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  1. Pre Covid you would have had plenty of time to spare since they do a great job of getting you up and outta there!
  2. Even though I will hit my third spire at the end of 2022, I have never cruised in a STAR class suite. BUT a 2-BDRM Aqua IS my only booking in 2023 since I knew not to "go there" until I was ready to put that cherry on top of my "past cruises list."
  3. Last month, we both did ours with cellphone and no issues at all
  4. Air2Sea has 1 P.M. onward as the time to book flights out post-cruise and they are usually very conservative. My 2 cents say gopher it, Hagar (the Horrible)
  5. Gives me chills just thinking about the only time my flight was diverted to LGA due to a problem at EWR. Fought my way through horrific traffic to arrive within an hour of embarkation {SHUDDER}
  6. Whoops, my 15 years as an agent ends next July so haven't been accepting any new customers for some time. Thirty it is!
  7. Booking it yourself and transferring to your agent w/in the 60 day window is a viable option.
  8. Been there and done that more than once for a particular customer. Based on that experience, you are receiving accurate info on this thread
  9. Just in one on Symphony and we did love being on 17, and Coastal was phenomenal! Only negative was going upstairs in the suite. Bottom step kept trying to kill me since it just seemed "off"......and we can't both be
  10. Lines were not separated but the way you proceed from checkpoint to checkpoint, it kept it flowing smoothly.
  11. Boarded her last month without difficulty
  12. They had a technical "glitch" that delayed it one night last month (October 9th run) but the show the following day was phantastic!
  13. Status for children does hit a D+ ceiling but that doesn't mean they won't be allowed to join their parents for breakfast in a specialty venue. Royal loves to keep us all guessing anyway don't they?
  14. The only time I was asked for my DD-214 at the pier, I swear I could have just as easily have handed the rep an old "E-ticket" from Disneyland
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