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  1. We were planning to book a cruise for August, but now I'm really thinking about it twice
  2. I had a feeling this will happen. My cruise was April 12, Transatlantic. I canceled about a week ago so, no 125% FCC. I have FCC for the cruise fare I pay. What a mess!! Oh well, hopefully we can cruise something soon
  3. My cruise suppose to be April 12, but if the CDC recommended no gathering of 50 people or more for the next 8 weeks. How are we going to be sailing with thousands???
  4. What will happen if this is the case with FCC or we will just lose our money?
  5. Yes, I noticed They are trying to figure it out how to recover for all the money they have lost, I guess.
  6. Same here, I will prefer my money back. We got credit for future flights from Norwegian so we are stuck to flight with them. I bought insurance but I can only get money back if someone gets sick, plus a letter from a Doctor blablabla
  7. We can get the credit for future cruises. We bought the travel protection. I wonder if this will make us qualified for a full refund instead of the credit.
  8. I try to cancel my April 12, cruise. The agent told me I will have to wait until they contact me
  9. What a mess! Everything is so confusing.
  10. Are they still going to continue with the itinerary?
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