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  1. Have a read about the Halifax Explosion if you're going there - google it... one of the worst disasters in Canadian History (not to be morbid), but fascinating when/if you're in near the waterfront.
  2. Remember that everyone is vaccinated on the ship - except kids who couldn’t get nuked yet (better rates than on land). Most destinations have rules more stringent than the US, so you’re probably good. Worst case scenario is you make the ship your destination and stay on board and relax for 7 days
  3. Funny story - I called CBSA today because this will be an issue for us on an upcoming trip. The woman I spoke to said there shouldn't be an issue and there is nothing in her documents that show the test MUST be done in the states - I even quoted her the information from the government website that @Lovetocruise2002quoted above and she couldn't even find it. I pushed even harder and asked specifically about coming from Mexico (because I think coming off a ship you'll be fine due to the lab address being in the states) and she said it should still be fine. Goes to show how smart you are to think of this ahead of time - but I still think if you're not even in the states for 72 hours there needs to be some leeway. What a gong show - can you imagine having to write policy for this stuff and having to think of all the eventualities? On another note... the bit about "72 hours within the scheduled departure time"... so if I'm at 68 hours at departure out of MCO and over the 72 hours when I land in Toronto... am I good? According to this website - yes... but you can bet your right arm we'll be getting tested once we're off the ship so we're WELL within the 72 hours with lots of buffer. I wish they'd go to a 3 day testing window instead of 72 hours... grrrr
  4. I understand the difference between flying and driving and understood the post - the mansplaining is a little excessive - maybe unintentional, but the tone of this post comes across as super patronizing. As a Canadian living within 45 minutes of the border I'm pretty fluent in the border crossing nuances and matrix of regulations - mind you, it does rival a Mensa-mind-game. I think the question I was trying to post (seemingly not very well) was what about people flying in from somewhere other than the US, landing in Seattle (or DTW), then immediately driving to BC (or Ontario). I wonder if they would accept a test taken in the Mexico (for example) if you had proof of flight arrival time in comparison with border crossing time, especially if total time in the US is so limited. Nonetheless, sounds like the lab address is in the US and this won't be an issue.
  5. Does it though? What about travellers flying in from international locations via the US (you're technically transitioning through the US). I think it just needs to be within 72 hours and doesn't necessarily require the test to be taken in the US. My cousin flies in from the UK to Canada and his PCR test from the UK is accepted.
  6. Walgreens has the NAAT test, which is accepted in Canada for entry and it's a quicker turnaround time (24 hours)- and I believe this test is done no charge. You can book on the Walgreens website about a week out - so I'm planning to book our test the day we board (12th) so we can tested after we disembark Sunday (19th) for our Tuesday (21st) flight home. Obviously this isn't a solution for those who are flying home the day of disembarkation. Unfortunately if we are tested on the 18th on the ship our PCR test may not still be valid for our 2:00pm flight on the 21st, unless the ship will test us LATE in the day (and even then, if our flight is delayed even by a couple of hours we'll be in big trouble) It's a hot mess - I wish Canada would move to a 3 day testing window rather than 72 hours... From the Walgreens site showing different testing options: Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW): The Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) - NAAT (ID NOW) test also detects genetic material of the virus. The test is performed on site with results available within 24 hours. And the travel.gc.ca website states: Types of pre-entry test Rapid antigen tests aren't accepted. Accepted types of molecular tests PCR - Polymerase chain reaction Nucleic acid test (NAT) or Nucleic acid amplification test (NAATs) Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)
  7. can you uber to a laundromat and chuck everything in the dryer for 15 minutes? Does the hotel have any ideas?
  8. With ours we got some after a week , but over time more and more became available for 2-3 weeks.
  9. In BC I can access my vaccine history through a provincial portal that now also connects to the federal vaccine page. The pdf has my name, date of vaccine, associated lot numbers, manufacturer and all other relevant info. Maybe have a look and see if you can get that. Otherwise bring you original proof of vaccine you received when you were vaccinated.
