judge what some feels as they go through something. The threshold of being okay isn’t if you are fed and have shelter.
  8. People are always so quick to say others have no right to complain because someone has it harder or worse than them. Why is hardship a contest? People struggling with their current situation aren’t invalidated because someone else is having a harder time. If anything both need to be addressed. It’s as if I can feel empathy for people stranded on a ship and those who lost their jobs at the same time. Crazy concept.
  9. It’s easy to call people stupid when you aren’t the ones stranded on a floating ship for 50 days. We have Americans in the street protesting because they have been at their houses too long. I just hope they find a resolution soon that brings them home safely.
  10. I know people really want to cruise but with all the measures that will likely be in place it doesn’t seem reasonable to pay full or near full price for a vacation that will likely have limited activities, stringent guidelines, masks everywhere, safety checks each port, etc. You just gonna eat and hangout in your room? I’ve been doing that for 6 weeks now.
  11. Cruise lines will easily be able to find cheap labor from other countries willing to work. That is certainly not the barrier they face.
  12. Pure speculation from me but I don’t think any of the major cruise lines want to be the first ones that return to sailing. It just seems way more advantageous to let someone else go first and either adopt things they are doing or learn from mistakes made in the first sailings.
  13. Looking at America the flu kills about 12,000 to 61,000 people a year. Covid 19 is at 38,000 in three months and that is with heavy social distancing measures. Covid is also more contagious than the seasonal flu as well. In terms of pneumonia that is at about 50,000 deaths per year. I don’t get what is so polarizing about this virus. In a shutdown America Covid-19 weekly numbers are passing the leading cause of death in America which is heart disease.
  14. I believe employers may claim they are keeping the workplace safe and may be safe-guarded by OSH Act. There are many new Covid-19 guidelines in place by OSHA. I don’t think it will be the employers asking where people are going but after the fact nervous coworkers telling their bosses that someone went on plane or cruise and they feel unsafe.
  15. I think you take a play book from how Disney started their reopening. You have to do it in waves. The first few sailings will surely not be at full capacity, and honestly many people will opt to not go on their cruises anyway so that works. Spread out all Dining seats and tables. same goes for the pool area. That have capacity limits activities like escape rooms may not be open immediately Hand washing EVERYWHERE The first few cruises are the most important. The media goes crazy if somethingCOVID related happens on those cruises. Unfair as that may be it’s t
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