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  1. Not a fan of the Gift. Spectre on the other hand does change some depending on the cast or some other factors I am not privy too. On our trip at Thanksgiving on Anthem it was a new cast/lead and it was very good. We Will Rock You is decent but I dont find it a show that I have wanted to see more than 2 times. I do think that RCL needs to look into rotating some of the shows around though. I get the expense and all (its been discussed here before). Personally I would rather see them bring in new talent with new shows a little more often.
  2. Last 2 times were on Anthem. While closet space is plentiful there is no walk in closet. I dont think it varies by cabin but I am not 100% sure about that. We were in 10232 and 11232
  3. It should really be noted here that some things that are mentioned here are not the same for all ships. As example we have only traveled JS for the past 5 cruises and have never had a walk in closet. The "free" deliveries to your room also depend on the ship AND the room steward you have. As @WAAAYTOOO mentioned Coastal Kitchen access is nice but its not on all ships. I may have missed what ship the OP was looking at but I would probably be more specific about which ship you are looking at so people that have actually traveled on that ship in a JS can give you specific perk info.
  4. Just for comparison sake I looked at WaterCountry for the price of admission. $62.99 for a day. That is an entire waterpark. I realize that ECL will continue to charge what the consumer will pay but I thought it worth pointing out.
  5. Whatever you decide to do you are going on a cruise!!! have a great trip!!!
  6. Spend 40K on cruises to get a free $15 towel. Makes sense.
  7. Thank you @Jill - we paid $79 onboard at Thanksgiving and I have to say it was OK for a bit but the stairs are killer and really after you ride the slides a few times we were done. Not worth the money for us really. Forget about the cabanas. As far as I am concerned RCL has out priced itself already on them.
  8. I would agree on the arrival time. If you plan to get there early they load the ship early in my history (5 years running on the Thanksgiving Anthem sailing) then the lines get a little backed up driving in but I have timed it a few times looking down from my perch at Johnny Rockets. The longest I have times a car from the point that you can see cars enter at the corner is 17 minutes to porter/long shoremen check in. After that it is a breeze through the actual port and you will be able to check in quickly and board the ship straight away. By the way when I have timed it that is at peak time. I would say 11-1. After that there is almost no traffic at all.
  9. If you are driving down from Foxboro you are really looking at a 3.5 hour drive straight through. We drive from just north of boston, have done this trip many many times on the day the ship leaves, parked at the super convenient garage directly next to the port and have never had any problems. We, of course, watch the weather and such up to the point of departure and if there looks to be a storm then we could easily drive down the day/night before and stay in a hotel if needed. Obviously I am not sure what your reasons for wanting to travel the day before are, many here will tell you they never travel same day, but it is such a short drive you can really save on the money you will spend on the hotel with the 100% convenience of driving yourself, parking at the port and not worrying about a Lyft/Uber or shuttle where you have to schlep luggage around. Leaving the ship is even easier because you are not waiting for a ride and if you walk off the ship you can be home in Foxboro by 10:30 AM.
  10. I am sure that you will enjoy your balcony. We never sail without one now. Even with everything that you have read here it is still a great space to be able to go outside and get fresh air or look at the views and normally noise etc are not a problem at all. most people are pretty respectful. We especially love the balcony because we keep the door open some at night. The ocean waves sounds and the breeze are fantastic for sleeping :) Enjoy!!!
  11. Used the app for check in at the pier as well. Found it very convenient. I did have paper set sail passes with us as a backup but probably wont bother to print them again.
  12. We just got our Emerald pins in our cabin on Anthem at Thanksgiving. It will sit in a drawer. I actually think its still in my suitcase along with other stuff I always leave in there. I will never wear it. Its still in the package. If someone wants it send me a message directly and I would be happy to mail it in the US for you at no charge.
  13. I was on Anthem last week and i can say that the dress code is pretty much dead. At least it is not enforced in any way. Personally when we get ready for dinner that means a shower and a change into nicer clothes. Long pants, SHOES!, and a shirt with buttons at the very least. We are frequenters of Chops and even on Thanksgiving Day there were many in shorts, flip flops and t shirts. If they are not going to enforce it then I say wear whatever you are comfortable in. It is clearly the trend. There are other cruise lines with much stricter dress codes and if that is your thing then go for it. Its your vacation. Enjoy it. Be comfortable in whatever you feel right in.
  14. Assuming this is a New England/Canada cruise there should be no customs to go thru at the port for departure in Maine. You should have more than enough time to get to your excursion.
