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  1. I just got back from cruise and with all confusion in the port Canaveral I guess people why are checking passports and covid card and sea pass , they never return my covid card. I have next month another cruise and today I try to send request to CT Wiz Public Portal, I have no idea is this going to work. Maybe somebody will have better advice how to get covid record of my immunization?
  2. Thank you , so much.
  3. We are leaving next Sunday on cruise I check with RC and they told me NAAT test is acceptable? I hope it is?
  4. We have group of 15 of us going tomorrow with Symphony , but we cancel 10 days ago. I am so glad we did. Most of my friends live in DC and just couple of us live in Florida. I wish in month or two all this situation will clear so we can go cruising again. I book cruise for May and July now.
  5. Do you know how long it takes this days to receive back passport? On government cite it is saying 18 weeks?! it is really long time?
  6. Can you get discount for Voom calling customer service or you pay first and then they will give discount? I am Dimond plus but I always pay upfront and never get discount?
  7. We have cruise October 1, with Mariner of the Seas. Check in is not Available yet and it is less that 60 days. I am guessing maybe because we are going with 4 kids ages 6., 9 and 10 . Maybe that is reason, kids are not vaccinated . It will be interesting to see what kind of protocol they will have for kids?
  8. I call them and they say it will be resolve in 5 business days?
  9. I always bring hair straightener and never have problem.
  10. I have problem for at least 4 days now to sigh in my cruise planner . Did anybody else have some problem?
  11. I have cruise July 11-th. And I am hopping it will happened. Somebody is saying in the beginning it will be boring?! I say , nothing is boring for me on cruise . It is better then staying in any resort.
  12. I didn't say to wear mask on Island. It is outside , I see no reason to wear mask on Islands
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