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  1. We lifted and shifted a Dec 2020 cruise to Dec 2021. RCCL cancelled my cruise planner booking for Labadee on May 6 when we moved the cruise. Still don't have my refund. Called RCCL today (60 calendar days - 45 business days) and have been told it was on hold and will be another 45 days before I get my money. So am looking at four months to get a refund. (insert facepalm here).
  2. With what’s happening in Florida right now I’d be amazed if any cruises sail out of Florida at all in 2020.
  3. Definitely pick one. We spent the day at the waterpark with our boys and stayed until they kicked us out - there’s a lot to do in there.
  4. Out of curiosity - how is the fitness level of this group that thought this was strenuous? We’re a pretty active and fit crew (me, DH, boys 12 and 10) and are considering doing blue hole. No judgement - just trying to sort through all this. The waterfalls look like a gong show in almost every photo I see, but I don’t want to get anyone in over their heads somewhere else either. TIA
  5. Isn’t it basic common sense that when you go to a restaurant you wait to be seated? Short of a fast food place I can’t remember the last time I was at a “seat yourself” restaurant. Especially if you look around and see that menus aren’t on the table. It feels sometimes like people are so worried about not getting the best table or having to wait 2 or 3 minutes for something means they’ve been slighted in some way. Everyone needs to chill out. The world won’t end. The ship isn’t going to run out of food. Wait a couple minutes. Talk to some people. Enjoy the view. Take a breath - you’re on vacation!!! And if you’re in that much of a hurry - then that’s your issue. Late for a show? Plan your day better. Plans didn’t go accordingly? Maybe modify dinner expectations. Your emergency isn’t someone else’s responsibility. (Not “you” specifically, I refer to the Royal “you” 🤣)
  6. OOhh - we just got off Allure yesterday with Luciano... you're in for a good week. I did feel for him a bit though - we had zero pre-cruise communication with him... just a few emails from Alan (responses were always fast and complete though). It was Luciano's first week on Allure last week and I wonder if his head was spinning a bit! He is so lovely though. Anything you want (within reason) he will make it happen for you as long as you ask for it - I learned not to anticipate him reading my mind (same with my husband - lol). I didn't get the sense that he is a super proactive genie (which was totally awesome for us as we just wanted to take it easy for the week) - but we did receive a lovely surprise from him one day. I don't know what suite you're in - but if you have Karen as your suite attendant (we were in 10730 - 2 BR ATS) - you have won the lottery. She's easily the kindest and one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She is spectacular.
  7. So... that just happened. Turns out that cruising in a group of 7, with 4 boys is a LOT busier than I ever anticipated and the whole "live" portion of the blog went completely out the window. We got home super late last night and are getting our feet under us today (kids actually went to school) and I'm plowing through a million work emails... I will attempt to recap and recount over the next few days. Needless to say - we all woke up this morning in official Starr Class Withdrawal (whaddaya mean there's no starbucks waiting for me on the table???)
  8. The room is great. 2 dbl or queen - I’m not sure. We divide and conquer and each snuggle a kid for the night. Big bathroom with a great tub that. We don’t have time to enjoy - and the view of the tarmac is mesmerizing
  9. It’s a really happening. Sitting in the lounge at the YVR Fairmont enjoying (a bit too much) vino and charcuterie. Kids are being tucked into bed as we speak, there’s hockey on the TV, and a pretty good singer in this lounge. We have a stellar room on the 10th floor looking out on the international gates. Kids are loving the view and watching airplanes. The lounge here is one of my favourite places on earth. Service is a smidge slow - but we don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow, so whatevs. Also - and I may be partial because I’m from here - but this airport is my favourite ever. There’s lots to explore when wandering (even before security), great food options for all price pints and time frames, and the architecture is above and beyond what is required from an airport. The upside-down cabin not excepted, but exceptional. Lol. Off to zzz soon for a 5am wake up. Heaven help me. Can not wait to get to Florida
  10. Just to clarify timeline - we are sailing Dec 8 star class and received the questionnaire (posted above) on October 7 - so 2 months before sailing. Then one month prior to sail date we started to receive emails from our Genie, and it is in these emails that we've specified dining requests, boarding day lunch, etc.
