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  1. Oh no, NOT shenanigans! "Oh dear, oh my, Lippy" (Seriously no disrespect to the "OP" ...just tickled my funny bone ;>)
  2. 🥩🦞 Coastal Kitchen would be the tie breaker for me too
  3. Using deck five to move forward/back to avoid the Esplanade below is the main tip I give for this class of ship. "CafeTwo70" might be out of the way but some real nice munchies can be found there.
  4. So my new political party is TROPICAL! (how topical 😈)
  5. Even though I am an old phart I firmly believe "bots" will end up doing most of the heavy lifting for us in this arena. The mothership for our franchise already has this yet I still enjoy "the hunt" as I wind down my franchise. My all time favorite (have told before but still kewl) was finding "GS" for a customer that was less $ than their aft balcony on a Radiance class ship. No drop in their category and no drop in the junior suites, yet the "GS" was less than both of them (for around 36 hours anyway yet it wasn't a glitch, just none had sold until then). A "bot" wouldn't have know to even look for that.....yet ;>)
  6. As a retiring t/a (not tied to MEI ;>) I think this was wonderful!
  7. Appreciate that, wanted a career but my first wife couldn't handle the lifestyle. I was in TAC so all of the classics for the F4 and F105. I specialized in the Falcon (AIM-4) since it was so messy with hydraulic fluid but Sidewinders (AIM-9), Sparrows (AIM-7) and the Mavericks (AGM-65) were each in different diagnostic bays (seems like we did more painting than electronics though ;>)
  8. There are more military discounts "out there" than I seen in many years. I preferred the way "Princess" did it, submit the proof once, prior to the sail date, and it remained in your file with them. Enjoyed the banter on this thread so far, even being enlisted USAF ;>) Even though I was only an E-4, I was selected to do a year as a missile crew chief prior to my SE Asia tour. Much safer in northern Thailand than supervising Larry, Moe and Curly Joe at "George Air Force Base" in the California desert.
  9. swinging and cruisinforabruisin as the OP soitenly twisted my mind retired "LEO" brain around the pole 🙊🙉🙈
  10. In yesterdays "Coffee Talk" with agents the "OY" delivery delay was brought up. Me Goldner replied we'd hear w/in the next week or 2. I'm still hoping for original sail date of 11-5 but I've always been an optimist (even with a nickname like Hagar the Horrible ;>)
  11. Been there and cruised that 🙃 The older I get the more I enjoy just watching y'all have fun while I mostly hang out on the ship.
  12. "Who's on first?" What? No he's on second .................. 😈
  13. I can't help but picture their "IT" as something out of a "Despicable Me" movie right now 🤡😱 🤡
  14. I carry my discharge form (DD214) when I qualify for the discount but have only been asked for it once. I doubt that the agent even knew what to look for since my qualifier is from the Viet Nam era but I certainly understand that it could be abused.
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