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  1. We ended up doing ours thru the county for free. I was worried doing it this way initially because they say results would be in 1-3 days Thankfully we got our results early this morning and are now at the airport headed to Seattle to board the ship tomorrow Hopefully next cruise we take we will not need to test and be rid of one stress!
  2. Thank you!!! I will give that one a try! So stressful
  3. We are stopping in Canada so we need an observed test
  4. I had an appointment to use on point this morning for our COVID tests and they canceled and won’t be available until our sail date. Anyone know of another service like this we can schedule for today?
  5. Anyone else have their Skagway excursion canceled last night? It’s not even showing up on the cruise planner right now
  6. Did they offer you any compensation for canceling it?
  7. Now when I try and search for Skagway under excursions and it’s not even showing.
  8. Hello. We are to set sail on Quantum in 3 days and I was just emailed that they have canceled our excursion in Skagway. This is the second excursion in Skagway that has been canceled. (At least with that one they gave us each $40 OBC to soften the blow) And now there are no other excursions that are showing as available. (I know I can book thru a private company but I like the comfort of knowing it’s thru Royal) Anyone else had excursions canceled this close to sailing?
  9. Our 5pm flight is on Southwest so I think we are going to be out of luck to use it. It says the cutoff for Southwest is a 4pm flight
  10. I saw you can trade in your OBC to play in the casino “If you would like to use your onboard credit in the casino, please note that you will only receive promotional chips or slot play, which you will not be able to cash in” but,can you cash in your winnings once you’ve spent the amount of the OBC? For instance you have $20 OBC and you’ve spent that but are now up. Can that be cashed out?
  11. Did they make her buy another package? I called yesterday to try and book one of the deluxe drink packages for my husband. (I can’t drink because of some medications). I have the soda/internet package already booked but they told me I would have to have the other refreshment package.
  12. Hello we are on the Sept 19th sailing on Quantum. (29 days to go!) We had an excursion in Skagway scheduled at 07:30 prior to the itinerary change. Now we are set to be in Skagway at 1100. I’m assuming they are still working to see if they can change the time of the tour but getting nervous that is is getting closer and closer but haven’t heard anything about this one. If they are just going to cancel it I would like to know sooner vs later so I can book a new excursion. I would hate to just cancel the one we have because we really want to do this one. Anyone who is closer to sailing or already sailed with the Alaska changed itinerary have this issue and how close to sail did they “fix” it. Thanks in advance.
  13. I saw that Princess had to adjust some of their sailings because of the dock issues. It looks like most of their Alaska sailings (21 of them) are still going to go there but they had to change 10 sailings.
  14. We are on the 9/19 sailing and the Ketchikan excursions posted for us too. We also got the email that out Icy Straight excursion had been refunded but haven’t heard anything about the excursions for Skagway and Juneau which are booked but now outside of the time we are in port. I wonder if those times will just be adjusted or they will cancel them all together. If they plan on canceling I’d like to know sooner versus later to be able to book something else
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