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  1. "Squirrel!" would be my got to response also. But when I do have my 5-cent shingle out (laymen, not pro ;>), I suggest quid pro quo.....something like "I won't annoy you with how I feel about the cruise industry if you don't embellish the facts" might be a good trade-off.
  2. Hi, I'm Rob and i am an "aft junkie" But seriously, I have done this in Alaska and loved it! We adjusted quite easily to looking at where you have been instead of where you are going. The break from the wind chill is a big plus too. The negative for this class of ship will be that you are on deck ten which is under the outdoor dining area.
  3. Waving a big me too for the "woulda beens" on both runs on "OY"
  4. I was on the Serenade repo from BOS-FLL exactly one year ago. Returned to have torn retina surgery that same month, a minor stroke this past March and cataract surgery in June. No pity party, though! Losing weight, exercising and ready to meet more new friends in February on the Empress and Allure
  5. Royal is probably hectic again but the length and type of stateroom should stay the same (category might change due to class of ship). And you have a large window, 4 weeks prior to, and 4 weeks after your original sail date (except for the holiday issue in Decmber). So don't just throw it at the wall once since you have probably read that Royal is infamous for "glitches" and calling to get a completely different answer.
  6. I have wrestled with this on my Pinnacle journey and two cruises usually won out. Hard to regret going on two adventures instead of one
  7. Just double checked and mine are still intact Even still have boarding pass from Viking Serenade 09/01/90 from our honeymoon!
  8. Only used it about 8-10 times (my own and a few customers) but ALL of them ended up being a "JS." The brass ring must have been grabbed by someone "out there."
  9. Delta really set the bar high for SEA-TAC, including a check-in counter right in the bus bay when you arrive. I could always do an early flight post-cruise, but as has been mentioned, those just might be the "good old days."
  10. Wait times for me to get through to the initial point of contact has been quite rapid this past week, including this weekend actually. After they have to call "resolutions" is another story Hope you are able to "get 'er done!"
  11. I've gotten through right away for the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can keep up that level of response. Only log jam has been if/when the rep has to call "resolutions" to authorize the change I'm requesting for my customers. Wishing you the same success!
  12. Oh no, NOT shenanigans! "Oh dear, oh my, Lippy" (Seriously no disrespect to the "OP" ...just tickled my funny bone ;>)
  13. Coastal Kitchen would be the tie breaker for me too
  14. Using deck five to move forward/back to avoid the Esplanade below is the main tip I give for this class of ship. "CafeTwo70" might be out of the way but some real nice munchies can be found there.
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