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  1. Yes, leaving from Southampton. That's what I thought. What got me confused is that email I received said 1 day prior for those not up to date. I hope Spain and France change their protocols for those like me not up to date. Thank you so much!
  2. Leaving tomorrow to UK not booster. Royal says in their health protocols if you are not up to date(booster) you can take a covid test 2 days prior to boarding. Today I received and email about my sailing saying 1 day test if not up to date now I'm confused. I want it to do the test at home just in case. Does anyone know what to do? Royal isn't updating their health protocols soon enough. They are still asking for covid test to Greece while Greece removed already all protocols.
  3. I dont understand why royal still has those protocols in place, since Greece removed all restrictions. I totally understand your headache.
  4. Is Royal Caribbean accepting certificate of recovery insted of the pre cruise covid test? We are in the US sailing from Southampton UK.
  5. This is awesome news!! We are flying to UK next Wednesday for a Spain , France cruise. It has been very stressful thinking about the return home.
  6. Family of 3 from US as well, same cruise. We are flying a day before the cruise. As right now UK has removed all covid restrictions.
  7. Where can I do the covid test in Southampton.. Does the terminal has a place to do the test? We don't have the booster vaccine, meaning we are not "up to date" we only have 1 day before embarkation. Flying from US.
  8. I had a total of 4 test through cvs in the last 4 months and I'm always wondering if I will soon get some statements on the mail from them apparently they are free of charge right?
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