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  1. You'll also get to play the repricing & upgrade game if you use a US travel agent, they have given me {UK} a few quotes recently. As said above you will need a CC that allows US$ payment or a US$ cash transfer.
  2. I think the OP ref. UK we cant get repricing or upgrades if the price goes down.
  3. I haven't read the whole thread so this might not be relevant, we had out refund on the 11th April, no associated documentation just cash credited to my credit card. I have included below the email we received on the 26th March. Dear Guest, We wanted to reach out to you with an update on the status of your refund for your April 30, 2020 sailing onboard Quantum of the Seas. We know we promised you your refund by March 25th. But, as a result of this unprecedented global situation caused by COVID-19, we've experienced a delay. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. We no
  4. Just wondering, 1. When did the US start testing and contact tracing, it they haven't then how do they come to this conclusion. 2. I didn't realise that NYC airport only receives flights from Europe, from what I've seen and read there was no isolation / segregation and testing done at any airport in the early days so couldn't it be just as feasible for infection contact to be made between many travellers from many parts of the world in arrivals and that contamination carried outwards. I'm not trying to defend anything but just questioning the logic that they could identify gro
  5. Its the right of any sovereign state to disallow access, you point about aircraft has happened {refusal to land} many time before especially during when hijacking them was so popular.
  6. Be prepared to wait a hell of a long time to get a credit refund to your original payment card / account.
  7. Don't worry to much as they are holding everyone's money at the moment
  8. The WHO & CDC must be complicit in the lie then which would be surprising to say the least.
  9. Yea me to, but I also feel sorry for the people who cant get their money back.
  10. I hope not, a least they may have some money then to refund the cruises they had to cancelled!!
  11. So the little person should take the bullet so that the multi-National can survive.
  12. I posted something similar on another forum and have been called deranged. mentally unstable and the best one "If I couldn't afford to wait perhaps I shouldn't of booked the cruise in the first place" for thinking that the refund process was being deliberately delayed, I cant even get my prepaid supplementary packages back which I cancelled on the automated system the day RC cancel the cruise which was 17 days ago. PS I have an email direct off RC promising a full refund by the 25th March only to receive another at 11:00 pm on the 26th saying the earliest we would now get it would be 17t
  13. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, The situation regarding COVID-19 is so fluid and we understand you have a lot of questions. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but as you may imagine, we are experiencing high volumes and are behind
  14. It seems the 125% only applies the the recent announcement for cruises into and out off the US. It seems the rest off us should count ourselves luck to get FCC or refund at all.
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