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  1. I just requested the full refund for our 4/6 cruise instead of the 125% credit. The possibility of bankruptcy and defaulting on the credits is more of a concern to me than the value of the extra 25%. I know most people here are saying, "no big deal, they'll be fine, buy stock now" but I realize that this is a website and message board by and for Royal Caribbean fans who have a vested interest in the outcome that probably colors their perception. Better safe than sorry for us but I hope they bounce back and it works out for all that were impacted.
  2. Thanks to Jo-Ann Hall from the Navigator Facebook group for finding this out, here's what she posted... "For all of you in the same boat I am (pun intended) who has just had their cruise cancelled, I was actually able to speak to a RCCL guest services agent a little bit ago. They are offering two options: 1. either a full refund or 2. If you take a cruise credit instead of a refund you receive an additional 25% on top of what your cruise was. They aren’t processing it over the phone, he stated that we would all receive emails today or tomorrow and it will give us
  3. They waited an extra day just so they could announce on Friday the 13th right?
  4. They waited an extra day so they could announce on Friday the 13th right?
  5. Did you hear that from NCL?... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/finance-companies/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-to-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/ar-BB115f3c
  6. Booked on Navigator sailing 4/6. I'm assuming one of two things will happen that will prevent us from cruising: 1. Our kids school district picks up the new local trend of requiring any kids that leave the country to take a 14 day admin leave from school. 2. Royal Caribbean will follow in Viking and Princesses footsteps and shut down operations for a period of time. Case 1 will probably lead to us using "Cruise with Confidence" to get a future credit. Case 2 may lead to a complete refund of the trip, so we'll wait and see since we'd prefer that. We'll hold out until o
  7. Carnival Suspends Operation of Princess Cruises for 2 Months Over Coronavirus The suspension comes over concerns about the rapidly spreading virus Published 8 mins ago• Updated 1 min ago https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/carnival-suspends-operation-of-princess-cruises-for-2-months-over-coronavirus/2204376/
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