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  1. About 8 years ago Carnival actually provided me with a "comp" cabin for a 7 night interior. I was already "Loyal to Royal" but as a t/a I didn't have an issue with being open-minded. My conclusion was to ask myself the question "how do I sell this when I didn't even enjoy it for free?" I did respond accordingly when Carnival asked for my review but I also provided specific issues that I felt they needed to adress. Lastly, I know any cruise line can get a failing grade for any given run. Royal has certainly dropped the ball more than once during our climb to "Pinnacle" status but that same "C&a
  2. To me, value is the key thing. With 100+ cruises of my own, I still book a variety of cabins (from a promenade view to a Loft suite). Summer of 2022 will wrap up 15 years as a cruise travel agent but I always love to share my 2 cents with other cruisers. So for this topic I'll repeat a tidbit; When the cruise has been taken, did I get a good value? Lazy itinerary- what is the largest accomodation your budget would like to spend? Busy itinerary-what is smallest accomodation you will be happy with? Sure it's a generalization, but a good starting point.
  3. My two pennies; In some aspects, I believe so. Foot traffic does bottleneck on deck 4 (so I try to use deck 5 to avoid the shoppers, etc). The lack of width and neighborhoods on the Quantum class might be off-putting to some but you do have bumper cars, "270 theater," and "IFly" to ease the pain.
  4. Pretty sure she is heading straight to Singapore next March
  5. I managed to use my cruise shoehorn to squeeze in the 7-night run next January
  6. As an agent I was able to ask my SAM (strategic account manager} to research this very question for a client. They swear it is the same bathroom configuration for the J3 on the Odyssey. Since Royal is infamous for their "glitches," I will still keep my digits crossed until we hear back from someone onboard though.
  7. Spending my 2 pennies on the "2a" option
  8. Just asked if I could apply one for a customer sailing in October of 2022 and the answer was "no, not yet."
  9. Feel like you just asked the choir if it likes to sing? I love to do a couple of weeks on the same ship, whether it's a B2B or a transatlantic. But when I booked a 3 week transpacific on Explorer, I did wonder if I was stretching the rubber band too tight. Today, just as I felt at the end of that run, I still say "let's do that again!"
  10. The teaser (the news we have been all been waiting for) is "out there" for tomorrow's "Coffee Talk" with Vicki Freed. I know Matt has an "in" so stay tuned to this fantastic site!
  11. Had customers who LOVED aft corner of deck 7 on the "RH" Any search engine should provide many of these;
  12. You aren't wrong but maybe a glimmer of hope for ya. Prices shot upwards due to the crush created by cancellations, "lift & shift," and being able to reschedule so many runs. But with the new deployments out and a bunch of us having moved some our cruises out of the line of fire (hopefully), I am starting to see things level out somewhat. During this past week 2 of my customers got price drops as well as a couple of my personal bookings dropped. This leaves many of my Royal bookings unchanged but wanted to throw my 2 cents in the mix. Fortunately my franchise run of fifteen ye
  13. I agree with the passenger calling in directly. Not because I am a lazy t/a but just so they are hearing all of the options and making sure they have their FULL legal names entered correctly. I would suggest making sure you have a very good idea of what your wants/needs are prior to placing that call though. Using the airlines site, search engines or even recommendations from the "boards" can be quite helpful in arming you with useful info. Several years ago I did find an international one-way in business class that was only a couple of hundred US$ more than an economy seat. Rare?
  14. I did the first t/a when "EPIC" was brand new even though she is "UGHH-LEE!" But their suite program was ahead of it's time and we had one of the best cruises of our lives in one of their forward-facing "owner's suites." Still loyal though with over 80% of my cruises being with Royal
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