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  1. I cancelled my March 14 cruise on March 7 and still nothing! No FCC or refunds for taxes
  2. Took advantage of RCL cancellation policy and got my port fees and taxes refunded, with a FCC
  3. Hmm why isn’t I get this email? We sail March 14. Instead I got another emailing stating about fever checks etc
  4. Yeah I have a TA too but through Vacations To Go. So did you have to forward the note to your TA? How did it work?
  5. So sorry to hear that you got the flu! So you got a doctors note and called RCL to postpone the trip?
  6. Yeah what does that mean? You have fever, call RC and get a future credit?
  7. I’m definitely thinking of canceling my cruise that’s next week because of stupidity of other people, like the NH hospital worker
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/03/04/california-confirms-first-coronavirus-death-bringing-us-fatalities-to-at-least-11.html apparently, the latest fatality in California is related to a person who was recently on a cruise!
  9. Hmm but they refund the no show’s port fees and taxes? That’s around 15-20% of what is paid right? Also the automatic gratuity wouldn’t be charged per day right?
  10. But in a 2 person cabin - one person cannot make it, is it better to cancel or do a no show? I’ve heard that they can charge the one person the single occupancy rate?
  11. Amazing to read that! So your whole family was rebooked or just yourself? I’m glad to have come across this forum - I’ll go through MEI the next time when I book!
  12. Hi all, what’s the policy on no shows?
  13. I was at Costco Mississauga and didn’t see that last weekend. I guess it has come to Canada lol
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