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  1. Thanks @AGSLC5 I am actually not a fan of the older smaller ships anymore so thanks for that tip!
  2. Thanks!!! I was looking at a 2 BR on Anthem for Thanksgiving this year. Trying to be hopeful here. I am certainly willing to pay for a better cabin with a better matress at this point! I will look at the Enchantment sailings to see what she is offering,
  3. Thanks @WAAAYTOOO - from your posts on SC I was hoping you had insight actually. Sounds like it is a crap shoot on the matresses otherwise though which is what I thought 🙂
  4. I am wondering what people can say about matresses on RCL ships. Specifically Anthem. I have sailed on her before and have found the matresses to be like sleeping on a hard bench. In a word they suck. I realize this is a personal opinion of mine. What can people tell me about the upper classes? Does anyone have direct mattress to matrees compare information? I have zero interest in schlepping some funky mattress pad with me. I have stayed in balcony cabins and mini-suites (which claim to have luxury pillow top matresses and they dont. Its the same matress) Is there a softer sleep out there in the Star Class? I am not really looking for "how you do it" answers here. I have read most of them (towels, egg crate things, etc) on the boards here. thanks
  5. Trying to be optimistic about cruising again or even some sort of good news about the world! I keep wondering about the magic week in April!! What will change by then? Will this peak and then its just over and the world is clean and safe again for everyone to begin traveling again? What is keeping everyone so optimistic? I get that we need things to look forward too, I LOVE the lead up to my usual next cruise, but I am also trying to be realistic here. Is Royal getting different news that the rest of the world? Are they aware of when a vaccine will be introduced and are able to make promises based off of that? I think not. Until a vaccine is found, distributed world wide and there has been a true settling of growing cases I dont think any part of the travel industry is going to "open up" for real. They are in the business of making money. They have a corporation to to protect. They will say anything right now to 1) Keep booked passenger $$ and 2) Continue to create interest in what is right now an unknown product. there is no definite news on anything right now other than confirmed cases keep rising. The smartest people in the world are working on this 24/7. What makes us think that Royal knows best here?
  6. Is a bail out from "the government a reality here? These are not US based companies right? Most of the cruise companies register thier ships at forerign ports. At least that is how it seems to me. I fully admit that I could be wrong here. I am sure one of the experts here can speak to the details.
  7. Looks like Royal is suspending operations from US embarkation points now
  8. Yes and a free excursions LOL. I am with @princevaliantus on this one........ I have done both. Booked on my own and used a travel agent. I saw no realized benefit to using a travel agent. I read post of the millions of $$ that travel agents save so many posters. Its never happened to me. It can take some time and patience to book but I dont mind that at all. I would say on average total time from research of where we want to go to finding a deal that works for us is probably a couple of hours. Have I screwed up before? Yes. But I have had a travel agent book me plane tickets to Dayton, OH when I asked for tickets to Daytona Beach. Stuff happens. People mention that a TA repriced and rebooked trips for them. I can do that with either a few clicks on a website or a call to the TA's at Royal. For something like a grand vacation trip to Europe for a couple of weeks of many countries and flights, hotels, trains, etc. I can see value of having someone with tribal knowledge but for a cruise? Not really. For most its a closed ended vacation. Board this day and exit on this day. Royal does all the planning in between for you. That is a benefit of staying loyal to Royal. You know what to expect from experts and they have wonderful staff to fill your days and nights with activities and excursions that you can pick and choose literally from a menu that is delivered to your cabin daily. I have no idea how many people actually belong to this board (it really is the best!!!) but there is a wealth of information here from a lot of "amateur TA's". So many people here with so much experience and a willingness to help others out with information is amazing. A well traveled persons thoughts and opinions and real life experiences are just as valuable to me.
  9. Very interesting indeed. We have been to nassau many times in the past few years on anthem and she seems to always park in the same birth and our side of the ship faces this little piece of land. I have noticed the same houses that look in total disrepair for YEARS and could not really understand why they had not been fixed up. This seems to make some sense.
  10. People can muster any statistics they like for or against something and they will push their agenda on others. Make your own decisions. Before this all got the coverage it was getting now in the world people didn't have the information or really understand what the disease was. Those folks were not as informed as we all are now. There is a clearly a health risk in the world. A simple way to avoid it is to avoid it. For us, we have chosen to avoid it and skip cruising for a bit. Almost everything in life comes with risk. Whatever your choice is it will be the right one for you. When it comes down to it we are just talking about vacations here. People are actually getting very sick and many have died. We should keep that in perspective here. .
  11. Its a world class hotel. The doorman will gladly get you a cab in front of the hotel. I have done this many times. Cost was not too much or too little to make it memorable to me. Nassua is also not the safest place for tourists so looking for your cheapest option is not always the best option. Be smart and be safe. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/the-bahamas-travel-advisory.html
  12. No cruises for us now in 2020. We would normally travel to Bermuda in Spring and Bahamas for Thanksgiving. Asia probably wont ever happen. I dont care what the statistics are or how many people say it is safe right now. The only way to stay 100% safe is to skip a few vacations. We can save up the money from this year towards Star Class next year.
  13. Or ask another passenger. I have been asked to take pictures of folks tons of times with their cameras and I always oblige. Look for friendly faces in the crowd. Everyone is there for the same reason: to rest, relax and create and capture those wonderful vacation images and most friendly people are happy to help you out. I would venture a guess and say that the RC official photogs are not allowed to take a picture with your camera. The pictures they take are for profit only for the cruise line so asking them probably puts them in the awkward position of maybe wanting to do it for you but really can't and now they have to explain that in a nice way. Have a great trip!!!
  14. Don't feel bad about what you did at all! That was a nice tip. You seem like a very conscientious person who left a thoughtful thank you for work well done. And I would suggest you to stop reading all of that crap. Its good to be informed of the world but too much social media is just too much social media. As someone once said "If they ain't paying your bills then pay them no mind"
  15. They are everywhere. You will never have to worry about where to find them. Even when you are having a nice quiet dinner they will be right there to interrupt it.
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