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  1. A 3 and a 5 year old at a Hibatchi grill? Plese post what ship and when so I can make sure if I am booked I skip that night at IZUMI.
  2. @micahd you can wheel your own luggage on board if you want to carry it on so you can fit all the clothes you need in a lrger suitcase.
  3. Hi @amathey11 Pink in Miami is fantastic. 157 Collins Ave - VERY popular with locals. Great comfort food. Breakfast lunch and dinner. It is a cool retro looking place and easy to get to. Its not fine dining like Joes but it is great dining.
  4. the bottled water package is for X amount of liters of water delivered to your cabin.
  5. Nothing special abuut a Yeti insulated cup. Its the same insulated cup that normally sells for $12.99 at Target but they stamp Yeti on the side and charge 2-3 times as much.
  6. great info on rentals. I actually wished I had thought to ask it before. We have been there many times on trips and have kind of done everything around there. Renting a car for the day is agreat alternative to try something different.
  7. I have zero answers to your question but I am already jealous of your cruise. TransAtlantic cruise is definiltey in my future. I hope others hare have some experience to share. Have a great honeymoon!!
  8. Stuff happens. It could be any ship really. I feel bead for the passengers who saved all that money to pay for it and had a terrible vacation
  9. Welcome to the blog @rtreadMany will post here in response I am sure. I say get the passport. It is your best bet when traveling. It just makes things easier and leaves no question if you hafve the "proper" identification. Happy Cruising!
  10. No bathrooms in the garage. When you exit the garage and head towards the terminal there are restrooms on your left. Its a 2 minute walk to get to them.
  11. we mix it up. We have been on Anthem 5 times in a row for Thanksgiving. A few reasons, its conveneint to drive to Bayonne, the price is right for us, and we really do love Anthem. We will be on her for Bermuda this Spring and again for Thanksgiving. For a winter cruise we mix it up to tru other ships and other lines. We are on NCL Bliss next Saturday. We chose it because its a new ship to experience.
  12. I think that @joshvc was referring to the Ron Jon's Surf Shop. https://www.facebook.com/ronjons/
  13. Bring on more private islands I say. The days of quiet ports on beautiful Carribean islands are fading. With the amount of people traveling in the world now many ports are not just that nice anymore. Variations of that theme have been covered heavily in this and other blogs. All of the ports now seem to focus on shopping shopping and and more shopping. I think for the casual cruisers that is great. Duty free and they get a chance to buy something maybe they wouldn't but at home. A special rememberance for that anniversary cruised they have carefully saved for. I have participated in my share of adding $ to their economies. Alas, after umpteen cruises behind me I am not there to find the best deal on a watch anymore. I think a lot of people feel that way. As experienced cruisers how much did you spend in Nassau, Cozumel or Barbados the last time you were there? Not counting a meal or 2 I am guessing not a lot. Or even stayed on the ship and spent nothing. With the private islands cruise lines have the opportunity to make the experience tailored to the passengers. The activities, the excursions on or around the islands, the food, etc. Also they will be able to maintain the islands as beautiful vacation spots. Have you ever been to a dirty disney World? Or a broken down looking 5 star hotel? I like the idea of sailing to a private island that I dont have to go through throngs of vendors, or hassled for every form of transportation to get to beautiful beach or cabana or whatever excursion I may want to do. With the trend on many of the cruise lines catering to luxury suites with perks (endlessly discussed here) or areas of the ship like the Haven people are clearly looking for top shelf experiences and are willing to pay for it. Imagine what the marketing minds of cruise lines could come up with for perks on these islands for higher tiered members? Diamond member retaurants? Emerald level beach area? The "Key" gets you on a luxury launch to the island...possibilities are literally endless. Would that interest you? It interests me for sure. I am still very happy to go on a cruise with multiple stops in many island nations and hopefully be able to enjoy the culture of each while adding $ to their economy while I am there. But, if the option is there to sail to a well maintained luxury "perfect day" island and possibly stay over night? I think I am on board for that experience.
  14. We have a J1 booked for the 5 day Bermuda trip in May 8232. I was excited about it. Not so much now. Its paid in full so no options there. We have J1 11232 in November. Maybe we can do something about that. I bought them both onboard our last trip on Anthem. The rep told me she was new to the ship. That should have been a clue. We thought having the bigger balcony would be nice because we are not at a level ($$) to buy the super suites everyone brags about and the regular balconies are so small that they are almost useless.
  15. You probably want to call Royal and ask. You mention you have a Grand suite so you probably have a concierge. They should be able to answer that question and help with arrangements if its available.
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