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  1. My March cruise it's canceled. I pay with FFC are they going to offer me another FFC or because they canceled my cruise twice I should get my money back??
  2. We are planning exactly the same thing. We love to cruise but Cancun has been our get away since it opened. Super fun and relaxing. Of course we sill miss crusing.
  3. I pay my March cruise with cruise credit plus extra money. If they cancel, I really hope I can just get my cash back.
  4. I have a reservations for March 7, I just want my money back at this point if they cancel. I already had a cruise certificate because I canceled before they did for a cruise that we had back on April 2020. I still have to pay more money on a 5 day cruise that I know is so overpriced My fear is that even if they cancel they won't give me a refund and they will try to give me that credit that I'm not longer have interest in. I would love to go back to crusing, I missed so much but it seems isn't happening and I don't want my money tied up anymore.
  5. I have a certificate credit for a cruise that I canceled back in March. Yesterday I booked a cruise for March 7, and I applied the credit that I have but I received an email charging me for the full amount of the cruise without discounting any of my credit that I already have. Why are they charging me for the full amount of the cruise?? Help!!
  6. Oh no!? Ok, so we will book anything for March and we will see what happens. Thanks for the information ?
  7. We canceled a cruise back at the end of March before our April cruise was canceled. We opted to get the credit. Since we canceled before they did, we weren't offered the 115% My question is.. we don't want the credit anymore. Can we get our money back?
  8. We were planning to book a cruise for August, but now I'm really thinking about it twice?
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