  15. Not sure what the hotel package offers or how convenient it is but just parking at the port for our cruise for thanksgiving week (Sat-Sun) was $176USD or $22 per day
  16. Leaving on Anthem in the morning. Staying in a JS. Looking forward to trying CK for the first time. What is our best bet for a reservation there? How does it work? Can we go there first day and make a reservation or do we have to wait and try each day. I realize other full suite guests get priority over JS but if we make a reservation are we "wait listed"? Or is that reservation guaranteed? Any tips are appreciated. - Thanks!
  17. I have and have not had a problem ever. I keep a few on me in my shorts pockets.
  18. I am also a Marriott fan and I would recommend the Marriott Long Warf to anyone. Its only a short ride to the terminal by taxi or uber. It is also very close to downtown attractions like fanuel hall, the north end, its on the warf so water views and a nice area to walk around. I lived and worked in Boston for many years so this is from someone who knows Boston well here. If you are able Boston is a great walking city.Depending on what your needs and pleasures are you can walk to just about everything you might want to see in 15 minutes in that area. If you are willing to spend a little more $$$ the Marriot Fairmont is in Copley Square (also another amazing Boston destination) https://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-A554-fairmont-copley-plaza/index.shtml?utm_term=mafm&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2ITuBRDkARIsAMK9Q7MvrJ8Rp9xGr0659ejmOD_HJyBoEbCj69MzxVLMxOR-w-oqwFcD1zgaAnvDEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=ppc-ach-mafm-goo-us-en-us-bro-sear-a&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=us-en-all-all&utm_source=google and has my favorite restaurant in the city in the lobby. The Oak Bar. The cheeseburgers are literally not to be missed.
  19. Thank you @eaglesfaninfl for posting this question!! I was looking at the same cruise and had the same thoughts. We have sailed to Bermuda many times on larger ships (Bayonne and NYC on RCL and Norwegian) )and have really enjoyed the trip. What caught my eye was the Hamilton & St Georges docking as well and I wondered about the how small the ship seems. The Navy Dockyard is great but can get a little crowed and not having to take ferry's to the islands is a plus. I know this is an RCL blog but I thought this tidbit was worth posting - I didn't realize until 2 years ago that Norwegian has free ferrys to both ports.My heart is always with RCL though. I think from the always knowledgeable @twangster's post and blogs it may have turned the tide on this for me. Bermuda is a great trip to experience a new ship on I think because most of the time it is docked and we will be out and about in the ports. I LOVE ST. GEORGE's!!!! SO I am now going to book it.
  20. We have done the thanksgiving sailing many times on Anthem (its an easy port to get to for us) Will be again this year 4 weeks from Saturday!!! . Its a great time to sail. Lots of families if that interests you. As for special events I have never really noticed any to be honest. Outside of turkey being offered on the menu's the holiday isn't really a big deal on board.
  21. I hope this is not a trend across the fleet! Big fans of JR's here. The express counters only offer a limited menu.
  22. I have to say that without the key that is basically our experience at Cape Liberty as well. We have taken the Thanksgiving trip many times (6 years this year) and it is the FASTEST port for embarkation and disembarkation. We do sail JS level for that trip typically as a treat to ourselves so we get the bonus of the easy walk on and we are walk off people and we do get down there early and have never had to wait at customs in line. Zip right through. It has a lot to do with the set up at Cape Liberty Port. From the time we walk off and walk to the garage next door (its a 2 minute walk) and get in our car it seems less than 15 minutes.
  23. We are fans of rooms service. Breakfast in the room daily and probably at least another snack/meal later to be enjoyed on our balcony. What we have found is if you tip well (cash) early on then the service is always great. I am not sure if because of scheduling or because we tip we get the same crew members delivering the food throughout the cruise. For the extra few bucks it costs it is totally worth it to us for the service IMO - we are on vacation and these folks are working very hard and they seem to appreciate it. And for a total of $16 (delivery charge + gratuity + cash tip) we are getting hot food delivered to our room and as much of it as we want in 30 minutes. I don't know about anyone else but I cant get that at any hotel or any restaurant near me at home! The highest level of cabin we stay in is Jr Suite and free of charge delivery room service is not available at that level but I think I have read on here that when you get into the Uber expensive cabins its free.
  24. Welcome to the boards. So many factors go into that. The cabin you have, the ship you are on the perks that you might enjoy. If you search on the key here you will see that there are many many posts about this and you should be able to find a ton of information here to help influence your choice as to whether or not to purchase it. The opinions run the gambit from absolutely yes to absolutely no to a general maybe :)
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