  11. Eldest son this morning as he dragged himself downstairs for breakfast "So - mum - you excited?" Me "About what? You eating your breakfast so you're not late for school? Yes ... very" Him - sideye Me "About the rain today and the freezing cold weather (a balmy 2 degrees) of course - I love cold weather" Him - sideye Me "About going on vacation, maybe a little" Him - I CAN'T WAIT We're in the final week of school - and the boys aren't sleeping very well. I'm super excited but also managing our busy schedule as we still have three practices, two games, one volunteer/fundraising event, one dr appointment, one orthodontist appointment, three hair appointments, one nail appointment, work, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something in there. Oh yeah - I have to pack and get the laundry done and house cleaned. I feel like a need a vacation just from getting ready to go on vacation! On an exciting note - eldest son has been growing his hair for nearly three years. He decided to grow his lid out to donate his locks to wigs for kids with cancer - and we have finally achieved optimum length. Have been running a little fundraiser on the charity's website and he's almost at $1,000 - and he's getting his lid cut on Thursday evening (thankfully hockey game was scheduled to Wednesday so we have an evening at home to get ready). I'm so excited to see him with short hair - and my budget for conditioner is going to decrease significantly (which may help with future cruise budgets!). Child #2 is also growing his out - and he's still a few months away from a cut, and I'm looking forward to seeing both my boys with short hair. It's been quite a time for both boys as they've been asked "and what would she like?" in restaurants, or "and how are you ladies doing" in stores, and I've been told countless times "your girls are so well behaved" so I'm sure they'll be happy to be rid of these comments. They handle it like pros and gently correct the speaker, but I know it cuts a little bit when you're a tween boy! Yay for short hair on this trip - with all the snorkeling it's a tangly mess usually! DH and I are also enjoying teasing the boys about "what will your friends do when we're in the suite lounge for chill-out time in the afternoon?" "Maybe we should have the boys for a sleepover one night?" They've no idea that we're all in one room - and I feel like I deserve a medal for not telling them. Hopefully they're not disappointed with not being in a loft suite - they've been talking about it a lot! Fun bag is mostly packed with all the games, toys, sunscreen, beach bag, and snorkel gear. Hopefully their summer shoes still fit because I'm not sure I'll have time this week to source out new ones if they don't! Four sleeps until pre-departure hotel stay. All quiet from our genie - not sure if Alan has left the ship yet and Luciano is on board, but we can't wait to meet him!
  12. When you open your app - click on the "person" icon at the top of the screen. A new screen will appear and there should be a big button that says "view SetSail Pass"
  13. We are in single digits. Happy dance! Just have to make it through the work and hockey schedule for one more week!!! Have had a successful few games Eldest son scored his first ever goal on Sunday (3rd year of hockey- and 3rd year of skating. The struggle has been real!). And youngest son has been playing better and better each game and keeping the team in the mix after our team got tiered up and our competition is tough! Squeaked out a tie the other night against a team that beat us 10-4 in pre-season, and parents on the other team were asking “did you guys get a new goalie? He’s on fire!” Proud hockey Mum here - will require a champagne celebration when we are on board! 🍾 ❤️ Haven’t started packing yet - but the list is done and the suitcases are out and all pre-cruise shopping is done. Also scored $150 saving on a photo package - so was pretty chuffed about that. AND scored an over the water cabana for our December 2020 cruise. #forthewin woot!
  14. You can usually check in online 24 hours prior to departure. That lets them know you’re coming. Verifies your data and luggage. Usually that’s when you can pay for your checked baggage also (do it in advance to speed things up at the airport). Typically you can select seats at this time also - sometimes there is a fee and sometimes there isn’t. When you get to the airport they will typically tag your bags, verify your checkin and they will take your luggage to go on the aircraft. Keep in mind they have to have it an hour before departure. I’d suggest getting to the airport 2 hours prior to departure (especially for your first flight and learning to navigate all the steps). you May have to wait in line to drop your bags - sometimes they are long. After you leave your bags at the counter you have to navigate security. Again, this can take a while. I’ve whipped through in 10 minutes and have waited an hour. if you give yourself 2 hours prior to departure you should be good to go. have fun!!!
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