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  1. We had our March 14, 2020 cruise cancelled the day it was due to leave and took the 125% credit at the time. I don't see us possibly getting a chance to use it until 2022 (personal circumstances, not COVID) so I am wondering if there is a way to now ask for a refund and just look to rebook later down the road.
  2. If we are waiting on taxes refund and refund of cruise planner should I ask for an update from travel agent or RC directly?
  3. Our March 14th cruise was cancelled and we took the FCC for the fare, but haven’t received a refund for cruise planner or taxes for the cruise. Should I reach out to them or continue to be patient?
  4. My March 14th cruise was cancelled and I received the FCC today via email. We have not received a refund on the credit card for the taxes paid on the cruise or the internet/drink packages we purchased through cruise planner. Should I be concerned about that or is everyone in the same boat just waiting for those to be refunded?
  5. Thanks again AshleyDillo, you have been very helpful!
  6. I looked at the MEI site and their prices are similar to most for the August 22nd sailing I’m looking at, but a bit pricier than some. Are they able to work with the price at all? I’m willing to pay a bit more for great service, but wondering if the price on the website is what you get. I want o act quick and get a deposit down before April 13th when most people with and FCC will look to book. RCCL also has some good incentives now, some of which expire March 17th
  7. Thanks so much for the information. Sucks that it’s another deposit but will do what we have to. Does anyone have a real good agency they would suggest that was good to deal with as far as an FCC is concerned?
  8. I’m going to walk through my example so I can get this right, with a few questions if anyone can help: Paid $4300 total for the cruise $590 of that total was tax Considering that, here are a couple questions/comments: 1. We would receive a cash/credit card refund for the tax, which would be $590. 2. Would the 125% FCC be applied to the $4300, or $4300 less the refunded taxes? 3. When we receive the FCC April 13, are we only able to use the FCC to book directly through Royal, or can we use a travel agent? 4. I know that if we rebook before we receive the FCC, we can’t apply it to the deposit we already paid, but if we book once we have the FCC, could we just apply it to the trip without having to do a cash deposit (provided the cost of new cruise doesn’t exceed the FCC). If so, the only money we would need to pay would be the taxes. Do I have that correct? Don’t want to be out more cash (especially since I’m now in Florida and trying to make a vacation out of it with the kids so unexpected costs now this week). Too bad because I would like to rebook for August right now but would need to pay a deposit that the FCC wouldn’t cover after the fact. Thanks for any help
  9. We were booked Symphony for tomorrow, so hoping to rebook on that ship, but is there really a huge difference between the oasis class ships, or should I stick with symphony as the “biggest and best”?
  10. Just hit the Florida state line. Staying at mother in laws in Fort Myers tonight, and if RC ends up cancelling then we’ll look for an Air BnB in the keys or somewhere else for a bit. Either way I’m not going back to the cold until next weekend!
  11. Leaving tomorrow on Symphony. To anyone going on a cruise in the near future, I would suggest shutting off your social media, as the shit talking crap you’ll take from your friends and acquaintances will be too much. i thought we had up until 48 hours to cancel cruise, and wife and I were mulling it over yesterday morning only to learn that we had to cancel midnight the night before. That made our decision for us. Not throwing 8k down the drain to avoid a disease that is EVERYWHERE now. The world has lost its mind, but I choose to use logic and common sense. With everything I’m hearing about RC’s steps to screen passengers and precautions on the ship, at this time I feel more confident and safer taking a cruise than a trip to the local Costco
  12. Driving down to Florida in 15 minutes for our sailing on the 14th. Pretty sure it’ll be cancelled by the time we get down there. This reaction to this is extraordinary and stupid. Oh well, I like long drives, might get to do both legs back to back
  13. Yep, just pick your ship and date using “cruise finder” and then select availability and pricing and you have to select each category and count. Putting in 2 people will show different results than if you put 3 or 4 people, so it’s not perfect, but gives you a pretty good idea of what it looks like
  14. Here is a copy of the information they received. Some friends got off the plane in Miami this morning and just saw it then
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