  10. The buffet is one of the most disgusting places I've ever been and I cannot fathom going back to self serve yet. The things that people do - not even realising that they're contaminating food/plates/cutlery and the like is over the top. I've seen people take two or three plates and return the ones that they've touched to the stack, multiple pieces of cutlery touched, tongs falling handle-first into food and people continue to use them, then lick their fingers and go on to grab another set of tongs... doesn't seem like much - but And the amount of food people take is obscene sometimes and perhaps a bit more self-control is exercised when food is served to them. My husband and I once saw a woman sitting at a table with one other person - pretty sure they had 10 different plates of food all heaping up and they literally took one bite of everything and wasted the rest. It was horrifying. And the quality of the handwashing is never really enough to really disinfect hands - we're all guilty of this... pretty sure 99% of people do not actually wash their hands for 20 seconds, like actual rubbing. Most (including me) are in and out of that hand washing station in 20 seconds. turbo.
  11. No One test before boarding flight (antigen for all of you will suffice) One test at embarkation - the cruise line will give him a PCR test No need for a test when you land.
  12. Unvaxxed kids under 12 may only leave the ship on a RCCL excursion. Vaxxed parents/siblings can leave the ship without the unvaxxed kiddo (kids club or stay on board with someone) When you go on the excursion they're pretty strict about people wandering off "out" of the excursion... so you may have to bring your child back on board to stay with an adult, and then head back out.
  13. To fly even domestically in Canada you have to be vaccinated.
  14. Does anyone know how it works getting kids (under 12) tested at port? Do they schedule you based on arrival time? Do we need to book something?
  15. Vaccination status can be posted in the app today along with pics of vax cards. Also - 11:30am embarkation time was opened today.
  16. When I did my check in it didn’t ask for vaccine info - is this the norm? Or do we do it closer to sail date?
  17. Check in for our Dec 12 departure just opened today. 45 days out
  18. Woot! Check-in is open!!! Done and done.
  19. I've cruised multiple times with littles - my eldest (now 13) was 9 months old on his first cruise. To be honest, we never used any transportation on any of the islands because of the car seat issue. St. Maarten is a dream - you can take the water taxi over to Great Bay Beach for 7 bucks round trip and bring the stroller and spend the day on the beach with food and drink service. You're also right off the main strip in St. Maarten if you want to wander and do a bit of shopping (I'm not sure what shape everything is in after covid if stores are even still there?). Don't take the first guy that offers you a chair - stand back and take it in and pick a spot you're happy with. They have umbrellas too, so it does lend itself to a nap with a little one during the day. St. Thomas - I don't have anything to offer as we never went to a beach with the kids there until they were older. Typically when they were little we would wander around town and shop and eat. Keep in mind, that currently on RCCL kids who aren't vaccinated aren't allowed off the ship unless you're booked with a RCCL excursion. This has been a small hiccup for us as we are about to sail with our 11 year old. It could all change by February - but I mention it in the event that it doesn't so you can keep it in the back of your mind. Have a great time! We really loved cruising with our kids when they were little.
  20. Agreed - apparently the kids' dose is 1/3 of adult dose... and they can't pull it from current adult vials as there is concern about whether the vaccine would have all the correct bits in it that you need (think of shaking up your OJ before you drink it). So the kids' doses need to be manufactured and distributed. They're going to need about 8-10 weeks before we see kids being fully vaxxed after its approval.
  21. If you’re looking to book on-board shows I think they open up much closer to your sail date. We’re about 50 days out and shows haven’t opened up yet in our planner. Hang tough - they’ll show up though. I remember previous cruises I think it was about a month’ish before they showed up in the planner
  22. They are? We just got re-routed from Labadee/Falmouth to Cozumel and Costa Maya. Why would the route out of Cozumel? I'd be happy to hit St. Maartin or St. Thomas personally....
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