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  1. I didn't get the survey and haven't heard of the Late Nights in Cocoa Cay thing. what is that?
  2. The other thing to be aware of is that you better be prepared for the prices. Your jaw will literally drop when you see what is considered a travel sized toothpaste at your local CVS will cost you $10. I have a "if I forget to pack something I will buy it when I get there" attitude about land vacations. Cruising on the other hand it can get very expensive forgetting something and relying on getting in port can be be a gamble.
  3. I vote for getting rid of the tub and making it a larger shower. We have never used the tub but also appreciate the extra space. Have you ever noticed how high the tub sides are as well when getting in to take a shower? A nice glass door would be nice as well. I hate trying to avoid the shower curtain. @cruise-y you mention how non-hygienic the tub is. I wonder how often the shower curtains get cleaned/replaced.........
  4. That picture does make it look bigger than it is for sure. It is a one cupper and the coffee is worse than the normal coffee they serve on board for free.
  5. I just ordered one too!! This is brilliant!!! So much smaller and seems so much more secure than the plastic dailies I normally use. Excellent tip @SpeedNoodles
  6. The docking time and the departure time are not the same time In the US the border patrol people (I am sure there is an official name but it eludes me) needs to be in place and ready to process passengers through security. From my experience that can be 1.5-2 hours before debarkation even starts and that is for the passengers that are self assist. We haven't had the pleasure of a European cruise yet but I would guess that is standard practice around the world. Something else to consider in your timing.......Google says this about the drive from Port to Airport: 60 km GETTING TO THE PORT OF CIVITAVECCHIA FROM ROME AIRPORTS It is located only 60 km from the port of Civitavecchia; it is a drive of 50 minutes by car the distance from Rome airport to Civitavecchia Port
  7. just to add on to the convenience factor when parking at the port... when you drive in the luggage drop off is immediate. They have plenty of long shore men to assist and the lines move quickly and is well controlled. you drive on maybe 300 feet and you are at the garage, parked and luggage free. The terminal is literally next door to the garage and there is even a convenient set of restrooms even before you enter the terminal so you can stop and freshen up if needed. @fonemanbob is on point regarding walking off and getting on the interstate in an hour is priceless to us. Do make sure that you pay for your parking at the kiosks before going to your car though!
  8. You are absolutely correct @Pima1988 I did notice some variations on the prices of the cabanas and it is truly all about price point for folks. I think that when I saw the $1200 it just shocked me. People are willing to pay those prices clearly because RCL, like any other business, is going to charge what the market will bear and good for them and thier shareholders making a profit I say. I started my post with "I loved Coco Cay the way it was" and I may have veered off topic with the cabana price comments. It is abeautiful place to visit. We have been extremely fortunate to have been able to visit there as many times as we have and will return of course as we stay pretty loyal to RCL. No doubt that many happy family memories, and a few sore wallets, will happen there for those who want that kind of experience on vacation. It's probably another topic to start here, but with all of the experience "improvements" to ships and over-producing (IMHO) a quiet private island to draw in the ever changing clientele that are now cruising (very children friendly) it may be time for this grumpy old man to look at the other alternatives in cruise lines. We are the relax and unplug type of cruisers and I can sometimes feel like a relic on RCL because we are just looking for a little sun on our faces, some good food, warm sea breezes and some peace and quiet. No disrespect here to anyone who is looking forward too and most likely will have a GREAT time on the island. @jake1004 I have no doubt that the rest of this great blog community will give you most excellent tips on things to do there.
  9. This thread is super informative. I loved Coco Cay as it was. A quiet island to spend the day and have some real relaxation. Tendering was always a small obstacle but nit insurmoutable at all. RCL is in the business to make money. I get that. But the prices there are simply outrageous in my mind. Cabanas for $1200!!! We are probably in the minoruty but we are 2 travelors who dont (or wont) travel in large groups that could possibly defray the cost by splitting it. So that is out. The waterpark seemed interesting but seeing the costs and hearing about the Disney World sized lines doesnt seem worth it to us. Having said that I envourage EVERYONE to debark and hang out on the island for as much times as possible. It will create even more quiet spaces on the ship for us If you are looking for an excursion on the island I would suggest trying the jet ski's. This is not a "tour" of the island so much as it is a full throttle sprint around the island. It is fast, it is bumpy and it is exhilirating. The only time we were not moving was when the guide stopped to let people catch up to the lead guide. I have done this excursion twice and both times more than one party dropped out to be escorted slowly back to the dock. We may get off the ship for the portobello mushroom panini sandwich that @WAAAYTOOO spoke of though!
  10. Agreeing with @Matt here. Great to see once. The great thing about the Two70 and this event is that you don't need a reservation for it. Its open seating or even standing. You can wander in and listen and watch to see if you enjoy it. Leave if you don't. The Two70 space is REALLY impressive for shows. I doubt you will be dissapointed.
  11. Welcome to the boarrds! Its thanksgiving. Its a cruise ship that holds 4180 passengers. Its a port in one of the busiest areas of the country near one of the most populated cities in the country. Do you think your chances of getting a reservation from the car service you want will get easier as the date nears? I would book now for your own peace of mind. We are on Anthem again ourselves for Thanksgiving (4 years in a row). Its a beautiful ship and you are sure to have a great vacation!
  12. What is this "talking" that you speak of? Can you please explain how that works? IDoes the "talk device" drain my battery? Do I need extra charging cables for that or perhaps batteries?
  13. If this model would lower prices on North American based cruises I think I could support that model. As much as I like the mostly all inclusive nature of cruising there are many amenities that we just don't use and we are fine with paying for those that we do use. For example we dont enjoy the hustle and bustle and the noise of the mian dining rooms so we choose to eat at the specialty dining spaces or order room service. Both come with a fee and we happily pay those fees. I wonder what it would cost to have the choice not to pay for the MDR?
  14. This topic comes up a lot and it always makes me wonder.....are pants that hard to wear? All medical or physical disclaimers aside....they are just longer shorts :)
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