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  1. If you also want to be a part of the Facebook group here it is. https://www.facebook.com/groups/900290584276119/?ref=share
  2. Fantastic. That's one heck of a birthday gift! This ship looks amazing for families!
  3. What kind of prices are people seeing on the deluxe beverage package as well? We just changed to this booking a week or so ago and I have only seen $78-$72/day at cheapest. Typically I used to buy it at $50-$55/day.
  4. Has anyone been to St. Marrten? Just curious of ideas of things to do at that port on this cruise. Also what is everyone doing in San Juan? I was just going to walk around a bit and maybe find some rum but I didn't know if someone had something else that was a really fun idea?
  5. I'm not upset at not getting the perks. This is my first cruise to switch levels where I might get something to show it and I just didn't know how it worked. Thank you for the information and I might stop by and see if we can get our pins but that is no big deal either. I can wait until the next cruise no issues. It is good to know though that you might have to let your stateroom attendant know to put the robes in your room. Thank you everyone for the help!!
  6. I just noticed that I believe on Day 6 of our next cruise we will turn Platinum on the Crown & Anchor chart. Is there someone we need to notify or will they automatically know and give us our pins and robes as the benefits state?
  7. I absolutely love seafood. The wife however does not . You can probably guess who will win with the decision of what we eat.
  8. TownePlace Suites by Marriott Miami Airport Just to the south east corner of the airport.
  9. We usually bring snacks. I am hoping our flights are on time but in this crazy world we don't know anymore. Might just have to eat in an airport on our layover just in case.
  10. We will be getting into Miami a little late (8:30PM) for our cruise. Not optimal but its the flights we have the option for without paying tons of money. We are staying at a hotel very near to the airport. I was going to Doordash or UberEats some food to the hotel so we can shower and get ready for the next day. Anyone have suggestions for this or a restaurant to go eat at in this location? I was looking last night and so many of them close at 8:30PM on the apps that I was a little worried about what my options might be.
  11. Welcome to the group. I look forward to seeing anyone else on the ship that might be from the group. Anyone cruise on a full Oasis class ship lately that could tell me what the earliest I could expect to be at the airport? I have a choice of a 9:50AM flight or a 3:45PM flight unless I want the cost to be over $1000/person. If I have to wait I will I just don't want to miss a flight.
  12. Well I may spend more time on the ship instead of at the ports then. I'm ok with that. This won't ruin my cruise I was just curious.
  13. I was on Wonder on the 29th but now my group flipped over to Oasis on Feb 5th
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