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  1. I call them and they say it will be resolve in 5 business days?
  2. I always bring hair straightener and never have problem.
  3. I have problem for at least 4 days now to sigh in my cruise planner . Did anybody else have some problem?
  4. I have cruise July 11-th. And I am hopping it will happened. Somebody is saying in the beginning it will be boring?! I say , nothing is boring for me on cruise . It is better then staying in any resort.
  5. At this point I will wear mask on ship if that is only way they will restart cruising!
  6. I didn't say to wear mask on Island. It is outside , I see no reason to wear mask on Islands
  7. Everybody can do whatever they like. To me is not even important where we are going on cruise. I just love to cruise. At this point Royal have 2 private islands :Labadee and Coco Cay ,why not to go cruise to this islands. I miss cruise and none of other vacation will get me excided as much as cruise. Maybe they need to make mandatory vaccine and then will be much easier .
  8. I can't wait to cruise again. I got my vaccine and I really don't care if I have to wear mask. Everywhere you go now , you have to wear mask. Hotels are same . I just don't understand people why are complaining . If you like cruising that will be same like going for dinner, hotels etc. At least it is so much more fun on cruise. I hope my July cruise will happened
  9. I just got my first vaccine 3 days ago. I am ready to go > I am hoping my first cruise is July 11. I don't mind if it is any restriction . It is still much better then any other vacation.
  10. I wish CDC will give some information about cruising.,
  11. I know it is still early , but I am questioning do I pay last payment or should I wait. I have 4 cruises cancel from last year.
  12. Never in my wildest dream I will think that I will cancel 4 cruises this year. I love cruising for New Year but reality is very questionable. My next cruise is back to back in May 2021 and It seams like eternity . Nothing is more exciting and more fun then cruising
  13. In 3 weeks I need to make decision should I pay final payment for December 27-th cruise with "Harmony of the Seas". I have no idea what to do. I miss cruising but I don't want to go if it is like this. Should I wait or cancel?
  14. I think nothing is more relaxing that this . I am dreaming when we will cruise again
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