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  1. Just did it here at the hotel and it worked great. I tried to do it out and about and the connection wasn’t strong enough. We are both negative so we sail away tomorrow woo hoo!
  2. We left a day early and tried to do the antigen test via cellphone since we were not at a computer. Does it have to be done on a computer to be proctored or has anybody done it on their cellphone? Kind of last minute here thought we could do it when we got here and it is giving us fits
  3. Cruising on the Freedom of the Seas November 29-December3 and about a month ago they changed the departure time from 4 to 5. Now today I get an email saying it has changed again from 5 to 6 because of new CDC guidelines. Are they getting that backed up at the pier with asking you if you are vaccinated 100 times or are they just being super cautious?
  4. Yea to be up front I am in a Junior Suite and I am happy with that for sure. Of course I had to bid on the two bedroom Grand Suite which was way out of our price range. I totally get RC trying to get as much money as possible and I think this is a great way for them to do that and treat some lucky cruisers. I just wish it was more like 4-5 days notice instead of 1-2. I really don't plan on winning anyway my bid was low. The good news is 2 of those rooms are still open as of last check so hopefully the winds will be in my favor lol
  5. Anyone else sailing with us on this cruise? Would love to meet some new people
  6. I put in for the Royal Up room upgrade and it is still in pending status, which is no big deal because we have 13 days before the cruise. BUT why do they wait until the very last minute to let you know if you won the bid or not? I have seen people not finding out until a day prior. With our party leaving home to go towards the cruise area I am afraid that we may not find out until we are boarding if we won or not. I get them trying to fill as many rooms as possible but makes it rather inconvenient if you travel a couple days before the cruise. Sorry for the venting . Anyone find out they won prior to 1-2 days before sailing?
  7. Yep I am checked in as far as can be. I still have to work on getting my mom checked in, she is not computer savvy. I should have her checked in by the end of the weekend though. Did you get checked in? Getting excited can’t wait!
  8. I am fully vaccinated, and started my check in for my cruise (43 days away) and I see a note that says pre-cruise and onboard/debarkation testing requirements have not yet been announced. Is this standard verbage that you guys have seen prior to your cruise or is it a possibility that they suspend the antigen tests?
  9. Southwest said it was weather as well. I work in the industry, and I know that is BS. This is all about the vaccine mandate and it is about to get seriously worse.
  10. With the recent news of airline walkouts I am starting to get concerned over my travel plans and others travel plans to get to ports to go on cruises. Hope this gets ironed out quickly. We cruise in 45 days and are flying American and they just walked out!
  11. see I love that. I am sailing with my mom and love her to death but if I could have a room to myself that wouldn't break the bank I would be for it.
  12. Freedom of the Seas Nov 29th- Dec 3rd. Can't wait this will be my first RC cruise!!! I have only cruised on Carnival before and that was on their smallest ships. So looking forward to this! Will be cruising with my mommy lol she is 79 I am 50. She wanted to get a couple more cruises in before she cant anymore
  13. Wow this sounds like something that would be great. Is it something you can ask for or is it just luck of the draw if they offer it to you?
  14. We are sailing on Freedom at the end of next month and just wondering what the capacity of ships are right now? 50% 75%? Are the lines long?
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