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  1. OMG - The art auction. I don't even know why I care that it's there - maybe because it's never really the "deal" that they project it to be and it feels like people are being taken advantage of or fooled into buying something that they are told is worth more than it is. I just cannot understand why on earth someone would buy art on a cruiseship. It seems so strange. And then the pain of shipping it home. It's bizarre. And while I know some people look forward to the bionic bar - I truly miss the champagne lounge. It was such a great place to grab a cocktail or glass of bubbles before a wander around the promenade. I know there are other bars - but just somewhere more "loungy" on the ship is missed by me and my hubs.
  2. It's random testing, and only at airports, so if you're sailing it's unlikely you'll be tested. Especially since everyone is tested prior to boarding the ship.
  3. No - I don't.. and frankly the hassle of then figuring out what we have vs. what we don't have isn't much of an advantage. In this case I knew it was my bag (not my husband's or my kids') so I knew exactly what was missing, and what I would need to get through the week. If we had cross-packed I'd be buying various clothes for various people and it really complicates everything for a family of four. It would have been nice if they lost the kids' bag for the week - it would have been a quick trip to GAP for a few things and they wouldn't have cared one way or another lol
  4. I sailed in December (flying in from Vancouver - Calgary - Orlando) - and upon landing in Orlando my suitcase was the only one in our family not to arrive. The airlines were not (and I'm guessing are still not) equipped to handle sending your suitcase to a port of call. In my case I ended up at Target at 11:00 at night trying to find some basic clothes to get me through 7 days at sea . This was no small feat as Target, even in Orlando, stocks mostly "winter" clothes in December and cruise-weather clothes were hard to come by. Luckily we were sailing star class and I just sent my stuff out every day to be laundered. When the ship returned to Port Canaveral my suitcase was at MCO so we swung by the airport to pick it up on our way to the hotel (we had an extra day in Orlando after our cruise). The airline (Westjet) reimbursed me for all my clothes and toiletries that I purchased, with the exception of the suitcase that I had to buy to haul all my stuff in (which is so dumb - what was I supposed to put it in? A giant target bag - a la "the Clampets come to Harmony of the Seas?" haha Lesson learned - you really can get by on a cruise with one dress, one bathing suit, one coverup, basic makeup (luckily my shoes and accessories were in a different bag), one pair of shorts and one pair of pants and a couple tshirts. It wasn't ideal as I had basically bought a whole wardrobe to wear on the cruise - but after my initial meltdown when I accepted that my bag wouldn't make it I let it go and decided to not let it ruin my week. As a follow up - we sailed again in April, this time out of Miami on Symphony... and guess what. Landed... no bags. Shocker. In this case we missed a connecting flight in Toronto and were re-booked to get to Miami on Delta via ATL. We had a 6 hour layover in Toronto, so one would assume our bags would have been able to be moved onto this flight - but ... apparently not. Luckily they made it on a later flight - also into ATL, then to FLL where they landed at midnight and were delivered to our hotel at about 3 in the morning. Tremendous effort by Delta crew at FLL - I was shocked our bags made it. But after December, I was fully prepared to do some shopping - and Miami in the morning would have been more fun than Target at 11:00pm lol We just flew to the states again this month and had a connecting flight through Calgary again - I now have air tags in all my bags. While it won't help me get it back in a pinch - I would at least have an idea of whether or not I need to immediately go shopping for essentials rather than waiting to hear back from airlines... especially if I'm going on a cruise because before we leave the gate I can see if my suitcases are on the airplane.
  5. I wouldn't invest in a day pass at Atlantis for a 5 year old. By the time you taxi over there, and then have to leave to be back on board for departure you really don't have a tonne of time to ride the slides. Additionally, he's probably not even tall enough to ride a lot of the slides. I think you'll be disappointed. We took our boys who were 9 and 11 at the time and the lineups for slides are long so we didn't really get to take full advantage of the slides... it was less than ideal - but still an experience for kids who are tall enough. What about a beach day? Or a day-pass to margaritaville or something? It's walkable from the port - or at most a short taxi ride. Can swim in ocean or pool, there are slides there, access to sun and shade and food. Or get tickets to the Aquarium at Atlantis - it's supposed to be impressive.
  6. If you can drop luggage first and then the car - it's a 10 minute walk straight down Hornby back to Canada Place, so if you're mobile it might be faster to walk - especially with traffic around the port.
  7. Ya. I already tried that - sorry I should have included this in my earlier post. We’ve been on lots of cruises and I’ve never had this happen before. I can access the cruise planner to make purchases on the website - so that is working fine and tells me the reservation is fine. So weird. I’m assuming the app is available on Mariner - it’s listed in the “supported ships”
  8. So I have some cruises in my app - we sail in Mariner this year, but the app doesn’t open to allow me to see dining, etc. Yet our sailing next year on Allure DOES have that option. I also see the allure sailing has the “my sailing tag” on it but the Mariner doesn’t. Any thoughts on why this is happening or how it can be fixed? Thanks in Advance
  9. Pretty sure if you're sick with covid they aren't going to send you food that will make you feel worse. They will honour dietary requirements/restrictions.
  10. Our Genie said we would not have Hairspray next week. I think they’re aiming for May.
  11. we just bring a bluetooth speaker - the sound quality is great for a stateroom... and even on a beach day if we can get away from people we'll use it to listen to our own music that we play from our downloaded spotify lists.
  12. Can anyone in this group give an idea of capacity on the ship for your cruise? Thanks
  13. She’s a Geisha at Izumi Lovely Sauvignon Blanc at Trellis Bar Anything on the rising tide (love the people watching - and the ride doesn’t make me dizzy ) mojito pool side yum
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