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  1. Never in my wildest dream I will think that I will cancel 4 cruises this year. I love cruising for New Year but reality is very questionable. My next cruise is back to back in May 2021 and It seams like eternity . Nothing is more exciting and more fun then cruising
  2. In 3 weeks I need to make decision should I pay final payment for December 27-th cruise with "Harmony of the Seas". I have no idea what to do. I miss cruising but I don't want to go if it is like this. Should I wait or cancel?
  3. I think nothing is more relaxing that this . I am dreaming when we will cruise again
  4. I have question. Our cruise is on October 2. We live in Florida and our cruise is from Port Canaveral. Last payment is do in 2 weeks. Virus in Florida is really bad now and I think it will be impossible probably for cruise to happened. I have no idea , should I pay final payment or just ask for credit for New Years cruise?
  5. It is our favorite. We order every nigh and even our grandson 9 years old order 2 of them every night.
  6. We book 2 cruises back to back with Allure of the Seas for next May. If they are not going to do amplification then they will need to lower prices. When I book I was hoping it will be almost like new ship?
  7. I guess you are right. Price is to high for maybe 6 hours of stay. I will probably get Coco Beach Club for $79 pp
  8. Did anybody try this in Coco cay. I am looking for next may and price is $1,399 . Do you think it is wort the price?
  9. When we talk about virus it is almost 100.000 in USA + all of this people have family, kids, wife , husband, kids, uncles etc. All of this people are forever affected .
  10. Thank you. But if you watch news , look what is happening in Florida , everybody is out. Beach is full of people like sardines .
  11. My girlfriend just lost her aunt and 4 of her cousins are infected. In the beginning she was saying it is just like fly , and now she knows it is not a joke. But it is sad to realize how serious it is until it hit close to home. We live in Florida.
  12. You are right. We have October 2 and I am waiting to see before me what will happened . I know it will be a lot of change but I rather read about that and then go.
  13. I just did I got credit for my son's cruise. And it is weird.
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