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  1. Well there is a lawsuit out right now by the Florida Governor stating the CDC is overstepping their boundaries when it comes to cruise ships and a judge is hearing it so this CDC mandating everything a cruise ship has to do to set sail may go away. Here is to hoping
  2. Sailing on Freedom in November they better be stocked up on lobster lol
  3. So I have been on 4 carnival cruises but all were on the lowest class smallest ships with the last one we were on (Fantasy) being in the scrap yard now. So undoubtedly know the ship will be better. I love all of the input and appreciate it. The food part has me concerned but I possibly may pay for the extra dining
  4. I booked my first RC cruise and wondering who else is going on this cruise with us??! It will be my mother and I. She wants to do a few more trips before she can’t anymore (she is 79 and I am 50). We both have been on Carnival cruises but this is our first RC. We are excited and can’t wait. It has been way too long since we have cruises last
  5. I am sailing on Freedom of the sees. From the videos I have watched it is almost night and day vs the Carnival ships I have been on.
  6. Ok I will be a first time cruiser on Royal Caribbean at the end of November. I have sailed Carnival 4 times and thought I would change it up this time. Those of you that have cruised both where does Royal Caribbean bet Carnival and in what are are they maybe not as good as Carnival? I am excited to have this mini vacation and try a new cruise line out
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