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  1. Solid article and a good read. We are certainly living in interesting times.
  2. We aren’t sure if herd immunity will work on Covid-19 or if it does what percentage of the population must have it.Sometimes it can be low as 40% or as high as around 90%. We need a vaccine to have a safe way to take advantage herd immunity. Also people would need to actually take a vaccine but now people suddenly don’t like to do that. Which is why measles... MEASLES!!! pop up in communities.
  3. I just hope everyone is safe. For those who will be cruising when the cruise lines come back I truly hope the best. I’ll be watching all the videos anticipating my turn. Me and my girlfriend are extremely disappointed we can’t go on our first cruise. Such a bummer. I do eagerly look forward to when we can go again for sure though.
  4. I can limit my interactions with people and mitigate my chances of getting Covid-19 at the local grocery store with proper measures. I will definitely not being going to a sporting event or the movie theatre anytime soon I can surely tell you that. Luckily they pushed back all the good releases so I won’t be missing much anyway. I also unfortunately won’t be seeing her for months anyway considering what is going on. I had a cruise planned May 24th. Even if somehow it wasn’t cancelled no way I would be going on it. The hope is by the end of 2020 we have a vaccine and things can start to get back to normal. Until then we wait.
  5. I know personally I won’t be cruising until a vaccine is out. Therefore I will be eyeing an October 2021 cruise as the earliest possibility that will coincide with getting time off. As long as me and mine are safe I will gladly enjoy cruising. I go see my grandmother every week I could never go on a cruise knowing I possibly could put her in jeopardy. And it’s not just the cruise obviously. It’s the plane ride to Florida or Texas as well. Fun times will resume. And I can certainly wait till that happens.
  6. Cruising will surely be back in at least some capacity before the end of 2021. Barring some unforeseen issue. I do think it will take years to get back to levels of prosperity they enjoyed before the virus. Something I have learned though is that people who love cruising swear by it no matter what. So the loyalist will be ready to cruise.. They have been ready since the cruises got cancelled. The issue may come with first time cruise goers for a few years but that should come back once there is a Covid 19 vaccine and/or other preventive measures. What I’m really curious about is which company will be the first to allow passengers back on to cruise. Because those first few cruises will set the tone. The media would have a field day if cruising resumes and there is outbreak.
  7. I’m gonna plan one for likely mid to end of 2021 in the hope that there is a vaccine by then. I just want to go on my first cruise. I hear they are fun. I was gonna go May 24th this year but obviously that isn’t happening.
  8. Something I realized is that people who like going on cruises are a very strong resilient group of people. The minute they will be allowed to cruise again they will be back at it again no matter what has happened. The issue cruise lines may have is people who are going to be first time cruisers. Especially in the near future. Anecdotally, my first cruise was going to be May 24th. Now I likely wouldn’t go on a cruise until Mid 2021 at the earliest. Of course I can only speak for myself. And maybe others won’t follow such precautions.
  9. Why were there any cruises still out in March? I feel so bad for all the guests and crew.
  10. But does that take into account that many of those bookings are likely people who had cruises that needed to be rescheduled because of cancellations? I don’t think at this time the boom in bookings are from first time cruises who randomly decided in the midst of a pandemic to book a cruise for 2021.
  11. I was looking forward to my first cruise on May 24th. Now I think instead of cruising when this all clears up I will choose a different vacation type. We shall see.
  12. My cruise is May 24th from the same port. I’m sure it won’t actual happen so I’m just playing the waiting game for RC to cancel.
  13. What I fear is that people will rush to go on cruises too early or the cruise lines will open up as soon as possible causing spikes in the numbers again. This is a state heavily impacted prioritizing themselves and others.
  14. I would simply take the 100% refund as opposed to the 125% FCC. That’s what I hopefully get the opportunity to do for my cruise on May 24th.
  15. Oh definitely will do. If it gets within a week then I will contact my TA to cancel the cruise.
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