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  1. Thanks @spiralqueen - We are there on Anthem (4180 passengers) the day before thanksgiving. Looks like mariner (4252) will also be there. Not really crowd people here. I am probably in the minority here but personally I like the island the way it was before the renovations (although I do like the idea of not tendering anymore). The quiet private island getaway was always a nice option. Now that it is basically a waterpark on an island not so sure about that. I cannot imagine what 8432 people at lunch time would look like. We like taking the trip from Bayonne at Thanksgiving but honestly with the ports offered - Port Canaceral, Coco Cay Water Park not so perfect day and the Nassau that doesnt really leave a lot of reason to get off the ship anymore. We do love ship days but with 4 days at sea already during an 8 days cruise that could be a lot.
  2. If not try an early room service delivery 🙂 Breakfast in your pajamas is a great way to start the day in my opinion.
  3. most likely the show schedule will stay the same. you can reserve seats on board as well. there are also seats in the back of the theatere on anthem that you can watch the shows from. the theatere is very large and lots of seats everytime i have been there. all of this only changed your plans slightly when it comes down to it. try to lean into it and still have a great time. no matter what you are on vacation!!! 🙂 Embarkation issues aside I bet this will turn out to be an amazing trip for you.
  4. I have sailed from New York/Jersey many times. Bermuda and Bahamas. As recently as last week. Since you are on this site I am assuming you will be on anthem of the Seas. You can expect a lot of gentle rocking sailing out of that area and back into it.Motion sickness is really an individual thing. I personally like the rocking. I sleep well with it. I have done the trip in the Spring and the fall and have always ecperienced the same. I have seen many people with the patch on (behind the ear) so if you think you may have a tendency towards motion sickness I would say get them as a precaution for yourselves. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Bermuda is on of my favorite countries to visit. I am sure no matter what you are in for a good time.
  5. I wonder if there are any past or current ship perfromers in this group who might be able to shed some light on this. Maybe even a lurking Cruise Director.....
  6. I agree @DitchdocThis past thanksgiving we were on Anthem. We went to 270 for lunch. To our surprise there was a band that was there doing a sound check. To our even happier surprise they were a Journey tribute band. They were fantastic. We got to sit there and have lunch with maybe a dozen or so other people (it was a Nassau port day so no need to get off the ship and there were only a few people around) and we got treated to this impromptu set. The band was interactive with the few of us that were there. They played a few times that week and it was easily the best entertainment on a ship we have seen in many years of cruising. On another cruise line that inititals start with an N in February they had a Beatles tibute band that really looked the part but probably becuase of liscensing fees they didnt play many "hits" and it iwas in such a small venue people were literally packed in like sardines so it wasnt great while in another restaurant/bar they had a fantastic live country band that was super entertaining. Played everything from oldies to current hits. they had the crowds up and dancing and also very interactive. It really drew people in. as soon as they stopped playing (45 minute sets) the place cleared out. Made me wonder why they didnt play longer sets. The alcohol was feely flowing, people were eating apps so they were making $ for sure. We couldnt understand why they played for such short amounts of time. Obviously I dont understand the contracts that the cruise lines have with the entertainers and the scheduling of the entertainment during the cruise but IMHO I find that this is where the Cruise director and staff can fail. If something is popular and it is entertaining the crowd and they are selling booze/food then utilize that momentum and change up the schedule to fit the energy of that particular cruise crowd.
  7. I vote for anything new at this point. Just off of Anthem to Bermuda today. We love the ship and have zero complaints. Its time to change the shows up though. We have been on Anthem 6 times in as many years and We Will Rock You is as tired as it was 6 years ago. Spectre changes a little (very little). I assume there are reason for never changing shows but they are a mystery to me.
  8. Why does the staff need to know you are SC when you pay for a drink or whatever else? IOther than pre-loaded discounts and freebies that are on your account does something else happen? Do they dance when you present the the card? Do bells and whistles ring? I will never be able to afford star class so its nice to know how the 10% vacation. 🙂
  9. There is a time when WJ is not manic? 😂 Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I could not agree more. Currently we have 3! The closest one is Anthem to Bermuda for 5 nights that leaves 4 weeks from today. We really like having them stacked up so we are always in countdown to the next one. Friends ask us "don't you get bored cruising. Dont you want to try something else?" for all of the reasons you mentioned we have everything we could want on a cruise without the hassle of having to go get it. A cruise brings it all right to us.
  11. I am glad to hear that worked out for them getting onto the ship. How did the cruise work out for them? Were they able to get on and off the ship wihout any "paper" documentation? What ports? Just curious because this topic comes up a lot here.
  12. If you choose to check in online that is where you would upload your picture. None of this is "required" - its a conveninece for you and the cruise line. Checking in online allows you to fill in all of your information, add a credit card if you choose for you on board expenses and a pictire if you want. It does make the check in process shorter for you. Just like online check in for a flight where you can pre print your boarding pass etc. If you choose not to do the online check in all of it can and will be done at the terminal. Make sure you DO print your Set Sail Pass or have a digital copy on your phone (I ususally have both just in case because I like a backup plan) and bring it with you. It will have your basic information on it and you will use that to check in. You will see and read varying experiences here because each cruise port and ship seem to have a different process. For example in Bayonne, NJ if you check in online it makes it very easy at the port. You can walk in and find an RC representative holding an iPad and they can check you in completley right inside the door. If you dont check in online then you walk through security and join the line and check in with a representative. Obviously that can take longer. A note on both of these options is that I have never uploaded a picture at home. Even with the iPad option the rep. can take your picture on the spot and you are all set. So its up to you to decide what you would prefer.
  13. Hi @cmm welcome to the board!!! It seems that you are clear that this is a non RC excursion so there is no guarantee that the ship will wait for you. Having said that, if you are back by three there is plenty of time to be on board before departure. Departure at 5 does mean departure at 5. We typically like to be back on the ship an hour before. Have a great trip. St. Maarten is my top favorite island. A ilttle bit jealous of you right now 🙂
  14. Royal IT isnt great. Have you tried a different browser? A lot of people have had better luck using CHROME and opening an incongneto browser.
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