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  1. I only had one excursions booked. So, I was okay with just getting a refund for that.
  2. I have already cancelled my cruise planner purchases for my June sailing. I didn't see the need to wait on that.
  3. I think the prices will drop in a few months. They need people to spend their money
  4. Why did the girl bring toilet paper to the party? Because she is a party pooper! 🙂
  5. Hi all! I really think my June cruise is going to be cancelled. I decided, I will do the FCC and probably will rebook for next summer. There is no way, I could book earlier than next summer! I teach and I won't cruise during spring break or the holidays. So, I suspect next summer it is. However, as a side note The Trill Water Park for my sailing was $131.99 and now it is $79.99 Yippee!! SIKE!! I am not going to book it, just to wait for a refund on it later. Also, maybe the Black Friday Sales will ge better this year. Lol
  6. I have a cruise for June, if it gets cancelled I probably can't cruise again until next summer. I bet my employer will not let me cruise during school breaks, without being in quarantine. So, it would have to be over summer until I cruise again.
  7. I am scheduled for June as well! Hopeful Royal will give us something for not bailing on them. Like OBC something if it does sail.
  8. Lol, thanks for letting me know😄
  9. I hope everything works out for you too.
  10. Thank you for your input! I was starting to get nervous.
  11. Hi, I found a room with a huge balcony in the aft section of the boat. I have heard mixed reviews, about the aft, like it is a rough ride and lots of noise. Is the aft section really that bad?
  12. I am going to splurge on buying snorkel gear and fins for my family. That way we don't have to rent them!
  13. There is a cruise ship in Galveston lite up the same way. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/03/21/well-be-back-carnival-cruise-ship-in-galveston-lights-up-with-message-of-hope/?outputType=amp
  14. One thing is the economy can not be at a stand still for too long. That will cause more harm than good. Business are going to have to start operations eventually, with more safety in place.
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