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  1. Exactly. You have to be vaccinated to come to Canada, and provide a PCR test upon entry. If you're not vaxxed and not a citizen you're denied entry. If you're not vaxxed and ARE a citizen you have to quarantine for 2 weeks. It's a gong show. I have a friend who is a fully vaxxed citizen of Australia who's been in Canada for 2 years on a permit - and to get home he has to quarantine at his own expense at a hotel (approx 8,000) and that's if he can even get a flight! No flights from Vancouver to Oz, so he's gone to LA to stay with relatives so he can be available for a last minute flight home.
  2. Bahamas isn't the only country requiring visitors to be vaccinated. The US will have this exact same policy starting Nov 8. As will many many others. It sucks for those who aren't vaccinated, big time ... but I think to assume it's a roundabout way to get at Florida's rules is a stretch.
  3. Agreed - apparently the kids' dose is 1/3 of adult dose... and they can't pull it from current adult vials as there is concern about whether the vaccine would have all the correct bits in it that you need (think of shaking up your OJ before you drink it). So the kids' doses need to be manufactured and distributed. They're going to need about 8-10 weeks before we see kids being fully vaxxed after its approval.
  4. If you’re looking to book on-board shows I think they open up much closer to your sail date. We’re about 50 days out and shows haven’t opened up yet in our planner. Hang tough - they’ll show up though. I remember previous cruises I think it was about a month’ish before they showed up in the planner
  5. They are? We just got re-routed from Labadee/Falmouth to Cozumel and Costa Maya. Why would the route out of Cozumel? I'd be happy to hit St. Maartin or St. Thomas personally....
  6. Hi - a friend of mine has had this exact query whenever she travels with her kids and 95% of the time she is not asked for documentation. But she has been asked. It just takes one agent/TSA officer to have a bad day and decide to go by the letter of the law to ruin your trip. I would say get it, bring it, and if you never have to use it - great. But if you do need it I guarantee it'll be the best $50 you ever spent to get a letter notarized. You would only need it at boarding.
  7. Hopefully it's an "under-promise and over-deliver" situation. It would be nice to get them going before they go back to school in January. Nonetheless - it's huge progress.
  8. Omgosh. It’ll be close for you - but completely doable! I’ve got my fingers crossed to get my 11 year old one shot before we go - but it’ll be limited shore time for him this cruise. #FirstWorldProblem
  9. Literally the best news I've had in 20 months!!! 53 days !!!
  10. I’m guessing you live in America. Yes - rules are different elsewhere around vaccines that were never used in the states.
  11. OMG - this is fantastic news!!! Thanks @smokeybandit I imagine RCCL will be soon
  12. We did the Turtle Bay in 2019 and loved it. No bus ride - we walked off the ship and onto the boat that took us to a couple of different snorkeling locations. The snorkeling was OK - saw some life for sure (turtles and rays), and the guides were really great. I'm always hesitant about too much booze when on a boat and headings snorkeling as I fear , but they did offer drinks after we were done swimming (maybe before... but I can't remember). But we had a great day... and to top if off the sun was setting as we were heading back to the ship and it was spectacular. Then after the sailboat docked it was a 2 minute walk back to the ship. Heads up - make sure you have something warm to wear for after snorkeling and returning the boat to the marina - it can get chilly and a wet towel doesn't really cut it.. my littles (11 and 9 at the time) were chilly and wished they had a hoodie or sweatshirt.
  13. So the CDC now recognizes those who have had mixed vaccines as fully vaccinated for the new travel requirements beginning in November. I wonder how long it will take royal Caribbean to modify its vaccine policy to match the CDC recommendation! This is such good news for us! There are a fair number of us up here who got Astra Zeneca & Moderna (or Pfizer)!! So happy today Quote from CDC site: Interpretation of vaccine records: CDC has not recommended the use of heterologous (i.e., mix-and-match) primary series. However, the use of such strategies (including mixing of mRNA, adenoviral, and mRNA plus adenoviral products) is increasingly common in many countries outside of the United States. Therefore, for the purposes of interpretation of vaccination records, individuals can be considered fully vaccinated ≥2 weeks after receipt of the last dose if they have received any single dose of an FDA approved/authorized or WHO EUL approved single-dose series (i.e., Janssen), or any combination of two doses of an FDA approved/authorized or WHO emergency use listed COVID-19 two-dose series. The recommended interval between the first and second doses of FDA-approved/authorized and WHO-EUL listed vaccines varies by vaccine type. However, for purposes of interpretation of vaccine records, the second dose in a two dose heterologous series must have been received no earlier than 17 days (21 days with a 4 day grace period) after the first dose.
  14. Check to see if your credit card has been charged - that's how we've found out about our royal ups in the past... even before an email from RCCL
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