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  1. Next choice is room service on the balcony! This is particularly nice in port. We have been able to upgrade ourselves to the mini-suites when available and that gives us plenty of room to have a quiet dinner for 2 out there! We can eat at our own pace and enjoy our time before heading out to do whatever we have plans for that night.
  2. Do you prefer to eat in restaurants that are very popular where you can see a lot of people? Or do you prefer the intimacy of a smaller venue. We never eat in the MDR. Its not for us. Too crowded and too loud for us. We prefer the smaller venues for quieter dinners. Its worth the xtra money to us. I think it all depends on what you are used to at home.
  3. No steamers allowed either just in case you were thinking of alternatives. Besides the wrinkle releasers someone here has mentioned something about using a flat iron (hair straightener thing) as a plausible alternative. I have no experience with that myself. Maybe someone can chime in here for you.
  4. battery operated alarm clocks work well. I bought an old fashioned looking one at Target that is obnoxious and waked us every time. And like others have suggested also set a wake up call for insurance.
  5. @Rob&Ana smart idea! I had never actually thought to go later. I see this as a great advantage on the cruises where we drive to the port. We are have more control of our time them. We are typically get there early and get on fast folks but when I really think about it all we do is get lunch and wait for the rooms to open up and then wait for luggage to unpack. So whats the point of being there early??? You may have turned me onto something here. Thanks!
  6. Welcome to the boards! You should get a new passport for future travel. If you are somehow in another country and you need your passport then the last thing you want is complicated documentation. Not to mention that its much easier to grab your passport and go and not have to make sure you have those supporting docs.
  7. Most woman I know are pretty loyal to the person that normally cuts, dries, colors, etc their hair. I wonder how many would be willing to chance that with a random stylist on a cruise ship...
  8. Thanks for the tip. I personally haven't had the best of luck with travel agents in the past. I understand that people have personal relationships with their TA's but we are not that rich frankly. We travel twice a year, typically cruises, junior suite is the best we can afford and that is only once a year if the price is right. I don't think a TA would get much out of working with us and our small budget. I will have to start polishing up my search skills and be more flexible with dates and see how that goes. Thanks for the tips folks.
  9. I have been thinking about a solo cruise myself for a while now. I thought it would be peaceful for me and I am fine on my own. I have never seen the option of the single room when booking online and I am not willing to pay for double occupancy. How do you find the solo cabins? When we were on Anthem in May to Bermuda we had a junior suite. It was a strange set up. We had a door from the hall that went into another small hallway and there was another cabin door before ours. I didnt realize until a few days in that it was a single! Is this a travel agent specialty or do you have to call RCL (ugh - whenever I have called in the past with questions I seem to get different answers on things depending on the rep) Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  10. Using the muster station as a reason not to allow reuse is a weak excuse in my opinion. Its on the back of your door, its on your sea pass card and of course there is the day 1 drill so that they can not only show you where you need to meet but also give them ample time to show you that silly Jane Bond video and make sure that they get a few commercials for whatever they are selling in there as well. Or if you get a chatty captain he will give you the weather report, the entire trips navigation agenda, and whatever other nuggets of wisdom he cares to share at the time. the entire process is dragged on much too long in my opinion. As for the bands themselves they are something that seemed like a good idea at the time but they never really panned out that way. As mentioned you need it for disembarkation and reentry, they often fail just unlocking your cabin (ever tried to find someone to unlock your door for you in the middle of the day without having to call security from an elevator area or go back down to guest services?) Your sea pass card fits fine in a bathing suit pocket or a lanyard on your neck if you so choose. Having a rubber band on your wrist is the humidity of say the Caribbean is not all that comfortable or useful when it comes right down to it.
  11. I wonder if this has anything to do with the over night stays on Coco Cay that was discussed previously here.
  12. I didn't get the survey and haven't heard of the Late Nights in Cocoa Cay thing. what is that?
  13. The other thing to be aware of is that you better be prepared for the prices. Your jaw will literally drop when you see what is considered a travel sized toothpaste at your local CVS will cost you $10. I have a "if I forget to pack something I will buy it when I get there" attitude about land vacations. Cruising on the other hand it can get very expensive forgetting something and relying on getting in port can be be a gamble.
  14. I vote for getting rid of the tub and making it a larger shower. We have never used the tub but also appreciate the extra space. Have you ever noticed how high the tub sides are as well when getting in to take a shower? A nice glass door would be nice as well. I hate trying to avoid the shower curtain. @cruise-y you mention how non-hygienic the tub is. I wonder how often the shower curtains get cleaned/replaced.........
  15. That picture does make it look bigger than it is for sure. It is a one cupper and the coffee is worse than the normal coffee they serve on board for free.
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