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  1. whenismynextcruise

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne - 2020

    Adventure of the seas is showing bookings in the summer months from bayonne/cape liberty now. Only thru October 2020. Anthem is available in November with thier normal schedule it looks like
  2. Yes to all. Its an easy port to get in and out of.
  3. whenismynextcruise

    Medications allowed?

    I have always portioned them out in the pill containers you can buy at any pharmacy and I put them in my carry-on and have never had a problem. Putting them in your carry on is safer as well in case your luggage is delayed or lost for any reason. Not sure if this is part of your question but cruise lines follow federal law so canabas, whether prescribed or not, is not allowed on cruise ships.
  4. whenismynextcruise

    No Emails from Royal

    Ditto here.
  5. whenismynextcruise

    requesting movies

    I happened to notice on Anthem at Thanksgiving that they were playing the "featured movies" available on-demand for $12.99 in your cabin for free on the gargantuan screen on all movie nights. Maybe thats normal but it impressed me.
  6. whenismynextcruise

    Service Charge

    @Susie I was also on Anthen at the same time and probably served by the same 2 people! I am an early bird and was first in line at 6:30 daily! After day 2 they had my order down and were so so so friendly! I was asking for a recipet easch time so I could add a couple bucks. I like your idea of the cash tip at the end of the cruise. I will try that next Thanksgiving which we booked on board. @twangster as usual you have the knowledge. I appreciate your response. It all makes good sense to me.
  7. whenismynextcruise

    Service Charge

    Its probably been covered here before so sorry if this is a repeat question. Does the "included" tip go the the person that served you? At the coffe shop I had mazing service. I added a buck each time because I wasnt sure. Same for a bartender or two. I wanted to reward that person and I wasnt sure if the18% went into some sort of pool to be split (and taxed!) amongst the varying servers.
  8. whenismynextcruise

    Formal Night

    As fromal as you want it to be but there is no real requirement to it anymore. We dont dress for formal night. We dress nicely every night but a suit or tie never make it into my suitcase. It will be noted in your daily schedule that that that your room steward leaes in your cabin. You can also ask any of the cruise staff as well.
  9. whenismynextcruise

    Do You Have A Backup?

    NCL is good for service but I have found that the Dawn (this past may Boston to Bermuda) and the Breakaway (May 2017 NYC to Bermuda) are small for my taste now that I have been on the larger ships that RCL offers. I am booked on Anthem again for Thanksgiving and NCL Bliss in February and its pretty new so I will have more to say about that comparison soon.
  10. whenismynextcruise

    Monthly payments for Cruise?

    Yes @WAAAYTOOO that is what I was referring to. I dont normally use a TA for booking. When I have in the past I just pay in full. You can still book for yourself online with the minimum deposit and then make payments along the way until the final amount due. In my case I use my debit card so I am paying cash. The make a payment option is there when you log in and go to the my cruise section and if you have an outstanding balance there is the option to "make a payment" What I was specifically referring to and I wasnt very clear about it seems is that these arre 0% interest payments in how we are both paying for the trips. With this new finance option with the 15% interest rate showing up I was wondering if that was a new trend for Royal - Take awy the 0% and only have the 15% finance option.
  11. whenismynextcruise

    Monthly payments for Cruise?

    i wonder if this option is going to away in lieu of the new financing. I am regularly making a free payment on cruises that I have booked out. Then I can pay as I want to and can afford to. Adding 15% finance charge would make me think much differently about booking ahead. IIt seems that a lot of people do this based on just the postings here. I would think RCL would risk losing a lot of future bookings this way. Which would seriousl affect thier ability to forecast future earnings.
  12. From Boston here. Just take a cab. they are readily available and it is a very short trip.
  13. whenismynextcruise


    The jet ski adventure is pretty fun too. It is less of a "tour" than a high speed race around the islands though. Great scenery along the way.
  14. whenismynextcruise

    3 night dining package

    Well that explains it then. Thanks everyone.
  15. whenismynextcruise

    3 night dining package

    Sailing on Anthem at Thanksgiving and I have yet to see the dining package come up in cruise planner. I didnt want to miss out on my usual favorites so I went ahead and booked and paid for specialty dinners already. Is there a rule of thumb on this? I booked the cruise in january and have religiously checked for when the dining packages will come up but I have yet to see it.