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  1. I managed to use my cruise shoehorn to squeeze in the 7-night run next January
  2. As an agent I was able to ask my SAM (strategic account manager} to research this very question for a client. They swear it is the same bathroom configuration for the J3 on the Odyssey. Since Royal is infamous for their "glitches," I will still keep my digits crossed until we hear back from someone onboard though.
  3. Spending my 2 pennies on the "2a" option
  4. Just asked if I could apply one for a customer sailing in October of 2022 and the answer was "no, not yet."
  5. Feel like you just asked the choir if it likes to sing? I love to do a couple of weeks on the same ship, whether it's a B2B or a transatlantic. But when I booked a 3 week transpacific on Explorer, I did wonder if I was stretching the rubber band too tight. Today, just as I felt at the end of that run, I still say "let's do that again!"
  6. The teaser (the news we have been all been waiting for) is "out there" for tomorrow's "Coffee Talk" with Vicki Freed. I know Matt has an "in" so stay tuned to this fantastic site!
  7. Had customers who LOVED aft corner of deck 7 on the "RH" Any search engine should provide many of these;
  8. You aren't wrong but maybe a glimmer of hope for ya. Prices shot upwards due to the crush created by cancellations, "lift & shift," and being able to reschedule so many runs. But with the new deployments out and a bunch of us having moved some our cruises out of the line of fire (hopefully), I am starting to see things level out somewhat. During this past week 2 of my customers got price drops as well as a couple of my personal bookings dropped. This leaves many of my Royal bookings unchanged but wanted to throw my 2 cents in the mix. Fortunately my franchise run of fifteen ye
  9. I agree with the passenger calling in directly. Not because I am a lazy t/a but just so they are hearing all of the options and making sure they have their FULL legal names entered correctly. I would suggest making sure you have a very good idea of what your wants/needs are prior to placing that call though. Using the airlines site, search engines or even recommendations from the "boards" can be quite helpful in arming you with useful info. Several years ago I did find an international one-way in business class that was only a couple of hundred US$ more than an economy seat. Rare?
  10. I did the first t/a when "EPIC" was brand new even though she is "UGHH-LEE!" But their suite program was ahead of it's time and we had one of the best cruises of our lives in one of their forward-facing "owner's suites." Still loyal though with over 80% of my cruises being with Royal
  11. Throwing my 2 pennies in the mix; I added a refundable flight thru A2S about a month ago. Cruise is for December '21 and agent did ask for my seat request for "United" even though no payment has been made. Airline's own site reflects my flight and seat choice. Maybe it depends on the airline?
  12. older cut-n-paste from this site but great overview Royal Caribbean Ultimate Dining Package Costs and Review | Royal Caribbean Blog
  13. If there is no rush, I'd wait a bit. Submitted 5 for my customers using new automation tool and only 2 were done correctly. They are "working on" the others so the infamous Royal "glitch" monster lives on. Hopefully other agents are having better luck though!
  14. The inaugural t/a on Epic in an "Owner's suite" was one of the nicest runs we have ever had. But I am one of those that will take any Royal ship in the fleet compared to any other line now..... "C&A" 1600 points and counting so let's sail soon
  15. Yes, everything except "T&F" are protected during "lift & shift." Application of an FCC shouldn't have any impact on "T&F" but the original date the cruise was booked does. Hagar the (not so) Horrible
  16. When the pods are working hard to maneuver (like docking) the aft does notice more rumbling or shuddering in most cases. Aft balconies always worth it for my 2 cents. Even the notorious soot on some of the aft Vision class balconies couldn't scare me off
  17. The only customer I have that qualifies for the free casino rate usually upgrades but the rep requests FULL payment right away. This keeps them from requesting the transfer to me ; "Bookings may only be transferred to a Travel Advisor up until 60 days from creation if the request is made outside of Final Payment period and the booking is not paid in full." I don't mind since there isn't much meat left on the bone at that point (more importantly, they are friends and I want them to get all of the best deals they can)
  18. cap it off with the old "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop .....oops
  19. Ditto on Viking Serenade from LA during that time frame. Have also Vision on the left coast but I think that was from San Diego Hagar (the very) Horrible
  20. Ah nostalgia! Admittedly I delight in the adventure each new class of ship brings but so much fun to look back too . My final honeymoon was on "Viking Serenade" while favorite cruise remains a whirlwind tour of Northern Europe on the "Sun Viking" 1600 points and counting
  21. I've seen some fantastic Diamond lounge concierges over the years. They usually deal with a larger crowd so maybe part of that is out of necessity (thinking of "trial by fire" ;>)
  22. FCC's that are submitted electronically are added by "back of house" workers which may take a couple of days. With the "holly-daze" I'd give it even more than that
  23. As a travel agent I want this question answered as a top priority. B2B cruising piggbacks on this same issue and I was just speaking with regional manager from Royal about this yesterday. I think they get the mounting frustration but the CDC owns the shoe that contains the cards we are dealt. I don't think the CDC is going to respond very soon since the sailing cancellation period extended until the end of February. Naturally this has delayed the test sailings from US ports but I do think Royal could be more flexible on final payment due dates on cruises they know may be a "no-go."
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