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  1. whenismynextcruise

    Harmony deck 12 or 7?

    @Kona I have read so much great feedback that I was also looking at a Harmony sailing and was going to ask pretty much the same question!! Thanks @Lovetocruise2002 for the clear answer!
  2. whenismynextcruise

    No suite line at Cape Liberty port?

    @JLMoran what you probably heard was that all of the other tiers there are ignored. If you are not a suite guest you end up in this giant scrum of seating. They have signs for the varying C&A levels but everyone sits in the same area. Our last trip on Anthem in Nov17 we had reached platinum. They directed us through the signs to the "platinum" waiting area which is the same area as new or non C&A members . It was no bother really and I have yet to experience suite check in so I don't really know what I am missing but I hope too soon! We ended up having a great chat with some folks from Wales who were first time cruisers and first time visitors to the US. The wait time (maybe an hour we got there around 10:30) Others have said it in this thread already but Anthem embarkation is smooth and very fast. I hope you really enjoy the perks!! Would love to hear from others who have embarked from the suite area there. Do you get on much earlier? Are you allowed to go to a different area of the ship once on to wait until the cabins are ready? Is the disembarkation better? We typically walk off and that is incredibly fast. Are the JS and above cabins ready earlier? The CK dinners and other perks are kind of less important to us. But smooth entry and exit are.
  3. whenismynextcruise

    HELP... food cost? Oasis of Seas dept May 13.

    Also remember that the food from room service is free. You will pay the $8 for the delivery only. Order as much as you like each time. In our cabin we drink mostly water from the water package we pre-buy but I do believe that room service will charge you for any soda's you will order. Someone else with more experience here can chime in with details on that. I am not sure if the drink packages cover that or not.
  4. whenismynextcruise

    Missing sail for Allure of the seas on April 7

    You probably already know this but that is a week of school vacation in the US. They vary slightly in state to state. I would guess that it has to be one of the busiest cruise weeks of the year along with Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  5. whenismynextcruise

    Formal Night Suit-pant leg

    I remember long ago being turned away at Chops because I was wearing shorts. These were pressed Bermuda type shorts with loafers and a dress shirt. I had to go to my cabin and change and then come back to meet my party there. I have noticed a much more casual trend though. We never really participate in formal night and opt for Windjammer on those nights. For years I have been packing slacks and shirts for dinner. Is this really not required anymore? It would save a lot on a post cruise dry cleaning bill and far less to pack.
  6. whenismynextcruise

    Watching Football on the Anthem of the Sea

    Having traveled on Anthem during football season they do also put games on the jumbo screen at the pool deck. I would go to guest services, or if you can find the cruise director, to mention it as well I would. Anthem sailing out of Bayonne has a large margin of Northeast (ish) guests so I am sure you will be one of many Eagles fans on board.
  7. whenismynextcruise


    Thank you @twangsterI hadn't really thought through the logistics of this before! When I send my laundry out at home I do the same thing and it comes back clean. Its a private service though and it gets washed on its own. You are now making me rethink getting any laundry done on a ship again!
  8. whenismynextcruise


    A tip for filling the bag. Dont just stuff it. Roll your things before putting them in there. You will be surprised how much more you can get in that little bag.
  9. whenismynextcruise

    Anthem of the Seas Balcony Stateroom

    I cant speak for the accuracy of the this sight but the diagram shows as both cabins with the sofa by the patio door https://cruiseline.com/ship/anthem-of-the-seas/cabin/10552
  10. whenismynextcruise

    New Paid Option for Shows in the Main Theater

    The sad part about this is that they will never have to realize this and can keep charging more. People will pay. Maybe not many of us here but the way they are marketing cruises now with iFly, Dodgem cars, FlowRider, water slides, kids programs, etc and now water parks on what used to be serene private islands its a whole new passenger demographic. They don't know what is "used to be like" and are willing to pay for just about anything. 15 years ago I never would have ever thought that I would pay $4.50 or more for a cup of coffee but now its normal. For vacations people are more willing to pay for an experience now than they ever were before and because of it we will continue to see nickel and diming happen not just on cruise ships but everywhere else. Its simple really. They charge more because people are willing to pay more. RCL is marketing itself as a family vacation destination now and as more families embrace this new option it creates a new stream of revenue. Instead of going to Epcot to have a faux international experience people can take their families to 2 or 3 different countries in a week and what a great opportunity that is for kids. I personally have been thinking about trying Celebrity for this reason. I read this recently as a comparison: Royal Caribbean has lower-priced entry-level cabins, larger ships, more emphasis on family travel and less emphasis on service, while Celebrity has slightly higher priced entry-level rooms and more emphasis on a refined experience and good service. I am certainly not giving up on RCL myself but I can't change the direction that a multi-billion dollar cruise line is taking. Maybe its time to focus on what I want and will get out of my vacation dollar as opposed to feeling nostalgic for what it used to get me. Just my humble opinion.
  11. whenismynextcruise

    SeaPass Cards

    Great tip on the sunscreen @mom2mybugs - I learned something new today :)
  12. whenismynextcruise

    Excursion to Disney, Universal

    thanks @Matt. what you say makes sense. We have only cruised in the winter. An escape from cold New England weather. And with Anthem in NJ it is soooo convenient not to have to fly to Florida when the port is only a 4 hour drive. We will have to consider a summer cruise :) and thanks to @WAAAYTOOO - I have never been to Freeport and wont plan to go! Great advice. We will continue to enjoy the relative peace of our ship day in Nassau!
  13. whenismynextcruise

    Excursion to Disney, Universal

    We also like the Bayonne to Bahamas route on Anthem and have done it 3 times so far. Its a long day to one of the them parks that will fly by incredibly fast. It doesnt sound like you are traveling with kids so that is a plus in a way. 2 adults move around a lot easier than with kids and expectations are usually different. And if you have been to either park before you could do some pre-planning for what you want to see or do. I also see it as "something to do" in the otherwise boring port of Cape Canaveral. I say go for it and add a memory for yourselves. An off thread thought on this itinerary to Bayonne to Bahamas is why doesn't Royal look into changing this one up? I love the ship and I like even more the escape to warm weather but Cape Canaveral and Nassau are about 2 of the worst ports of call. Much has been said in these posts about the lack of things to do there. Cant they come up with something else? Inset Key West for Canaveral? Switch Nassau for Freeport? We are on Anthem again for Thanksgiving and this year they have changed it from 7 to 8 nights adding a cruising day which is great but after 3 years cant they change it up a little? First world problem I know. Just wondering...........
  14. whenismynextcruise

    Tipping on drinks from the bar?

    " I don't see how after spending thousands on a cruise, why an extra hundred makes any difference, especially when it will make your experience so much better. " I like your stlye @JBC and I could not agree with you more.
  15. whenismynextcruise

    Royal Caribbean Ships For Sale

    Hey @twangsterisnt the "An ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) in the cruise industry could have the same effect eating into a portion of cruise customers that seek the low cost getaway cruises." already called Carnival? :)