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  1. Probably because the Caribbean islands don't necessarily want to open their borders to tens of thousands of travellers coming through - and likely bringing Corona Virus with them. They do not have the capacity in their health care systems to deal with a significant outbreak on the islands. Just a thought?
  2. I feel like I heard $150 on the news today. Healthcare probably won’t cover it.
  3. Coming from Vancouver to FLL is long enough when we fly (usually a 15 hour day with a connection either in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, or Houston) - driving would be 50 hours if we didn't stop. It'll be a while before we get to board a ship. Hoping Dec 2021 isn't too optimistic (fingers crossed!)
  4. Right - I always confuse the two and correlate the border being closed with the quarantine... mostly because we had to quarantine in March this year and it wasn't a super positive experience and ends up having such a significant impact on school and work.
  5. You think they'll open that soon? I'm feeling like our Mexico vacation in March will be a no-go because I don't think Canada will lift the two week quarantine until after spring break. The last thing they want is everyone jetting out of here and then coming home and passing the virus on back at the schools. I bet the 2 week quarantine stays in place until summer 2021 (despite me being hopeful that it's before then), especially with cases on the rise all over the place right now. The caveat being if we can get a test that has a quick turnaround time mass produced for travelers landing
  6. I think it's going to be a safety issue which will be magnified by the public's perception (and media's reporting) of cruise ships as petrie dishes. We all know how people love to hold up cruising as the travel enemy (which is so strange when you consider its similarity to an all-inclusive). While I think we can all agree that it's not at all possible (or realistic) to have zero risk, the cruise lines cannot possibly consider sailing until people who are boarding the ship are coming from a place with an equally low risk. If people are boarding and are coming from a hot zone, the ri
  7. We lifted and shifted a Dec 2020 cruise to Dec 2021. RCCL cancelled my cruise planner booking for Labadee on May 6 when we moved the cruise. Still don't have my refund. Called RCCL today (60 calendar days - 45 business days) and have been told it was on hold and will be another 45 days before I get my money. So am looking at four months to get a refund. (insert facepalm here).
  8. With what’s happening in Florida right now I’d be amazed if any cruises sail out of Florida at all in 2020.
  9. Definitely pick one. We spent the day at the waterpark with our boys and stayed until they kicked us out - there’s a lot to do in there.
  10. Out of curiosity - how is the fitness level of this group that thought this was strenuous? We’re a pretty active and fit crew (me, DH, boys 12 and 10) and are considering doing blue hole. No judgement - just trying to sort through all this. The waterfalls look like a gong show in almost every photo I see, but I don’t want to get anyone in over their heads somewhere else either. TIA
  11. Isn’t it basic common sense that when you go to a restaurant you wait to be seated? Short of a fast food place I can’t remember the last time I was at a “seat yourself” restaurant. Especially if you look around and see that menus aren’t on the table. It feels sometimes like people are so worried about not getting the best table or having to wait 2 or 3 minutes for something means they’ve been slighted in some way. Everyone needs to chill out. The world won’t end. The ship isn’t going to run out of food. Wait a couple minutes. Talk to some people. Enjoy the view. Take a brea
  12. OOhh - we just got off Allure yesterday with Luciano... you're in for a good week. I did feel for him a bit though - we had zero pre-cruise communication with him... just a few emails from Alan (responses were always fast and complete though). It was Luciano's first week on Allure last week and I wonder if his head was spinning a bit! He is so lovely though. Anything you want (within reason) he will make it happen for you as long as you ask for it - I learned not to anticipate him reading my mind (same with my husband - lol). I didn't get the sense that he is a super proactive genie (
  13. So... that just happened. Turns out that cruising in a group of 7, with 4 boys is a LOT busier than I ever anticipated and the whole "live" portion of the blog went completely out the window. We got home super late last night and are getting our feet under us today (kids actually went to school) and I'm plowing through a million work emails... I will attempt to recap and recount over the next few days. Needless to say - we all woke up this morning in official Starr Class Withdrawal (whaddaya mean there's no starbucks waiting for me on the table???)
  14. The room is great. 2 dbl or queen - I’m not sure. We divide and conquer and each snuggle a kid for the night. Big bathroom with a great tub that. We don’t have time to enjoy - and the view of the tarmac is mesmerizing
  15. It’s a really happening. Sitting in the lounge at the YVR Fairmont enjoying (a bit too much) vino and charcuterie. Kids are being tucked into bed as we speak, there’s hockey on the TV, and a pretty good singer in this lounge. We have a stellar room on the 10th floor looking out on the international gates. Kids are loving the view and watching airplanes. The lounge here is one of my favourite places on earth. Service is a smidge slow - but we don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow, so whatevs. Also - and I may be partial because I’m from here - but this airport
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