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  1. Your cabin attendant should be able to unlock that panel for you.
  2. I really enjoy speaking with crewmembers and this rollout period has been rewarding in that arena. With over 60 days of cruising on 5 ships during these past 5 months, I been able to spend much more time getting to know some of these wonderful people. As occupancy has increased, so has their workload, resulting in less available time. Was nice to see this topic even addressed in a public forum so thanks for that!
  3. I am almost always solo and do the $5 per dinner......but I do usually get the same waiter for the run(s) so that I can lump it all in at the end
  4. full suite on Allure last month and all three bottles depicted were in the shower
  5. Just off of the Wonder and the suite deck being on 18 was something I really enjoyed. Even though my cabin was a very affordable boardwalk balcony, I still love the gold card access that being a "P" provides. The bottle of Chandon for being #2 on the "top cruiser" list wasn't hard to take either
  6. Just off of her on 4-1 and my only webinar (one hour duration) was seamless.
  7. Just off the "Wonder" and even though I have many free drinks as a "Pinnacle Club" member, I still love an occasional "Arnold Palmer" (half unsweetened iced tea and half lemonade ;>)
  8. I second the cab at FLL since I just paid $21, including tip, for the quick trip to the ship from the airport in Feb. and the same amount returning earlier this month. Right now, getting through to Royal to cancel the transfers will be the hard part.
  9. RCG definitely "used to be" more generous on these redeployments. My only customer is a local for that port and quickly backed up to the week of the 27th but I certainly feel the pain of those who are caused real inconvenience for such a minor amount.
  10. Another leaded crystal block reminder: The x-ray machine operator can't identify it easily and causes additional screening many times. Having them shipped is the best way if you fly home from the ship. Do NOT pack them in your checked luggage and even with "pre-check" at the airport, I remove "it" from my carry-on for the scan. Throwing 2 pennies in the pot >>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. Another "one and done" poster huh?
  12. There is also a mystery place they can end up due to an infamous "Royal glitch." I have one booking for a client where we know the FCC's exist yet they do not show applied to the booking. They also are not reflected in "Insight" (travel agent use). Fortunately, the booking is still far enough out that I can rectify this situation since I do have a copy of the certificate numbers and amounts.
  13. Unfortunately the glitch Royal can reference now is when things go right
  14. Ah yes, 1100 was a nice one (Okay I did way too many Radiance class ships on my journey to Pinnacle ;>)
  15. The stricter rules hit the week before Christmas, and I haven't done the massage bit but the gym is enforcing masked workouts since then.
  16. I've stayed in 1600 and gladly have it booked again for the canal run in October (Serenade). It is "quirky" but since I am usually solo that's not an issue for me. The only couple I booked this cabin for do not ever want to book it again. But, since they are friends, they are booked in their own cabin on the canal run and will gladly take advantage of my balconies aft location as we transit the locks!
  17. Navigator was outnumbered by crew last week but was told only 600 passengers expected for the current 4-night run. We gotta turn this around!
  18. Pre Covid you would have had plenty of time to spare since they do a great job of getting you up and outta there!
  19. Even though I will hit my third spire at the end of 2022, I have never cruised in a STAR class suite. BUT a 2-BDRM Aqua IS my only booking in 2023 since I knew not to "go there" until I was ready to put that cherry on top of my "past cruises list."
  20. Last month, we both did ours with cellphone and no issues at all
  21. Air2Sea has 1 P.M. onward as the time to book flights out post-cruise and they are usually very conservative. My 2 cents say gopher it, Hagar (the Horrible)
  22. Gives me chills just thinking about the only time my flight was diverted to LGA due to a problem at EWR. Fought my way through horrific traffic to arrive within an hour of embarkation {SHUDDER}
  23. Whoops, my 15 years as an agent ends next July so haven't been accepting any new customers for some time. Thirty it is!
  24. Booking it yourself and transferring to your agent w/in the 60 day window is a viable option.
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