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  1. Agreed! We spend a lot of time up there in the summer and it’s amazing. Feel free to hit me up if you need recco’s on activities and food nothing like a glacier-fed lake to cool off in the middle of an epic bike ride!
  2. People can barely manage their behaviour and adhere to covid rules on flights and in airports (never mind grocery stores and malls) - doesn't seem like putting several hundred/thousand on a ship ... with booze... and sending them off to motor around the Caribbean is even on the horizon in the world of things the CDC is worried about. In fact it's about the opposite - here in BC the premier is looking at the legality of not allowing residents of other provinces into BC (the Charter won't allow such a prohibition on movement), so that tells us where we're at in terms of non-essential tra
  3. I used to be "meh" with Labadee - but it is now one of our favourite, beach-do-absolutely-nothing-but-chill-out-and-relax days (where we don't feel guilty like we "should have" done some exploring or gotten out and done something). The beaches are easy to get to - so there's no stress about making it back to the ship on time. Food and beverage is everywhere and is included in your cruise price, the water is amazing, tonnes of chairs whether you want sun, shade, or a cabana. Love it here. Kids too. And if you WANT to do stuff - there are things to keep you busy and active. If we
  4. For the same amount of money - maybe consider a different activity that might be more rewarding, in terms of memories or quality time together. The prices are inflated - which is to be expected, and the massages aren't terrible... but is there an excursion you could explore? Or a couples massage on land that might be better priced, support a local economy, and provide a better experience? I've had three massages on board various ships - and they've all been fine... but for the extra price I always had a bit of buyer's remorse at the end and I don't book them any more
  5. Main Dining Room - We really like exploring other options (when we travel as 4) - having said that, when we travel as 10 with the whole extended family - MDR is their favourite, especially lobster night, which we don't understand but we go (it's never as good as it's cracked up to be - cracked... ha - see what I did there ) Stay up later and take an afternoon nap to support this decision Try staying on board on a port day when we've been to the port before (except Puerto Rico - where it seems a lot of people stay on board). I've yet to experience a quiet ship while everyone is of
  6. If I recall, Thorogood was also a fan of one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer Either way - I like the way he thinks - haha!
  7. I feel like it's not even a day on a cruise ship without my coffee and my mimosa I miss cruising. I should be half packed right now for a Dec 5 departure
  8. Wow - I've only started seeing this last week!
  9. Probably because the Caribbean islands don't necessarily want to open their borders to tens of thousands of travellers coming through - and likely bringing Corona Virus with them. They do not have the capacity in their health care systems to deal with a significant outbreak on the islands. Just a thought?
  10. Coming from Vancouver to FLL is long enough when we fly (usually a 15 hour day with a connection either in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, or Houston) - driving would be 50 hours if we didn't stop. It'll be a while before we get to board a ship. Hoping Dec 2021 isn't too optimistic (fingers crossed!)
  11. Right - I always confuse the two and correlate the border being closed with the quarantine... mostly because we had to quarantine in March this year and it wasn't a super positive experience and ends up having such a significant impact on school and work.
  12. You think they'll open that soon? I'm feeling like our Mexico vacation in March will be a no-go because I don't think Canada will lift the two week quarantine until after spring break. The last thing they want is everyone jetting out of here and then coming home and passing the virus on back at the schools. I bet the 2 week quarantine stays in place until summer 2021 (despite me being hopeful that it's before then), especially with cases on the rise all over the place right now. The caveat being if we can get a test that has a quick turnaround time mass produced for travelers landing
  13. I think it's going to be a safety issue which will be magnified by the public's perception (and media's reporting) of cruise ships as petrie dishes. We all know how people love to hold up cruising as the travel enemy (which is so strange when you consider its similarity to an all-inclusive). While I think we can all agree that it's not at all possible (or realistic) to have zero risk, the cruise lines cannot possibly consider sailing until people who are boarding the ship are coming from a place with an equally low risk. If people are boarding and are coming from a hot zone, the ri
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